Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This is just a piece of follow-up about Sarah’s orange juice.

I suspected the orange juice might be a little too acidic for her because sometimes she’s complaining having stomach ache after drinking it (but the pain will go away within minute). When I asked if she wanted to pass motion, she just says “no”.

It might be the oranges that upset her stomach; but all these while I have no idea on how to choose a sweet orange until HweiLi given me the tip – buy those oranges which labeled 4013.

And I am lucky that I was able to find them at Carrefour the other day and without hesitation, I bought two dozen home (for myself as well).

After trying it, I can concluded that 4013 is really sweeter than those I’ve bought before and also it has more juice. I was able to squeeze 150ml of juice (by using three oranges) compared to only 75ml previously.

Thanks to HweiLi, I’m now has no worries in feeding Sarah oranges anymore.


CH Voon said...

mmm sure... first time i heard a bout this. :)

MeRy said...

Oh....wil take note on it!!

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..Hwei Li so geng leh. I'm going to hunt for these sweet oranges soon..hehe.

Kristie said...

woowowoowowo! this is a GOOD tip!!!!!

I am always looking for sunkist oranges... cos those are the sweetest I know... Now i will hunt for 4013 oranges!

Tnx babe!

smallkucing said...

Yes, 4013 and 3017 are sweeter. Normally 4014 is for juicing as the shop would add sugar.

I found that the Valencia oranges from tesco and giant are not bad too. Not that sour.

else you can also buy the kangaroo brand

2ma said...

thanks for sharing this! shall look for 4013 from now on :D

Adrine said...

Excellent tip. I've never bothered with the numbers before as I didn't know what's the diff. 4013.. here I come!

Little Kit Boy said...

Never know about this. Now I can start hunting for these 4013 liao and my boy can now stop making all those funny funny face exp. when I gave him orange juice. Thanks Joanne and Hwei Li for sharing. Muaks!!

ChloeRuoyi said...

You are welcome :) You found it so easily! I usually have problems looking for 4013 oranges in the hypermarkets. I get mine from the pasar malam. Actually I got this tip from a fruit vendor at the pasar malam many, many years ago. He told me that it's not the brand but the "species" that determines the sweetness or sourness of an orange.

Hope Sarah likes this sweet orange juice and it won't upset her stomach anymore! :)

mNhL said...

Thks for sharing this. I dislike oranges because they are always sour. But now I can go and try the 4013 oranges. Must tell MIL about this too.

BoeyJoey said...

4013... ha, now I know. Thanks for sharing :-). We love oranges too, but my kids can't eat too much as they will cough.

gaiki said...

Thanks for sharing this. I didn't know there's a code for oranges. This is really helpful!

prince n princess mum said...

wah.. i never know got code 1...

Maddy Joy said...

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UmmiRosma said...

I hope I can get these oranges here...noted!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kylie, Adrine:
All this while, I never pay much attn to the label too. :-)

You are most welcome.
Yea, starting looking for the label and you will surprised the type of oranges and also the sweetness/sourness related to it.

You are most welcome.
4013...nice number yeah..Must buy 4 ekor already:-)
OO...HQ and QQ will cough after eating too much of oranges.. Hmm, maybe one biji shared with two person.

You are most welcome.
For me, I like sour oranges. I like to dip fruits with salt and same goes to sour oranges.:-)
Hope that could help your MIL to buy some sweet oranges home.

Thanks again dear.
Actually I am a regular customer of C4, and I have check about the label everytime I visit there. I was very lucky that I found the sweet oranges that day.
Really gotto thank the fruit vendor too, he has told us an informative info which a lot of ppl never notice.
Sarah now is ok with the oranges. She loves it and she told me it is sweet. Thanks for your concern.

Thats the wonderful thing about blogging. Knowing nice mommies and exchanging informative info:-)
Anyway, you are most welcome.
Now, kit boy will smiling at mommies after drinking the sweet orange juice:-)

You are most welcome.
Happy Hunting for 4013.

Woww Kathy, you have gave me so much info about oranges. Thanks!
Now I am a bit pening about the label, must buy record it in my hp, so that the next time I could check on it if 4013 is not available.

You managed to buy sweet Sunkist?
I noticed that nowadays Sunkist is not as sweet as last time.
Anyway, Happy Hunting for 4013.

Mommy Gwen:
Geng hor...Hwei Li is so informative hor:-)
Okay, Happy Hunting!

Voon and Mery:
For me, it is definitely a new and useful info.

Jaanvi said...

A nice tip for sure.. first time on your blog.. liked the way you share your experiences.

Merryn said...

4013... 4013... 4013... I'll tell hubs.

Then he'll go buy 4D! lol.. no lah.. he's not a punter.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha...thats what I told others..buy 4 ekor:-)

Nice to meet you here and thanks for your comment.

All the best in Hunting the 4013 oranges:-)

Jaanvi said...

Thanks for visitng my blog Joanne.. And yes, it would be an honour to be on your blogroll ... :) hope to share some more great experiences....

Jaanvi said...

Thanks for visitng my blog Joanne.. And yes, it would be an honour to be on your blogroll ... :) hope to share some more great experiences....

Jaanvi said...

Thanks for visitng my blog Joanne.. And yes, it would be an honour to be on your blogroll ... :) hope to share some more great experiences....

Zooropa said...

Oh yeah my father told me abt 4013 orange is sweet too!


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Your father is so geng, he knew that 4013 is the label for sweet oranges:-)

hi Jaanvi, it is nice knowing you.
I have added your blog and I will definitely visit it more often:-)
See you!

Linda said...

I like your title... and must make sure I remember 4013 next time i went fruit shopping... :)

Thanks for dropping by too... ;)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks Linda for dropping by too.
Hehe, I told my frens can by 4 ekor with this title:-)
I can 100% guaranteed 4013 is the sweetest orange that I have ever tasted:-)