Sunday, June 20, 2010


This is Sarah’s favourite sitting position.

She will move through the position during play. All these while, I never bothered until a friend advice me better to discourage Sarah’s in this sitting posture.

My friend says that her daughter is a W-sitter too and it caused her walk with knee and feet turned inwards and keeps falling over. After some internet search, it’s verified that what I was told is true concerning to the sitting posture and its consequences.

According to the orthopedic expert, children choose W-sit because this position requiring less muscular involvement, having a wider base of support thus allowing them to have closer access to toys; but most kids will out-grow their W-sit day as they grow older (hopefully for Sarah too).

So the other day when I try to get Sarah sit with other postures, it only last few seconds and later she goes back to her old way again.

I am not dead set against W-sitting. But I will try to correct her positioning in the way without drawing her attention and encourage a more body-friendly posture whenever I sit near to her.


smallkucing said...

aiks...W not good one ah? I didnt know till you highlighted. Thanks :D

LittleLamb said...

oic...i thought W -shape is more flexible.. like can do gymnast or ballet...hehehehe do correct her position as n when..

Shenny's mommy said...

First heard about this W-Sitting. Thanks for your highlighting.
So far, I haven't noticed my girl sitting with this posture yet.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Oh, I've never heard about such bad consequences. Chloe sits like that ALL THE TIME too, esp on the floor! However, her walking is fine but sometimes she likes to tip-toe :(

Serene said...

I never heard about such bad consequences too.. Hopefully Sarah will out-grow the W-sit position soon. Xixi can sit at all kind of postition, some times i find her quite rough too, with both leg open widely... :(

Blurgirl said...

i also never heard of this name. I tried the W sitting myself, not very comfortable leh! hehe

will take note of this when Brian grows up. thanks for sharing!

Merryn said...

u know something? I sit like that even until today.. :(

Kristie said...

never knew that abt W sitting hahahahahha!

hopefully it wont affect sarah so much :)

2ma said...

you shld always remind sarah to sit properly at all times :D

Little Kit Boy said...

hah..never know that W-sitting position is not good but I realized that most of the small children like these style of sitting leh..cos Kit boy also W-sitting. :(

hm..must do something joh..thanks for sharing.

BoeyJoey said...

Really? I didn't know that... my kiddos sit like that all the time! I do too... till today :-S.

prince n princess mum said...

so many sitting pose..

MeRy said...

I did not know W sitting position is not good.....until u mentioned here.Tq for the info.

CH Voon said...

ic ic... thank for sharing. the 3rd photos sitting is more polite.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

CH Voon:
You are most welcome.
Haha..yea yea, that one is more "si man".

You are most welcome.
Is Ryan a W-Sitter too?
I did not know too until my fren told me.

Yaya, all other sitting postures but not W;-)

Salute to you, you able to sit with the legs and knees bend inwards.
Hmmm...I am unsure whether it will really caused the kids to be pigeon toed in future, but maybe we can try to do some precaution steps.

Yea, I should do that always.

You are most welcome.
Yea, most kids (including loves to sit like that. I have a fren who also can do the W-sitting. I am impressed! For me, I yell for pain just doing it for seconds.

Does Jayden likes to sit like that too?
yea, Hopefully Sarah would not be affected by the said posture.

Geng geng geng geng!
You able to sit like how Sarah have very flexible legs muscle.

Thanks for visiting my blog.
I thought to add your blog into my blogroll but I could not see your blog. Mind to advice.
The W posture definitely not easy to do. I myself cannot do that for long:-)

Me too, I did not know about the consequences until my fren told me.
yea, Hopefully Sarah would not be affected by the said posture.
Now, the only thing I could do is try to get Sarah to sit with open legs too. Coz I think she feels uneasy with the posture of cross legs.
Xixi is so flexible..can do all the style of sitting.

Chloe also likes to sit like that hor. I think most kids love to sit using the W posture.
Tippy toe tippy toe:-)Maybe Chloe wish to be a ballet dancer.

Shenny's mommy:
You are most welcome.
It is good that Shenny do not favour W posture. It is not easy to correct the W posture to others. I am trying hard to do now on Sarah.

Yea, I think ppl that can do the W-sitting has flexible muscle. For me, I already shouted for pain bending my knees and lengs like that.
Yeap, I am trying hard to do correct Sarah's sitting posture now.

You are most welcome.
Is Joshua a W-Sitter too?
I did not know too until my fren told me.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, you got a great looking girl there. Bet she has her mom's good looks.
Not to worry, kids learn very fast....just have a friendly chat with her, she'll be fine.
You have a nice day, Lee.

Ann said...

oh...I didn't even think about that. Thanks for sharing.

Mummy Gwen said...

Gwen sits like this most of the time. My SIL advises me before to correct Gwen's way of sitting. But I didn't know it could affect the way they walk later.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mommy Gwen:
Is it? Your SIL also aware of the consequences of the W postures.
Hmmm...I am unsure whether it will really caused the kids to be pigeon toed in future, but maybe we can try to do some precaution steps.

You are most welcome.
I did not know too until my fren told me.

Thanks again for giving me and Sarah "sweet" comments.
Now I am still trying my level best to correct her sitting postures. Luckily she willing to try it for me.
You have a nice day too:-)

UmmiRosma said...

I remember when I was a little girl...I really could make this W-sit as I was such a plump teddy! I envied my little sissy who can sit like this in a relax manner..hehehe

Anyway...I have not noticed yet this kinda sitting postures with my kids. Sarah looks comfortable with this posture in deed!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You have a very good memory..I mean at least you still able what was your sitting posture when you were a kid.
I have no idea at all but what I know, I can't do the W-sitting now, hehe! It is painful!
It is good that Habibi and Habibati do not favour W posture. It is not easy to correct the W posture to others position. I am trying hard to do now on Sarah.

Jaanvi said...

I didn't know and it is a very substantial piece of information... Although my son does not do it frequently but someone known has a kid who has difficulty in walking due to inward knees. Now I know the reason, thanks to you, and I can tell her to work on it....

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Jaanvi,
Yes, I think we all will think that the W sitting is something normal for kids. We have no idea actually it will cause some effect on the kids/some kids walking postures.
Anyway, you are most welcome. Have a nice weekend.

slavemom said...

Oh, too bad this W is a bad posture. Coz it looks quite "proper", the legs not open kangkang. hehehe

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Slavemom: true.
The W sitting is more feminine.:-)

Oliveoylz said...

Oh no! My girl sits like that too! Thanks for the tip, fren...Will try to coorect her along the way:)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ops, DQ loves sitting like that? But its ok, we can always try to correct it right?
You are most welcome.

agnes said...

Oh.. first time know about thie W-Sitting wor.. thanks for sharing.. gonna observe how Chloe sit also next time.. hahaaaaaa...

Guess they prefers W-sitting coz easy to play the toys in front of them mah rite? else how? cross leg??? ahahahahahhaa.. :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You are most welcome about the info sharing.
Hopefully Chloe is not a W sitter.
Ya lor, I do observed that Sarah is more easy in achieving her toys when she is sitting with W postures.

leaktattle said...

W- sitting postures of your kid can affect his/herbody

Some sitting posture is not suggested for anybody, specially, W sitting posture affects kids health and parent should be concious about kids sitting style.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...
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Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hi Leaktattle,
Thanks for visiting my blog and your valuable comments too.

Agreed with your statements that W sitting definitely not a good sitting posture.

At the age of 9 now, she is no longer sit that way. Phew...:-)