Sunday, January 17, 2010

Genting Highlands 2010

It is not often we bring Sarah travel; because of her timid nature, we are even more hesitated to have an over-night trip.

Anyway, over the long holiday we’ve brought Sarah to Genting Highlands for a 3D2N “Cuti-cuti Malaysia”.

The moment we reached hotel, Sarah started to become a “koala bear” to me and daddy; she clings on us most of the time. She dislike the place when she saw the Christmas decorations (FYI, she’s afraid of Santa Clause) and also the crowd there. It’s only become better after we checked into our room (a disaster start, uh?)

Thing goes from bad to worse as she did not want to step out from the hotel room. She made fuss and cried when I asked her to lie down for diaper-changing; we have to use tons of reasons and comforting technique to bringing her out for meal.

Sarah just doesn’t feel comfortable at all; when asked if she wants to play all the indoor rides, she just shake her head, and she also hesitated to take photo. We really thought we were in a “nightmare” trip then…

Not wanting to “waste” a holiday, the next day we decided to “play” tough to help her overcome the (unwarranted) fear. We decided to put Sarah on all the rides no matter how she reacted…we’ve prepared for the worst.

As expected, she cried the moment I brought her to ride on the Venice Gondola and Reindeer Cruiser. But amazingly after a while she started to feel okay with all the rides (thank God).

We’re so glad that things finally take a positive turns; we also brought Sarah to ride on the Hanging Monorail and Train-Train. She’s now fell in love with all the rides and she just wants to cruise around for at least three times per game!

We did not bring her outdoor as we think she is not ready yet (for this time), plus the wind is too strong for her.

We head home on the third day; another place visited, another “test” passed…what a holiday it turned out to be.

(030110, 040110 & 050110)


Kristie said...

AWESOME!!!! U guys made the right decision to just help her overcome her fears... if u keep helping her hide in her shell, it will take her longer to come out and smell the spring ;)

Well done mummy, daddy and sarah darling!

Nice photos :)

MeRy said...

Nice outing...should bring Sarah out for more holiday trip to overcome her fears.

mNhL said...

Just like my boy (3 yrs +). He is so afraid of everything. But after 1 ride, he wish for more!

Anonymous said...

Good job Joanne!!! It takes lots of "courage" to prepare for the worst... not to mention when stranger look at us with a crying toddler.. hehehe been there, done that...
And Nice family photo!!!!! everyone look so happy!!

smallkucing said...

Glad your holiday turns out fine in the end:)

MommyAngel said...

I am glad that your trick works for Sarah!! Angel loves going to Genting but surprisingly she hates all the rides too .... but we dare not force her into those rides as I know she would cried out loud and everyone will stare at us for sure. I bet when Sarah cries, she just make little noise, isn't it? How I wish Angel could overcome her fear soon too ..... nice pictures there :)

agnes said...

yea, must salute u w such a strong courage to prepare for the worst, it's never an easy job am sure. besides, we are actually feel uneasy 2 bring chloe 2 genting simply bcoz she is diff frm sarah, she will wan to play until dont wanna come back coz she afraid of nothing basically. hahhahahaa...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

We have no other option than "prepare for the worst", because we know that Sarah will not WILLINGLY to try something new, unless we FORCED her to do it. And she is easily calm down by showing her biscuits. She likes snacks.
OOo, Chloe will play the rides till do not want to come out from it? Ok mah, coz it is very worth with the Unlimited One Day Pass.

Hihi Dear, long time did not see you. How are you?
I am surprised that Angel also afraid of those rides. How about the kids rides in shopping centre?
I am lucky that Sarah is easily comfort if I offered her some biscuits, so her cries will stopped by then.
Don't worry, I am sure Angel will overcome her fear soon. Just needs to take some time.

:-)Luckily it turned out fine at last...Or else, I guess there will be no more holiday in future for all of us.

I am lucky that Sarah is easily comfort if I offered her some biscuits, so her cries will stopped by then.
I like the photos too:-)

YX was afraid of kids rides too? Good that now he is ok, brave boy!

Mery, Kristie:
Definitely need to bring her for more outing. Training makes perfect yeah:-)

the little prince said...

Great outing!! Glad that Sarah manage to turn her mood into 'positive' and enjoy the trip!!

Qistina's Mama n Abah said... time can go to snow world then!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

:-)Luckily it turned out fine at last...Or else, I guess there will be no more holiday in future for all of us.

Yea, snow world will be in my next plan.

Lydia said...

If John... he will run around and I will need to chase him like a marathon race!

Serene said...

Me too, salute your courage to "force" her to take all kinds of rides she not willing to do, and luckily the tricks works! No worry about her timid side, i think after she attending school, she will change automatically. Sarah has grown up so much, the photo are nice!

Denesa said...

Children sometimes need to be "exposed". Exposure gets them to learn more and become more daring. Good that your trip eventually ended up Well:)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I totally agreed with you. I shall plan more outing for her and of course for me too, I need some break:-)

Hehe...what to do Serene. I have to hold her real tight the moment she was crying for the rides and next, my secret weapon...Biscuits!
Yea, I also think so. Hopefully Sarah becomes better when she attend kindy.
Maybe Sarah's hair that makes her become more big girl yeah:-)

Good lah, at least John will enjoyed the trip:-)

Oliveoylz said...

That's a nice, happy family picture...glad that Sarah eventually enjoyed all the rides and all of you had a great holiday!

slavemom said...

Going for more holidays as a kind of "training"... how great is that? ;)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks for your comment. I like the pic too.
:-)Luckily it turned out fine at last...Or else, I guess there will be no more holiday in future for all of us.

Hehe....I really do not mind to have more "training" for Sarah. We all enjoyed as long as she enjoys it.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Sarah is really very shy and timid. This simply means that you should bring her out more often :-) Chloe went wild the first time she was there! Genting is her all-time fav place. Already been there like 4 times and she's still asking when are we going again *shake head*

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yalor, Sarah is an extremely shy and timid girl. I think she only could become better after she attend kindy in year 2011. Of course, have to bring her for outing more often as I like outing too:-)
Nice lah, at least Chloe enjoys outing all the time.

Joanne said...

Great outing ! Must plan to go too :)

little prince's mummy said...

nice trip!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ya, why not plan a trip there so that both Ting2 and En2 can enjoy:-)

:-)Luckily turned out nice at last.