Monday, May 10, 2010

Chicken Feet and Me

If I were to know it was so “painful” and hassle with the preparation works for this menu, I would rather give it a miss.

I had pat dried the chicken feet (alas, I should have dry it under the hot sun for three days!) and with that, I thought I would get only minimum oil splatter.

How wrong could I be? When I open the lid to check on the chicken feet, I was splashed straight away!

Till now, I still feel the pain when I press the oil-burn although it is recovering.

Anyway, this is the outcome; it taste not bad but I guess I’ve over-fried the chicken feet. It has a dry texture and it is not easy to suck the skin out of the bone.


Ann said...

At least you tried! Your family is so blessed that you put in the effort to dish out new dishes for them.

Keep at it ya!

Little Kit Boy said...

ouch! that was painful. tat's why I always prefer to make steam dishes instead of fried and when my hubby ask why no fried food, then I'll say..."Steamed food is healthier mah" :P

agnes said...

ooowww... i think chicken feet not easy to do lah... but good try!!!

Cynthia said...

good try.. next time, 'sun' the chicken feet under the sun first before frying.. that also apply to 'sotong' if you plan to do that too!

smallkucing said... painful...thats why i rather buy the ready made one from pasar

mNhL said...

aiyo...sacrifies for the family. I think in the market they do sell those ready fried chicken feet. Anyway, a good try but ouch, i know they hurts.

LittleLamb said...

fried chicken feet?
normally they r not fried... i bet its crispy n nice to eat le..

Serene said...

Poor thing.. it must be very painful!! This dish not easy to cook leh.. got to boil it first then only fry.. must make sure the chicken feet totally dried lor. Anyway, good attempt.. Joanne.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Ouch! This is the reason why I hate frying too, esp cleaning up the kitchen part. Hope your burn "bumps" are healed now. I didn't know this dish is so hard to cook.

Merryn said...

oh dear.. poor you... put toothpaste on them...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Dear all mommies, thanks for your concern. The burns are getting better but now, it leaves scar on me. So sad!

Yea, my husband helped me to apply toothpaste and it helps to cool down the burn.

This dish definitely a challenge for me, in terms of the cleaning part and also the frying part.

Serene, Agnes:
Is true....this dish involved several preparation method, really not easy.

Is it ar? My mom also deep fried the chicken feet when she wants to braise it with mushroom.
Anyway, the chicken feet taste ok and not that crispy lor. Maybe the steam process that makes it less crispy.

My husband very "sam tong" when he first saw the burn :-) He quickily helped me to apply the toothpaste.
Yea, if I were to cook it again, I will definitely buy the ready fried chicken feet.

Yalor, ready chicken feet is more easier. But at my place here, is not easy to find a wet market.

Thanks for the advice.
But I guess, nexy time I will buy the ready chicken feet...phobia already, hehe.

It was really painful but now getting better.
Yea, steam food is more healthier and less hassle in cleaning the kitchen.

My husband very "sam tong" when he first saw the burn :-) He quickily helped me to apply the toothpaste.
Sometimes I just feel boring cooking the same dishes, so I just like to search for some new recipe from internet and try it out.

Shenny's mommy said...

Wow, it is really painful. A suggestion, to be safe for next time in case, get a bottle of Opsite Spray from pharmacy and keep at kitchen. If you have such burn again, can immediately spray on it. Then you won't feel so painful.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Shenny's Mommy:
Yea, it was really painful but now getting better.
Opsite spray? Is that only spray on oil burn?
Thanks for the advice. I will try to look for it at pharmacy.

Shenny's mommy said...

Not necessary Opsite Spray, you may look for other brand of spray also like cool spray or burn spray. These products mostly to cool the skin and reduce swelling and pain after burn.

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh dear. Put Bio Oil or Vit E oil on the scars .

When I was in secondary school that time, I tried a recipe that required frying and I was splattered with hot oil badly on my hand. It was painful.

Since then I'm very scared of frying food. But I've conquered my fear already.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mommy Gwen:
Thanks for your suggestions. I will try to get it soon.
Goodness, you had the same incident as mine? What menu you tried which makes you had the oil splatter? I am sure the burn much severe than mine, poor you.
Luckily you have overcome your fear, coz I do think that fried food taste good (altho I am not a big fan to fried food), hehe.

Shenny's Mommy:
yea, I should stand by some medicine spray in my kitchen. I was so panic the moment I got the burn...Felt pain but do not know what to do with it, quickly washed it with water!
Thanks alot for all the info yeah:-)

Kristie said...

omg, poor u!!!! Some more ur skin so fair and soft.... sure painful :(

Ur hubby must have been so touched by ur commitment :)

hope ur would recovers sooN!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

No leh, my skin very rough one but it was really pain!
Chong is touched but also "sam tong". He told me not to cook the dish again, hehe.
Thanks, I am ok now.

Mommy Ling said...

Yea..i know chicken feet not easy to manage. SO always i buy those ready fried.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You had the experience of frying the chicken feet?
100% agreed! It is totally and extremely difficult to deep fried it.