Friday, April 30, 2010

Sand Art and Blocks

Sand Art
I never thought of a stack of sand could turned into art.

Sarah got this Sand Art set as a gift last time, and it had sit on the bottom of my closet long enough, as we think she’s not ready just yet.

And I guess now it’s about time. Sarah was so happy when I told her we are going to let her play; she enjoys squeezing out the sand from tubes and uses the finger to pinch the sand then put it on the paper.

She is so curious yet she likes to feel the smooth texture of the sand.

But as usual, Sarah started to get bored after a while, and I have to take over and finish the job.

I know there’s much educational value in building blocks, but all these while we seldom had block-stacking at home simply because Sarah showed no interest towards it.

Recently, she surprised us with a simple “tower” which stacked all by herself.

Maybe Sarah is way behind the “block-stacking milestone”, but we are still proud of her achievement.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Mosquitoes repellent are so essential to me and Sarah because the mosquitoes just love us so much. We have been using the Johnson anti-mosquito lotion for the past nine months and we really find it handy; it is so effective yet it has a pleasant fragrant.

Now that we need to restock it but unfortunately it’s not available in Malaysia; and the cost to courier from Singapore is just too high. Therefore, we’d have to settle for this new product from Pureen and hopefully it is as effective as the Johnson brand.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gift from Angel

Angel sending me gifts again as she had told me earlier in the MSN; but I wasn’t expect “a” thing will turned out to be something like goodie bag!

Sarah loves the Princess colouring-and-sticker book so much, she just can’t wait to start colouring even before I take a picture of it.

As for me, Angel has got me a popular Japanese Good-Luck Charm; it is now an accessory for my bag. Love it.

I like the “I Love Mum” top most and with the pink pant, I guess Sarah will look sporty on them.

I know Angel always keeping me and Sarah in her thought. One day, if we ever meet, I would like to say “thank you” to her personally.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Revisiting the Zoo

Recently when Sarah flips through the old photo about our trip to Zoo Negara, she showed great interest toward all kinds of animal.

We guess she were too young then to have any memory about it; therefore, we brought her to visiting the same place again last Sunday.

Well, there’s nothing much about the Zoo from a year ago…same old, same old.

We though Sarah will be exciting but alas, she’s less than enthusiastic when she actually saw the animals; she only kept rushing us to bring her to see the next one (sigh).

Maybe she was frustrated by the weather, or the mosquitoes bite, or the lack of sleep. But at least she had a great time at the Sea Lion Show and she was fond with the cute little Orangutan.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tasty Marinates

Fish with Miso

Since Sarah likes miso soup so much, therefore I’ve tried a new idea which using miso paste to marinate fish.

I added a slice of ginger, a dash of light soy sauce and also sesame oil to the fish.

I was surprised with the outcome; the dish does not looked appealing, but guess what, it does taste good.

The fish tastes sweet and the sauce goes well with rice. Yummy, Sarah loves it!

Salmon with honey-soy sauce

I love watching Astro AFC (Asian Food Channel) and this is one recipe I learned from the programme “Martin Yan’s Hidden”.

I always think of way to get rid of the (overly) strong taste of salmon, and now I’ve found it.

1) Marinate the fish with lemon juice, lemon zest, honey, light soy sauce and preserved soybeans.
2) Pan-seared the fish and bake it in oven.

The usage of lemon juice and lemon zest helped a lot in getting rid of the fishy taste; and all the other ingredients have added so much flavour to the fish.

Sarah almost finished the meal, without knowing it’s actually a salmon.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

“Cannot like that”

What Sarah amused us is that nowadays she will get “jealous” with daddy over mommy; she will push daddy away gently whenever he give me a peck or put his hand on my shoulder.

But what happened last Saturday really makes us laugh…

While we were having dinner in the Delifrance cafe, Sarah happily picked up a small booklet from the book rack and flipping through it; the next thing, she kept shaking her head and repeating “Cannot like that, cannot like that”!

She was visibly annoyed and even sound upset in her voice. We were puzzled at first but later we knew the reason.

I guess now we can confirm that she doesn’t like to “share” her mommy with daddy .

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A lot of hot air, no balloon

Just like some of you, we went to Putrajaya for the well-published Hot Air Balloon show last month (on the last day of the event). It was our first time there and we’re looking forward to see the giant balloon flying in the sky, especially for Sarah, as she’d learned the word and see it from TV before.

We arrived at the location about an hour earlier before the show time; the sun was scorching hot but luckily we found a shady place near the lake. There are also other activities going on like Water Ball riding and Zord Ball; Sarah enjoyed watching these big balls where people kept rolling and rolling inside it.

Then here comes the disappointment part, just when it was about time for the balloon to launch, the sky turned cloudy; then as the crews started pumping the hot air, it rain cats and dogs! So people have to run for their cars (including us).

Basically the balloons never got the chance to lift up to the sky, but at least Sarah could have a glance of it from far. Nevertheless, I am still managed to take some photos, and hope we have a better luck next year.