Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sarah’s first cut

You have no idea how happy and proud I was…Sarah was so brave during her first ever hair cut at a saloon yesterday!

Actually all this while it was me who doubled as a barber; she always has this imaginative fear about saloon every time I mention it.

And then I think it’s about time; I told her I really have to send her for the hair cut yesterday.

I tricked her by saying that if we don’t cut our hair, it will be bitten by bug and we can get bald. I also explained to her the whole process (for the 500th times) and comforted her that she will be sitting on my lap during the hair cut.

Guess what, when the moment the hairstylist asked if she likes to sit on the booster chair by herself, she agreed! And there it goes…cut-cut-cut, trim-trim-trim…ta-da!

I never expect it could be so easy, and I really think that she deserved a reward for her good behaviour. It cost me 20 bucks for this refillable helium balloon, but I think it worth every pennies.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tiring March

I know, my blog has been idle for few weeks and I’ve hardly visit any others blog during this period of time…I have a tiring fortnight, to speak the truth.

My mom was admitted to hospital on the first day of March and stayed there for several days; she was having “Bone Spurs”. Although she is now discharged she was homebound for the time being, and still suffers pain while walking.

She’s on medication, and might also need some physiology treatment soon…we just have to see how’s thing develop, and pray hard.

Also partly due to that, my nephew came over to stay with us during this school holiday (because mum stay at my sister’s house currently). Nonetheless, Sarah was having great time together with his cousin; it makes me feel worthwhile of the tiredness seeing their happy face.

Therefore, dear all my fellow blogging friends, do bear with me and I will be visiting your blog once I get back to my normal routine.