Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I don’t know… some may think it’s little too early for kids to “play” with computer, but I am still glad with the way Sarah handle my laptop.

I can’t recall when her first-contact with computer was, I just remember Sarah always like to “disturbed” when daddy is busy on his PC.

She’s now like to click around on YouTube for nursery songs, and browsing the pictures all by herself.

Maybe I am still playing with sticks when I’m her age…times change, so do things.


smallkucing said...

kids are getting smarter nowadays. Not too early for her to get use to the laptop

MeRy said...

Kid also high-tech now..play around with computer...not like us last time,still play with those toys,no computer to play around.

cre8tone said...

She looks so happy playing the computer!

Shenny's mommy said...

Kids are more advance and smarter than our last time. Ha..using computer also helps in improving her fine motor skills.

gaiki said...

Wow, looks like Sarah is very good with computers!!! Kids nowadays are so high-tech.

the little prince said...

Yeah... agree with u!!
My son also love to click on the youtube n want to watch the cartoon or the nursery song by himself. But I try not to let him sit in front of the computer too often! Once he stick to it, he refuse to come down from the chair!

mNhL said...

Not too early la. It is good to let her explore the computer. My son love to explore on his own too. Click and type his own (but with my help in spelling). He loves to play with Paint too. At least something to keep him busy for a while. hehe

紫清 said...

=) wow..i think i m outdated already...though i sometimes will open microsoft word for my son to play..key in words...i still feel like...unbelivable for a 2+ years old toddler to know how to browse the internet..hehe..=)

CH Voon said...

world is changed! 20 century... all kids not play kite or others... just play computer games.

Merryn said...

cool! browse youtube lagi :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hehe, cool hor.
We taught her to browse Youtube because there is the only place which I can let her enjoy listening to free nursery songs, hehe.

Oh yes...definitely world has changed!
I always tell Sarah, she is a lucky kid; she could enjoy so many different type of canggih toys and games. Not like my time..

Wai Si:
Yea, our kids really surprised us with their development. As you said, your son also started learning to key in words right? Sooner he will learn to master the "mouse", hehe.

Hui Li:
Agreed, at least computer can keep our kids busy for a while..hehe.
YX likes to use Paint? Does he knows how to draw with Paint?

High five! Kyle also loves browsing thru the internet, geng!
Luckily, so far Sarah still okay when being asked to stop playing with the laptop, or else headache too:-)

Actually I am impressed with her fast development in terms of handling these computer thingy.
How about Ryan? Does he has the same hobby?

Shenny's Mommy:
I always tell Sarah, she is a lucky kid; she could enjoy so many different type of canggih toys and games. Not like my time..
- Yeap, I also noticed that Sarah has some improvement in terms of hand-eye coordination when she was trying to do the cursor point.

Yea...nowadays she likes to take control of something..
so whenever she was browsing thru the Youtube nursery songs, that's her happiest time lah, coz she can click whatever songs she likes. And I just sat next to her and watching her and doing nothing..

Kathy and Mery:
I always tell Sarah, she is a lucky kid; she could enjoy so many different type of canggih toys and games. Not like my time...

Ann said...

Kids these days are so comfortable with technology. Has its pro and cons....

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yes, we must set some time limitation and rules towards our kids exposure to computer.
With that, I think it should be fine:-)

Little Kit Boy said...

Joanne, time has changed. Kids now are much more smarter as compared to our time. so I think is never too early to let our kids to learn and explore new things.

Nowadays there are many on-line educational activities for kids which I find it very interesting too.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yea, nowadays kids are smarter..I should said, so much smarter than our time. My mom always said, maybe is the milk formula that makes them so clever...
- I also likes to teach Sarah some fun learning thru educational website.

Mummy Moon said...

pandainya, Sarah... Heng Heng once saw Ultraman video fr youtube, now everyday asking ultraman video from my laptop... :( He yet to know how to use the mouse.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks for your comment dear.
Heng Heng is a big fans of Ultraman?
One thing good about YouTube, we can watch most of the cartoons there FREE, hehe.
Dont worry, I am sure he can master the Mouse Skills in no time...:-)