Friday, April 30, 2010

Sand Art and Blocks

Sand Art
I never thought of a stack of sand could turned into art.

Sarah got this Sand Art set as a gift last time, and it had sit on the bottom of my closet long enough, as we think she’s not ready just yet.

And I guess now it’s about time. Sarah was so happy when I told her we are going to let her play; she enjoys squeezing out the sand from tubes and uses the finger to pinch the sand then put it on the paper.

She is so curious yet she likes to feel the smooth texture of the sand.

But as usual, Sarah started to get bored after a while, and I have to take over and finish the job.

I know there’s much educational value in building blocks, but all these while we seldom had block-stacking at home simply because Sarah showed no interest towards it.

Recently, she surprised us with a simple “tower” which stacked all by herself.

Maybe Sarah is way behind the “block-stacking milestone”, but we are still proud of her achievement.


Merryn said...

Sarah's coconut tree so cute :D

Sand art, must talk to them n get them excited to see the transformation of the craft.. they'll anticipate the next colour.. n next.. n next.. until one moment... boom! they get bored.. lol.. ethan's only sand art was on sponge bob :)

blocks on the other hand are very interesting. ethan wont get bored of them and been playing with them the whole time for months now :)

Sarah's a big n pretty girl dy now ;)

Kristie said...

Sarah has grown so much!!! she looks very pretty :) her features are lovely!

it's good to expose them to diff handicrafts to keep them occupied and of cos new experiences :)

MeRy said...

New toys 4 Sarah..

smallkucing said...

the car so tall ya :D. can fit in many passangers

Serene said...

I never introduce sands art to Xixi before, simply because i'm lazy... kekek, scared the mess. For stacking block, Xixi is almost crazy with her Lego lately and never get bored yet(luckily), hubby use to stack truck, tractor for her, and she got very excited!

Mummy Gwen said...

Gwen loves sand art. She pour out the sand from the plastic bags to the picture. Why I never thought of pouring the sand into the palette like you did. *slap forehead*

She really concentrate on her art huh. I wanna say too, she is getting prettier each day. She finally likes building blocks..that's s good start.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mommy Gwen, Kristie and Merryn:
Thank you all for the lovely comment about Sarah. Hoping that she becomes more girly day by days...:-)

Mommy Gwen:
I remembered I saw some sand arts that posted in your blog. Gwen done a great job with it.
Yea, I think it is not a bad idea using the palette, coz Gwen can adjust the amount of sand to be pour on the paper. Give a try and see whether it works:-)
Haha, Sarah always like that when she is doing something new. She will very hati2 and sometimes she will frown too (just like what she did in the pic).
After a long wait, yea she finally likes building blocks. Hopefully she is not "sam fen zhong yit dou" (cantonese) aka hangat2 tahi ayam, hehe.

Errm, I gotto agree with you doing art work with kids is messy. For eg, sand art...the fine sand will somehow fly to the floor when we are doing it. But just because to let Sarah explore and occupy her time, I am still okay with the mess:-)
It is a good thing that Xixi likes blocks. It really has a lot of advantages by doing so. And daddy has done a great job too in nuturing the hobby to Xixi.

Haha! I just love to tie her hair like that and luckily she has no objection about it.
I thought Ethan is a patient boy. I see him has the patience crafting, so sand art should not be a prob for him. Sponge bob sand art, you posted it before?
Agreed that blocks is something interesting if the kids know how to stack it. For Sarah, she is still a beginner. Hopefully she can like Ethan, playing it for long.

Actually I love craft, I do not mind to teman her and let her play and explore with it (hehe, mommy can explore too).
You are right, it is extremely impt to keep her occupied. Or else, she will asked me to jump and run with her. So cham!

Ya lor, her imagine really run wild lah.

Hope she will plays with it for long.

prince n princess mum said...

Good job Sarah!

Agnes said...

My girls like sand art too..they can not resist themselve whenever they see one in the shopping complexes and we have spent so much for them to play but never came across in the shop where we could buy for them to play at home

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Crystal and Pearl like sand art too? Without doubts, sand art is an activity with full of imagination and creation. So it is a good that both your girl like it.
In KL, there are a lot of shops that sell sand arts. It is not expensive. Maybe the next time you could buy in bulk back to your home when you visit here.

Thanks yeah!

Shenny's mommy said...

My daughter, Shenny loves sand art too. I let her tried once at home but find it too messy. Eventhough she asked me for that again, hehe..I always find excuses for her.
I reckon blocks is a very good toy to build find motor skills for kids, no messy :D. I begin to let Shenny play with blocks since she is 1 year plus. She loves to play it even now ( nearly 5 year old). Building blocks also help in promoting child creativity too.

Little Kit Boy said...

ya kids are always like that..only hot for few minutes, just like my boy too. despite only that few minutes, but is also an opportunity for them to explore on new things.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I totally agreed with what you have said.."despite only that few minutes, but is also an opportunity for them to explore on new things.". Kit likes to play with blocks?

Shenny's Mommy:
Errm, I gotto agree with you doing art work with kids is messy. For eg, sand art...the fine sand will somehow fly to the floor when we are doing it. But just because to let Sarah explore and occupy her time, I am still okay with the mess:-)
Maybe you may let Shenny play sand art at shopping complex, so that no mess and she could have some fun too:-)
Woww, you started blocks with Shenny when she was one year old and she still interested playing it now. So nice! Shenny must be a patient girl:-)

the little prince said...

Kyle had tried it before at shopping centre but my hubby dont really quite like it cos he always 'mass up' the seller colour!! :-)

The block - yup my son love it so much and I think Sarah will continue to stack more on it!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha, kids are like that...they are good in mixing up the colours. Sarah also likes to do that, but mommy always there to stop her from doing so, hehe.
Yea, I have saw the great blocks building work from Kyle before. And waiting for the days I see that from Sarah too, hehe.