Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two Kids

I’ve been busy babysitting my nephew for the past two weeks; Sarah’s “Lik Hwang Kor Kor” (and my mom) was here for a 10-day stay as my sister’s on vacation. It’s really kind of experience to handle two kids with close age gap for me.

My nephew likes to come to my house to see Sarah, and they love playing together but luckily they seldom fought for toys. Maybe the “Kor Kor” is two years older, he never seems hesitated to share toys with her.

As for Sarah, she’s started to “imitate” his cousin; she loves saying “me too”, “I want too” whenever she saw him eats, plays, or even wearing something…it’s the “peer pressure”, I guess. At the end, they both caught slight flu with cough and had the same medicine.

I was always on tight schedule when I have two kids in hand. Now I understand why the old folks use to say “when you have only one kid, it is a treasure; when you have more than one, you just grow them up like you rear the cattle”. Laugh out loud.

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Cynthia said...

hehehe..good experience hoh.. or maybe preparing you to have 2nd one?

Small Kucing said...

I bet you will miss them when they go home

MeRy said...

That is fun....I can see that Sarah really enjoy it...

MeRy said...

That is fun....I can see that Sarah really enjoy it...

Alice Law said...

Kid leanrs fast when she has someone to follow!^-^

Keep well and have a nice day!

prince n princess mum said...

2kids? Thought you didn't inform you're pregnant and deliver.. hahahahah~~~~

Sarah's growing up and become more n more beautiful...

reanaclaire said...

Kids love to have company, especially around their age..

by the way, can you drop me an email?


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I agreed with you. Sarah felt so happy when her cousin played with her. And she learnt to be more independent too:-)
Ok, will drop you an email later.

Haha, confused with my post title yeah?
No lah, if I am preggy, I will surely inform you all:-)
Thanks for your compliment dear.

You are absolutely right. Sarah has learnt so much independent and brave now.
Take good care yeah:-)

You know, Sarah always dream with smile when her cousin stayed with us. :-)

Sarah told me that she missed her kor kor and po po, so sweet hor:-)

Ai yo yo....Not easy leh to handle another kid, "pa pa"!

blee said...

i don't mind babysitting..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Blee,
I am sure you are a patient person:-)
Next time, I will invite you to my house to be the kids bbsiter yeah, hehe.
Nice day!

Blurgirl said...
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Blurgirl said...

to play with more than 1 kids is fine with me. ask me to take care, ahhahaa, i can only say...'er....'

now i know taking care is different from playing with kids. :)

good that sarah got company once in a while!


MayChing said...

haha, i totally understand what they say when you have more than one child. but the companionship and friendship for the kids is worth it!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I have to agree with what you said altho I only have one kid now. I can see Sarah happily playing with her cousin for the 10days stay with us.

I have to the feeling that you and I share the same philosophy when taking care of kids, hehe. (I like your first statement).
- Yes, is nice seeing her have her cousin as playmate for 10days:L-)

Blessed mum said...

hi joanne, how r u? I've been really busy "rearing" my 4 cows, hardly have any time to blog and visit all the blogging friends. :P

Sarah had grown so much! its good to have companion to play with and just like my kids, they loved it whenever their cousin came over. they will be "fighting" to have his attention :)

You take care..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Michelle, long time did not hear from you.
Me too, I have been busy lately so forgive me for not visit your blog.
- I am very fine and so does Sarah. Thanks!
- Haha, in my opinion, you are good in "rearing" your cows; they are always in healthy and good condition.
- Yea, Sarah really has grown up alot. I have registered her for kindy. She will start schooling in year 2011. Wish her luck!
- Kids love companion. So I should invite more kids to my house in future for Sarah.
Take k too.

MommyAngel said...

Not thinking to have your own 2nd?? Good practice though :) :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hehe, I think no guah...:-)