Friday, January 7, 2011

Sarah’s First Week of School

Well, it’s finally here; this new school season sees Sarah entering into a new chapter of her life - she has gone to kindergarten for a week now.

Actually she had attended the week-long orientation session in December; and to sum up her performance at school so far I can only use one word: anxiety.

She admitted that she did cry inside her class, but at least she didn’t make a fuss when I dropped her off at school; she still wave goodbye, although without smile, then she obediently follow her teacher to the class (heartbreaking moment for us mommy, huh?)

I prepare Sarah’s daily meal for school every day. In order to give her extra “incentive” for schooling, I try to make the “bento” set as creative as possible each day by adding one healthy snack. I guess she likes it so far because she can finish most of the food.

Sleep time is a “confession” time. I enjoyed listening to her about things happened at kindergarten on the day (I have to ask cleverly, though); so I am now have a clearer picture and understanding about her daily activities at school.

This thing takes time, I know; but I’m still proud of Sarah’s achievement. I guess at this moment she’s still very anxious about school, but I am sure sooner she will overcome the fear one day.


Alice Law said...

Ohhh... it's pity that my girl's school didn't allow her to bring food, your bento so cute!

Your girl is growing up, you'll soon missed more my friend!^-^ Treasure all the moment while you can!

Have a nice weekend!

MeRy said...

Sarah looks pretty in her school uniform.
Ryan also started his new pre-K at new school and it takes time for him to adapt well too.
I do prepare snacks for Ryan the school only gave biscuit and Ryan can't eat biscuits due to heatiness in his body.

Hope Sarah will enjoy her day at school...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thank you so much for your compliment.
Oh yea, Ryan is attending his new kindy. I believe he will be doing good.
Oo, his kindy only prepared biscuits for kids? You mean daily? Is quite heaty, I do agreed! Luckily mommy is preparing some yummy and healthy food for him.
- Yes, hopefully Sarah will like her school soon.

Thanks for your comment about my bento set. I love doing it alot. Everyday, I will looking forward to prepare some colourful, yummy and healthy food for Sarah.
- Its ok, altho you did not have the opp to prepare bento set for Juan Juan going kindy, but how about prepare for her lunch and dinner meal. I am sure she will like it.
- Yea, my little girl is really growing up fast. As you said, I must treasure all the moment while I can.
- Have a wonderful weekend yeah!

mNhL said...

Glad that Sarah enjoyed going to school. I still remember my boy cried for almost 1 week before he is finally ok with school. poor thing.

prince n princess mum said...

She looks so lovely in her uniform!~

紫清 said...

Your bento looks delicious..i want to eat too..heheh...=)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Wai Si:
Hehe, ai yo, paiseh about my bento set. Actually I just playing around with the food colour and combination. Nothing special!
Anyway, thanks for your comment.

I like her uniform too.

Hui Li:
I really hope Sarah will enjoy her school soon.
Ooo..XJ also cried during his first week of school. Poor boy. But see, he is doing so well now. Well done!

Wonderful Life said...

It's great that she could finished all the food. My boy couldn't finish his snacks I prepared.... sigh.

Is she attending half day or full day in school?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ryan's school also required parents to prepare snack for kids? Sometimes I will think it is a difficult task coz gotto think of different type of healthy food for them to bring to school, but sometimes I fall in love with creating menu for Sarah.
-As for Ryan, maybe he needs variety in one lunch box? I normally prepared one main food (bread, noodle, rice), one fruit and one snack (raisins, seaweed, jelly) for Sarah.
-Sarah is attending half day class. How about Ryan?

UmmiRosma said...

I love the ways you prepare the bentos for your Sarah..will make some like yours for our kids too....

Sarah can finish all? very good of kids usually didnt finish all their meals..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks for your comment Ummi.
I love doing it alot. Everyday, I will looking forward to prepare some colourful, yummy and healthy food for Sarah.
I am sure Habibi and Habibati will enjoy the food prepared by mommy.
- Normally Sarah will finished her meal. There are times there will be some leftover, and when being asked, she will started give comment about my food.