Wednesday, June 30, 2010

F1 Update

Still remember the race between a bored housewife and her child?

There was a time Sarah’s keen to sit on the motorbike but still too afraid, so she will hitch a ride on me; she hold my waist tight (I mean, real tight) while I was riding the bike, just like dating couple.

And now, she has finally overcome her fear and started to try out on her own. Bravo Sarah!

P/S: Due to the warning sound (causing by overweight, I guess), I’ve now cease to ride on the motorbike, but I do miss the moments which Sarah be my pillion.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Homemade Happy Meals

Corn with Orange Juice
Actually I’ve prepared the similar meal before but I was using frozen corns and bottled orange juice then. Nevertheless, Sarah loved the combination so much.

This time I’ve got some organic corn and the freshly-squeeze orange juice, so I think it would be good to re-introduce the foods to her again.

Sarah loves holding the corn and biting the corn kernels; she finished it all by herself. I also enjoy preparing the meal for her because of its (simple yet) healthy eating.

Milo with “Honey Stars”
This is Sarah’s very first time eating “Honey Stars” served with Milo. Ideally, I guess cereals suit better with milk; but Sarah dislike white milk, therefore, I have chosen Milo.

She was extremely delighted the moment I told her that she can have “biscuits” (aka Honey Stars) as her breakfast.

She just kept smiling whenever she put the cereal into Milo…She was like “playing” and eating at the same time.

It is fun watching her enjoyed the breakfast so much.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


This is Sarah’s favourite sitting position.

She will move through the position during play. All these while, I never bothered until a friend advice me better to discourage Sarah’s in this sitting posture.

My friend says that her daughter is a W-sitter too and it caused her walk with knee and feet turned inwards and keeps falling over. After some internet search, it’s verified that what I was told is true concerning to the sitting posture and its consequences.

According to the orthopedic expert, children choose W-sit because this position requiring less muscular involvement, having a wider base of support thus allowing them to have closer access to toys; but most kids will out-grow their W-sit day as they grow older (hopefully for Sarah too).

So the other day when I try to get Sarah sit with other postures, it only last few seconds and later she goes back to her old way again.

I am not dead set against W-sitting. But I will try to correct her positioning in the way without drawing her attention and encourage a more body-friendly posture whenever I sit near to her.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This is just a piece of follow-up about Sarah’s orange juice.

I suspected the orange juice might be a little too acidic for her because sometimes she’s complaining having stomach ache after drinking it (but the pain will go away within minute). When I asked if she wanted to pass motion, she just says “no”.

It might be the oranges that upset her stomach; but all these while I have no idea on how to choose a sweet orange until HweiLi given me the tip – buy those oranges which labeled 4013.

And I am lucky that I was able to find them at Carrefour the other day and without hesitation, I bought two dozen home (for myself as well).

After trying it, I can concluded that 4013 is really sweeter than those I’ve bought before and also it has more juice. I was able to squeeze 150ml of juice (by using three oranges) compared to only 75ml previously.

Thanks to HweiLi, I’m now has no worries in feeding Sarah oranges anymore.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthday (whenever she feels like it)

Kids love birthday. For Sarah, she just had an “extremely advance” birthday celebration last Saturday.

Her actual day is falls on September but when she saw us buying a birthday cake for my mom, she immediately asked for hers; and she claimed that it is “Popo and Sarah’s birthday”.

We don’t have the heart to spoil her mood, therefore, Sarah gets to choose her mini “birthday cake” and later we had the “celebration” at home.

It’s just wonderful seeing her sing the birthday song loud and happily. I remembered last year she was trying hard to blow the candles but now she’s able to do so all by herself. How time fly.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Orange Juice

Among the fruits Sarah eaten before, I’ve left out orange so far because it said to be acidic. Now that she’s almost three, I think it’s about time.

I do not have juice extractor at home, so it always gives me an excuse for not making fresh orange juice; but after talking to my neighbour, Jean, I was told that juice squeezer was actually quite convenient and it is not expensive either…so why not give it a try, right?

This is the first time Sarah drink fresh-squeezed orange juice; she loves it so much. Guess what, after having her first taste of the juice, she’s now goes for the orange itself!