Sunday, July 18, 2010

Of Playing & Eating

Third Puzzle
Puzzle, it is really a worthy toy. Sarah’s definitely learn so much from playing with her first and second puzzle; she’s now able to complete them, no problem at all.

So I decided to buy the third set, but this one is far more difficult. It has more irregular edges, but I am glad that she is progressing quite well so far as she’s able to solve two pieces already.

By the way, it’s also an opportunity to teach Sarah some Chinese characters from the puzzles. I just enjoyed listening to her Chinese pronunciation (but she definitely needs more practice in speaking Mandarin.)

Barney Tableware Set

I used to feed Sarah’s dinner in “one-bowl meal” (mixing the rice with veggie, meat, and soup all in one bowl). I am not sure whether it is a good practice but so far Sarah’s okay with it, so it leaves me no problem too.

Recently, I noticed that she has less appetite with her “one-bowl meal”; I suspect she’s bored with the way she dines. She loves to observe how we scooped our rice and dishes separately and sometimes will ask for some of our dishes…

Therefore, I have bought this one, the Barney Tableware Set.

Sarah has now showed so much interest in her new way of dining, but strangely, she’s only concentrating in eating the plain rice than other dishes.


Merryn said...

Puzzles are good. I whole-heartedly supports puzzles. I won't mind having a stackful of puzzles at home :)

I like the barney ware. So nice :)

MeRy said...

Puzzle is definitely a good educational toy for kids,Ryan also like to play with puzzle. I might consider buying more puzzle for Ryan too.

I love the Barney set. How much is it?
Ryan sure will ask for it if he saw this Barney set as he is still a BArney fans till nw.

Shenny's mommy said...

Puzzles is good to train little kid's brain power - good memory.

agnes said...

yea, I used to buy the puzzle brand u bought for chloe also, very good quality & thicker.. but they dont have bigger set lah.. max is like 9 pc ya?

am sure u can proceed to 20 pc and 40 pc next after sarah had master the skill.. :)

oh~ means u dont speak mandarin w her at home ah? purely english?

Reanaclaire said...

last time when my kids were small, i also bought a lot of puzzles for them to do.. started with the bigger ones first..then smaller puzzles.. but after some time, all buang on the floor liow! :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Sarah is progressing very fast. Gwen loves doing puzzles.

Sarah eats so much rice ah. Can she finish the rice. Gwen is opp..only eats the dishes she likes but not the rice. I have to feed her the rice. -__-

Little Kit Boy said...

I bought this Barney set too for Kit boy and everytime I'll tell him that he will see Barney and friends once he finish his food...hehehe..sometime it works and he really finished it up prety fast in order to see his Barney, but sometimes he'll just bring me the DVD when I say the same statement :O

mNhL said...

The dinner set is so nice. I feed my kids using the 'one-dish-bowl' method too. Everything dump together.

Oliveoylz said...

Puzzles are great activities for kids. Glad that she's enjoying fixing them. I love getting dinner sets for my kids too...So cute, especially when they come in a set:)

cre8tone said...

Sweet meal time with Barney ya?~

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yea, she is still a loyal fans of Barney. And sometimes Barney really can express her appetite:-)

Agreed! Puzzles are good for kids.
Guess what, Sarah started get bored with her new set of puzzles. Ai yo...nevermind, give her some time.
- Olive, how many dinner sets that you have bought so far? I am sure SP will have great dinner time.

Hui Li:
I like the Barney dinner set too. And the quality is really good.
- You also love using the same method of feeding? More easier mah hor:-)

Is it? The exact same set? May I know how much you bought it?
- I did not know that Kit is a big fans of Barney too.
- Yeap, I also used the same trick as you mentioned. And sometimes it works in encouraging her to finish her meal.

Guess what, Sarah started get bored with her new set of puzzles. Ai yo...nevermind, give her some time.
- Gwen loves puzzles...good thing to know and it is really a good toy for kids.
- Yea, Sarah can finished most of the rice.
I remembered Gwen likes to eat veges. So I guess she will love veges more than rice.
Its ok...cooperate with mommy. Mommy feed rice to Gwen and Gwen eat veges. :-)

Yeap, I think puzzles are one of most mommies' fav buying item for their kids:-)
- At this moment, I also have to collect the puzzles by myself. Cham!

Agreed! The puzzles which I bought is really good quality and colourful.
- Chloe able to complete so many pcs of puzzles already? So geng!
- Guess what, Sarah started get bored with her new set of puzzles. Ai yo...nevermind, give her some time.
- Yes, we only speak english with Sarah. But she picking up mandarin quite well from our daily conversation.

Shenny's Mommy:
yeap, it is definitely a great educational toys.

So nice that Ryan loves puzzles.
For Sarah, she will like "hangat2 tahi ayam". Guess what, Sarah started get bored with her new set of puzzles. Ai yo...nevermind, give her some time.
- Ryan still a big fans of Barney?:-)Very loyal fans yea.
I bought the dinner set at Rm19.90. Very good quality.

I like the Barney dinner set too. And the quality is really good.
-Yeap, it is definitely a great educational toys.

MeRy said...

Oh....tats kid,easy to get bored.
Same with Ryan.sometimes, I will keep those old toys in cabinet,then certain period of time, I will take them out for him to play again.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

High five!I do the same too:-)
And after some time, Sarah saw the "old" toys, she told one:-)

CH Voon said...

mmm i still not confident to use color plate expecially made from china.

cause i scare later the color ...

Mummy Moon said...

Yeah, kids always like puzzles :P My Heng Heng likes his puzzle fixing time so much !

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So nice that Heng2 loves puzzles.
You know, for Sarah...her interest towards puzzles are not for long. So now I gotto keep it inside the store for some time. Maybe after weeks, she will have the interest back again.

Hehe...afraid the colours will fade is it?
I think ok guah..

Adrine said...

Puzzles are Elyssa's current favourite activities too! She has the same house puzzle from Popular Bookstore.

Kristie said...

yes i wanted to buy those puzzles too! :)

yes kids get bored so easily.... I also a car wheels plate for Jayden... and used different sections for diff food ;)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

For me, it is a good buy. Coz the quality and colours of the puzzles are good. And the price is not high too.
- May I know what is car wheels plate yeah?

So nice that Elyssa loves puzzles. And so ngam, she is having the same set of puzzles.
Do you think it is not an easy set to complete?

Little Kit Boy said...

Can't really remember how much I bought it but was during Jusco Members' day sales with 15% off.

Ya...Kit boy loves Barney. He always request us to play and re-play his Barney DVD for him numerous time especially during weekends. sometimes I really pity for my DVD player and wonder how long it can last. :P

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So nice..15% off.
But it is really a worthy set of toys for our kids yea.
- Haha, playing n times of Barney show..same goes to Sarah. But now Sarah likes the channel 613 cartoon more than her Barney, especially Pororo.