Thursday, February 11, 2010

Laughing Cow

I always think kid’s taste preference changed constantly. Just like Sarah, she used to love cheese very much when she was 11 months old; she can finish the whole piece within minutes. But thing changed once she turned toddler…she totally dislikes dairy product until recently she met “The Laughing Cow”.

I have to thanks my neighbour, Jean, for introduced us the cheese. Sarah just adores it. I have a bite of it too and I think it’s not as cheesy as other brands (maybe that’s the reason why Sarah likes it), it tastes something like…margarine.

As long as Sarah likes it and she could obtain all the goodness for her growing body, we will be the “laughing parent”.


Kristie said...

jayden loves this laughing cow cheese from young :) I used to eat this too when I was younger and of cos now! :) It's very creamy in texture, suitable for kids who just starts semi solids too :) Cheese is very good for kids, glad sarah likes it!

2ma said...

this brand of cheese is also the boys favourite!

gaiki said...

KS also loves this laughing cow cheese and not to mention his mummy also adores it!! I used to buy the pack with mixture, I think they have 3 different types. Glad that Sarah loves it!

Agnes said...

I have not seen this packaging in our local supermarket here. My girls enjoy the slice cheese they treat it as snack in between meals.

wenn said...

nice. Happy CNY!

Blessed mum said...

my kids likes it too!

Blessed mum said...

Opps! forgot to wish you a very happy CNY! Gong Xi Fa CHAI!!

Lydia said...

I heard lots about this brand, tried the sliced cheese and I didn't like it. Too oily and not cheesy enough. So... I never think of trying the cube one, perhaps shld try it out.

Btw, for sliced cheese, I always have a pack of Bega in the fridge, John will help himself whenever he feels like eating it. He likes to seacrh for food in the fridge now!! I am tired of telling him to close the fridge door.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Agnes, actually you may find the Laughing Cow Cheese at those big shopping centre. I bought it at Carrefour. If I am not wrong, you might find this at Jusco.
Good that Crystal and Pearl like cheese. It is a healthy snack.

Both of you do love cheese? Me and my husband dislike it:-)
Yalor, I also see a lot of variety but I dare not to let Sarah try. Coz I am afraid if she doesn't like it, then it will be a waste.
So now you also buy the same type of Laughing Cow Cheese that I bought for Sarah?

Both of your handsome boys also love Laughing Cow Cheese. Seems like most kids love it yeah/

Jayden is eating Laughing Cow Cheese too? Or actually he adores all types of cheese, hehe:-)
But it is a good thing that he loves cheese and I am happy that Sarah loves it too.
Ooo...I did not the Laughing Cow is as "young" as you:-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Good that your Nicholas and your girls love it. It is a good source of calcium.


Yea, the cheese does not have strong cheesy taste.
I am not sure about the difference btwn sliced and cubes cheese, maybe you may give a try.
But for me, I think I will try to buy the slice cheese the next time, so that Sarah could eat a bigger portion of cheese compared now; 1 cube a day:-)
Haha, John able to open the fridge by himself? He is so strong!
Bega Cheese? I will take a look of the brand when I go shopping next time, thanks!

Julie said...

Love this brand but quite pricey too. Actually I feels is more cheesy compared to cheddar cheese. Try the one with mushroom, onion flavour. I like those best.

UmmiRosma said...

This looks nice but I wonder how do the cheese cubes look like?

Ann said...

Oh....the cheese is so cute. Glad Sarah loves it!

Cheese that taste like margarine....hmmm....making me curious too!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Is true Julie, it is really pricey lor. But as long as Sarah likes it, then ok:-0)
Is it ar? It taste more cheesy than other brand? Coz I seldom buy cheese:-) I am not a big fan of cheese.
Yalor, I also see a lot of variety but I dare not to let Sarah try. Coz I am afraid if she doesn't like it, then it will be a waste.

Actually this is the first time I see cheese in cubes too.
The cheese is in square shape and it is just like a cube.

You may buy it for Christopher. Maybe he will like it.
Yes, it is a great news that Sarah likes the cheese as she has not been taking it for many many months.
Haha, yea, the cheese really taste like margarine and it has rich texture.

Daddy said...

Happy Chinese New Year.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Tasty, tasty :-) I used to nibble on these as snack too. Never thought of buying for C tho. It's so expensive now. Few years back it was still ok, now the price has shot up to nearly double, i think :-(

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ryan's Daddy:
Thank you and Happy Chinese New Year to you too.

Yea, the cheese is really costly. I bought for Sarah because at this moment, this is the only brand she likes:-)

Shenny's mommy said...

My gal likes this laughing cow cheese too. I find it a bit salty, always ask my gal to drink lots of water after having one.

Mommy Ling said...

Oh, i love this cheese also, i prefer the one with many flavours one.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You love it too? But it is very small and easily finished the whole pack yeah, :-)