Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthday (whenever she feels like it)

Kids love birthday. For Sarah, she just had an “extremely advance” birthday celebration last Saturday.

Her actual day is falls on September but when she saw us buying a birthday cake for my mom, she immediately asked for hers; and she claimed that it is “Popo and Sarah’s birthday”.

We don’t have the heart to spoil her mood, therefore, Sarah gets to choose her mini “birthday cake” and later we had the “celebration” at home.

It’s just wonderful seeing her sing the birthday song loud and happily. I remembered last year she was trying hard to blow the candles but now she’s able to do so all by herself. How time fly.


smallkucing said...

Happy Extreemely Early Birthday, Sarah...kakaka...

LittleLamb said...

ahahhahahaha no problem. let her enjoy her life...

the little prince said...

all kids like birthday ya!! My boy sometimes will just stack his block like a candle or ask me to make a cake fr the playdoh and he will happily sing the birthday song!! :-)

Wonderful Life said...

my boy sings birthday song and the song only "happy birthday to Mummy"...not other ppl. :D

prince n princess mum said...

So good.. can have birthday wherever and whenever she likes!

quEeNie said...

wah so nice, birthday whenever she likes it

Agnes said...

Kids are forever excited with birthday cakes, especially the birthday candles. My brothers' kids will surely cry if they hadn't got the chance to blow the candles even it's not their birthday.

MeRy said...

It happened to Ryan too...whenever he saw a b'day cake....he wil be on b'day mood too.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mery and Agnes:
Seems all kids all the time will be in birthday mood:-)
And luckily they did not ask for present....:-)

Rachel, Queenie, Kylie:
Ya long as she is happy lah:-)

Haha...thanks thanks for your birthday wish:-)

Same same same...Sarah also likes to ask me to make a playdough cake for her and she sings birthday song:0)
Yalah...all kids love birthday.
Actually I love birthday too:)

Yooo...Ryan is so sweet. He only sings the birthday song to his MOMMY only:-)

Shenny's mommy said...

Happy advanced birthday, Sarah!

Mommy Ling said... gal also always say it's her birthday when she see someones having a birthday cake.

Little Kit Boy said...

wah...really really the 'extremely advance' celebration leh...heheheh.. anyhow, a HAPPY 'ADVANCE' BIRTHDAY TO SARAY.

And Joanne, have a happy countdown to September..hahahahha.

Zooropa said...

yeah I guess kids just love singing & blowing the candles on a lovely cake!


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Shenny's mommy and Jenny:
It is truly an advance birthday for Sarah:-)
Thanks yea for your birthday wish:-)

June and Dora:
Seems like all kids love birthday hor:-)

Sooner XJ will be the one them:-)

CH Voon said...

happy birthday advance to sarah!

and happy belated birthday to Sarah mummy too!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thank you for your advance birthday wish Uncle Voon:)
My mom definitely happy hearing your wishes. Thanks again Voon.

Mummy Gwen said...

The little cake is so cute. :) Sarah looked really happy there. Joanne, your hair is very nice.

mNhL said...

wow!!! Really extremely early wor. Both my kids b'day also in Sept. What a sporting mama u r. Kids simply love b;day because they can blow candle and eat the cake!

BoeyJoey said...

That's a very early celebration :-). As long as she's happy, anything goes la :-).

UmmiRosma said...

Our kids love birthday cakes too as well as blowing the birthday candles. So everytime they see the birthday cakes...for sure they want to buy and of course celebrate their 'on-going' birthdays...! hehehehe

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yea Ummi, kids just love birthday and luckily Sarah only asked for the "birthday" once:-)


YX and XJ birthday also fall in Sept? So ngam :-)
I know Sarah would be happy when we sing her a birthday song, therefore I just spent RM2.50 to "buy" her happiness:-)

Mommy Gwen:
Actually Sarah is very afraid of clowns but somehow she chose a cake which has the decor.
Thanks for your comment Mommy Gwen. Actually I am trying very hard to maintain my hair. Coz I have natural curl and my hair is not smooth at all.