Monday, January 17, 2011

Schooling Progress Update

After two weeks of schooling, here is some write-up about Sarah’s progress in the school.

Up until now she’s still tense about her school life; lately she had mood swing whenever she came back from school (no kidding).

Sarah looked de-motivated and less active, and she became more impatient and bad manner. Initially we thought that might coincident with the medicine effect due to her slight cough, but she does looks fine during weekend.

But I think she started to realize that she has to go to school, daily, regardless (except I told her otherwise on the off-day). And thank God, I still able to handle the situation well in the morning (preparing lunch box, waking her up and dropping her off).

As I mentioned before she did cry in her class (she “confess” to me daily). We do check with her teacher about it via message book and the reply goes like this…

In order to motivate and cheer her up, we’ve bought a small gift for her as an encouragement, although we know this is not a viable long-term solution.


Alice Law said...

My girl used to like that too, but now she has settled down liao! Hopefully after some times and encouragement, Sarah will enjoy going to school!:)

Cheer up! All the best to you and sweet Sarah!

reanaclaire said...

maybe initially it is like that.. cos mingling with new friends.. not warm up yet.. :)

Small Kucing said...

hope she will settle down soon

LittleLamb said...

IN such cases, it will be good if the teacher or u can identify a potential friend for Sarah. So that they can grow the this way, she will overcome her fear of school.

Maddy Joy said...

Schooling Progress Update........
Perfect Gifts

MeRy said...

Joanne, I believe it is just the starting same goes to Ryan.On his first week school, he also cry (but not that bad) and I believe he cry because most of his classmates were crying too. After that, Ryan seem to settle down and wave GoodBye to me everytime I sent him off to school.
And I promised Ryan that if he behave well at school,no cry and be good boy, I will bring him to see toys in supermarket.
One thing good about Ryan is he will only see those toys,never ask me to buy for him.
Hope Sarah will adapt well at school.
So how is Sarah's cough? Hope she will be fine.

prince n princess mum said...

My son 2nd week also started to feel bored and don't want to go to school... Yesterday teacher introduce water play to them, and today sand play. Mandarin class teacher teaching them to sing CNY song and he sing for the whole day after come back. Now starting to adapt back schooling... Sarah cough a? My son also having flu :(

Mummy Gwen said...

Sarah just started schooling so don't worry. Give her some time and she will be fine soon. :)

P/S: Joanne, thank you for all the nice comments you left in my blog. :)

prince n princess mum said...

Btw, don't worry so much! I think Sarah will adapt to schooling very soon..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hehe, Sean started to feel bored with school, so fast hor... He preferred to stay at home during that time?
- Woww, new activities for him and I am sure now he is looking forward to go school.
- Yea, Sarah had fever on last Tue and luckily the temp went down a day after visited doc. But after that, cough pulak attack her till now.
Sean also fall sick? Seems like kids never able to escape from sickness once started schooling.
- Thanks for your comment. I guess she needs some time to adjust her school life too.

Mommy Gwen:
You are most welcome about my blog comment and thanks for dropping by too.
- Yea, hopefully she will loves her school soon.

First of all, I must say Ryan is such a good child. He is easily being satisfied by simple thing. I am sure he loves spending time looking and playing with toys at supermarket.
- Ryan was also cried when he saw his fren cried? Poor boy.
You know what Mery..Sarah's fren who cried is a pair of twins. So you can imagine, two frens cried at the same time...
- Sarah is getting better but still under medication. Thanks!

I was thinking to use the same way too but looks like Sarah do not like to mingle with her frens yet (as I saw the comment from her teacher in the msg book). And she seldom talked about her frens.
So cham!

Claire, Kathy and Alice:
Maybe Sarah needs MORE time in adapting herself in kindy.
Thanks for your comment yea.

Maddy Joy:
Thanks for dropping by and your comment too:-)

KY said...

Hi Joanne,

First of all, Congrats ya...Sarah has grown up and becoming independent too :)

Well, I would say it's part and parcel of her life now...Maybe now she realises that Mommy will not be 24 hours by her side and thus might be a little bit scary for her...

Try to encourage and ask more "happy" questions about what she learns from school, we need to be with them throughout this "transition" period...I also realised about this recently, maybe I treated my girl as a grown up and forgot the fact that she is only 3 years plus...:P

Don't worry, Sarah is a strong girl and will be fine soon :)

Oliveoylz said...

I am certain in a matter of time, her crying episodes will diminish and be replaced by a very happy girl who loves and looks forward to go to school everyday. She's just adapting currently and I think she's already very brave to be going to school. Btw, her teachers are very kind and concerned with all the progress updates on her:)

紫清 said...

Well, Sarah will adapt the schooling eventually. Between, i like the message book communication between the teacher and the parent..=)

Rose said...

Kids will get over the initial stage, don't worry too much.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Rose and Wai Si:
Thank you so much for your comment.
I think Sarah does showed some improvement in adapting her school life these few days, it is a good sign yeah:-)

Wai Si:
Very cute and effective way of communication method. The teacher will check the message book daily to see any new msg and parents are advice to do the same.

Hello, long time did not hear from you. How are you and your kids?
- Thanks for your comment.
Sarah did showed some improvement in adapting her school life. At least she shed lesser tears in her class. Well done to her!
- I gotto agreed with you. Sarah is brave to be going to school. You know every morning she will tell me that she cried inside her class, but the moment I dropped her off at school, she will obediently walked inside her class without showing crying face.
- Yes, her teacher is nice and concern about her class performance. Sarah loves her class teacher too.

King Yin:
Hi hi, thanks for dropping by.
- I am really happy that Sarah able to learn to be more independent, strong and brave from her school.
For the past 3 years, she was with me. That's why she is very pampered.
She definitely needs more time and I will be more patient in guiding her through the transition period.
- Thanks again for your lovely comment.

Julie said...

You actually used the message book to ask about her progress? I never thought of that.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Jonathan's school also uses message book to communicate with parents? It is a great idea right, I love it!
- Actually I used the book to write all the messages which I wish to convey to teachers. It is really effective!