Tuesday, April 6, 2010

“Cannot like that”

What Sarah amused us is that nowadays she will get “jealous” with daddy over mommy; she will push daddy away gently whenever he give me a peck or put his hand on my shoulder.

But what happened last Saturday really makes us laugh…

While we were having dinner in the Delifrance cafe, Sarah happily picked up a small booklet from the book rack and flipping through it; the next thing, she kept shaking her head and repeating “Cannot like that, cannot like that”!

She was visibly annoyed and even sound upset in her voice. We were puzzled at first but later we knew the reason.

I guess now we can confirm that she doesn’t like to “share” her mommy with daddy .


mNhL said...

Hahaha.....kids. They always brighten up our life!

lyncpf513 said...

hahahahaha Joanne, so if daddy wan sarah kiss daddy, Sarah willing or not??? So cute lar SHE!

Priscilla said...

Hahah.. that's so funny! Sarah's such a smart girl!

Merryn said...

lol! THAT is sooo cute! Sarah sarah.. hahahhahaha.. muaks!

2ma said...

oh sarah!!! i think its just a phase which she will get over soon. meantime, be patience :D

smallkucing said...

mine too! He would say "Go away". *pengsan*

Alice Law said...

Dropping by to say 'hi'! Wow... your girl so "matured", and obviously she is against these boy-girls' "loving" thingy! What a sweet pie!

Have a nice day!

Adrine said...

ha hahhh..... that is so funny!!

When she grows and have bf next time, you must also tell her "cannot like that" ;)

CH Voon said...

next time don't do "this" infront of her hehehe she is jealous

ChloeRuoyi said...

Hahaha what a cute remark! She wants to make it clear that she's mummy's girl and mummy is all hers! Daddy will get his turn behind closed doors hehe :p

nicole said...

hahaha... mummy is only belongs to Sarah de.... she jealous la. Then daddy have to do that behind sarah lo.... kekkeke

Kristie said...

hhahha i have this little booklet too and i kept it for jayden to look through and he will keep pointing, bag, shoes, flowers, etc... hehe

sarah is so protective over mummy huh! :)

BoeyJoey said...

my kids too... papa cannot touch mama, especially when wake up in the morning :-)

about Sarah commenting what she saw on the mags, that's funny! :-D

Oliveoylz said...

Muahahaha....she's very possesive of mummy! Cute little gal:)

MeRy said...

I guess most kids are like that. It same goes to Ryan, when he saw his daddy sayang mummy....he also came over & want to join us too.

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

wah..big girl..!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sarah indeed grown up so much.
What she has said really surprised us:-)

Ryan so sweet...I mean at least he will come and join you all for the sayang2, and not pushing the daddy away.

Haha....same thing goes to both your kids? But they only dislike the sayang2 in the morning yeah? For Sarah, most of the time;-)
Yea, we were surprised of what she comment on the mag and we really lol!

As you mentioned, she is definitely a mommy's girl; very clingy of me:-)

You very observant; you know you have the same booklet by looking at the booklet cover, geng!
Actually I never see the content and now I know it who should I refer to (lil Jayden):-)
Sarah used to be daddy's girl but now she is MY girl:-)

Sometimes she will said "I want Mimi", when she saw my husband hugged me:-)

HweiiLi and CH Voon:
Sometimes daddy gotto curi curi sayang mommy, so cham hor, hehe.

You must tell the same statement to Elyssa too when she grows up:-)

Sarah looks matured too if you see her in person. She is tall and big:-)

Joshua also the same:-) You are a stay at home mommy right? Maybe our kids are more attached to mommy because of that.

I hope it is a growing phase too.
Or else daddy gotto curi curi sayang mommy, so cham:-)

Merryn and Priscilla:
The moment we know why she was so angry, we really laugh out loud:-)

Sarah used to dislike kissing daddy, but now is ok already.

Sarah has definitely brighten up our days:-)

Adrine said...

Hi Joanne... thx for dropping by my blog. Yes, call me Adrine and yes, do add me! :)

prince n princess mum said...

Now only she starts to be like that? My son very long time ago already cannot c my hubby comes near me.. He sure come in our middle.. haha!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You are most welcome. I will definitely add you in my blogroll. Nice day!

Sean started like that long time ago?
How about now?

Lydia said...

we have noticed this in John too... when papa kisses mama good-bye, he will scream and say no... no... :D but it is ok when papa or mama cuddle little brother.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ooo...John will scream no no to papa yeah? Very macho but strong boy:-)
Ok la, John is a sweet and caring kor kor, so he will share his lil bro with daddy and mommy:-)

the little prince said...

Hahahaha!!! Sarah so cute la!!! Where she got this idea to say this huh!! :-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kekekeke....Daddy and Mommy are 100% sure we never taught Sarah in saying the statement:-)

gaiki said...

Sarah is so cute...maybe she needs another playmate to keep her busy so that she will share you with her daddy :). Right now, she wants you all by herself :P

Mummy Gwen said...

Hahaha...Sarah is so cute. Gwen was like this too but she grew out of it now.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha...you mean another playmate as to didi or mei mei:-) One is already enuf headache for me:-)
Hopefully she will get over it soon.

Mommy Gwen:
Kekekek..Gwen was like that too?
I wonder is it due to we always be with them 24/7, so they just like to stay with us. Others can share us, hehe.

Wonderful Life said...

Hehe... mine joins in. Whatever his daddy did he'll also do the same. :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha...Ryan is a funny but lovely boy. He just do not want to miss the moment to sayang mommy (just like how daddy sayang:) )

Julie said...

Kids are smart. Whenever hubby and I sit/sleep hugging each other, Jonathan will push hubby away and squeeze in between us.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha, Jonathan also do the same.
For Sarah, now she started to be slightly ok when my husband sayang me, but sometimes gotto depends her mood too.