Friday, January 8, 2010

It’s all about fish

Fish Stock
It never crossed my mind to use fish bone in making the stock; normally I’ll just use anchovies (ikan bilis). Curiosity get the better of me and with trepidation, I tried my luck last week by using some fish bones from mackerel.

I have stir fried some shallots and ginger; then I dumped the fish bones and carrots into the mixture and boiled them for about 15 minutes.


The soup taste just okay and surprisingly not too fishy. I used it to cook porridge with cranberry beans plus carrots, and it turned out quite delicious; Sarah likes it so much.

Steamed Cod Fish
I’ve bought a piece of cod fish and I always think the best way to prepared is to steam it. For this time, I steamed it with soy-bean paste.


As expected, the fish taste really good; Sarah finished the fish with a big bowl of rice.

P/S: I am seeking difference ideas in cooking a delicious fish stock or other type of stocks. I would welcome all your suggestions, thank you in advance.


smallkucing said...

Ya..using fish bone i/o ikan bilis is much nicer. If scare fishy taste,just put a bit of ginger.

Cynthia said...

actually you can do lots with soup stocks.. I prefer to fry the fish bones a bit before putting in the soup coz it's more fragrant... just make sure to pat the oil off... or I also do ikan bilis with dried prawns too..

MeRy said...

Try to cook fish beehoon soup(using fried fish fillet) wif the fish stock...add some vege and it taste great too.Add bit of fried ginger to get rid of fishy taste

Lydia said...

Bet the fish stock must be good! I'm just curious, does Sarah eat rice at all? Haven't see any post about rice recipe, or I missed it?

LittleLamb said...

yum yum.....i dont cook for philip anymore...*took a break* even if i cook, its mostly western .

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yum yum! I like western food. Cook some for me, can ar?;-)

Not bad, I like the taste of fish stock. And the most impt thing, it is not fishy:-)
Sarah is a big big fan of rice and noodle. She has been eating rice since many2 mths ago. I did not post about rice recipe because she will just eat whatever I cook for my husband and myself. She just love foods with gravy. So when I have vege gravy, she will eat it with the vege plus gravy.

May I know which type of fish fillet shall I used for the fish behoon soup?
Anyway, thanks for your idea.

Ya hor, I should fry the fish. I think it will also helps to get rid of the fishy taste.
Ikan bilis with dried prawns stock? I have dried prawns in my fridge all the time, I should try this one. Thanks yeah!

I also think that the fish bone stock taste better than ikan bilis. May I know normally which type of fish bone that you used?

Joanne said...

It is nice to have new menu for Sarah, u really have much "xin si" :) Like the cod fish menu, it look very yummy..

CH Voon said...

sarah will very happy that you prepare yummy food for her :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

CH Voon:
Sarah is really like a Queen. Everyday I will ask her, what to eat for the next day...noodles or porridge:-)

Joanne N:
Thanks for all your comment Joanne.
I have to be more innovative sometimes, so that Sarah is not bored with her food:-)

mNhL said...

There is one yong tau fu shop in seremban fried the fish bone and uses them to boil soup. The soup is heavenly fragant and tasty.

gaiki said...

yum yum...the cod fish looks tasty.

I also often cooked fish soup with anchovies only, easier and not so fishy.

Blessed mum said...

try boiling soy bean with fish bones for few hours..its yummy.

u can also tried baking cod fish..i placed minced garlic and mayo on the cod fish and wrap with foil..baked it for abt 15mins. its taste great too.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Soy Bean with fish bones? Another great idea. I always thought soy beans is only meant for making soya beans milk:-)
I have baked salmon before but have yet to try cod fish. Will try it next time.
Thanks yea for all your great idea.

Thanks for your comment.
I also think anchovies stock is simple and yet nice.

Ya hor, I should fry the fish. I think it will also helps to get rid of the fishy taste.
Thanks yeah!

the little prince said...

If you like 'vege' stock, try to put in big onion, carrot, mangkuang (forgot the english name), can put in celery if you like, I normally put in small container, can freeze it!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ok ok. Vege stock is good too.
I like it.
Will try your idea, thanks!

Ann said...

Wow....good for you !!! I only make meat stock with loads of big bone pork. Sieve and use for noodles and porridge.

My son doesn't really like fish!

Debbie Y said...

hmmm... you can actually try on pan fried. I'm sure the cod fish will even tasty.

CH Voon said...

hahaha Your daughter are very lucky has you as her mother :)

she is queen and you are queen mother

Merryn said...

Wow.. Sarah's still taking porridge! Good girl! Way to go Mommy :D

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I think meat stock is equally tasty as other type of stocks. Christopher is lucky too that you prepared a delicious stock for him.
But too bad, it is not easy to get pork at my place here, so I only can make anchovies and fish stock.
But anyway, thanks for your comment yea.

Debbie Y:
Pan fried cod fish, good. I am sure Sarah likes it, because she loves pan fried food. Thanks for your idea.

CH Voon:
Vanessa is lucky too to have daddy baking so many tasty cakes for her.
She is a queen too:-)

little prince's mummy said...

So many fishy meals...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sarah very wei sek one, she likes all type of food:-)

Yalor, fishy fishy but luckily Sarah okay with it.