Sunday, January 31, 2010

CNY Gift

Sarah and I got a surprise from my forum-cum-blogger friend, Yen Ping. I reckon it’s a Chinese New Year gift because Yen Ping has given me ang pao packets and the decoration item too; she’s definitely bringing some festive joy to me.

Besides, Yen Ping also attached a cute keychain; what a useful gift.

As for Sarah, she has received a Tom & Jerry Colouring book. She showed interest to the gift because she never seen the cartoon character before.

I sincerely feel warm and touched by Yen Ping’s thoughtful gestures. Thank you so much, dear friend.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


“She looked exactly like you when you were small”…since Sarah was born, I've heard countless exclamations of shock from my family and relatives. Well…perhaps, sometimes I have to agree with them when I looking at some of our photos.

I think my feature is clearly embedded on Sarah; curly hair, flat nose, single eyelids and the skin complexion.

And guess what, we both like this hair style so much…

It warms my heart when people says she is a “mini-me”. I enjoy seeing myself in her.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


We are not migrated to oversea but it’s about Sarah’s formula. Sarah suddenly dislikes her Wyeth milk totally…she almost vomited every time she drinks milk; it was started two weeks ago. I don’t like milk myself so I guess she has inherited my “gene” now.

Initially, we came out with the idea of mixing Milo into her milk but it doesn’t works. Then we decided to switch her formula to Sustagen (Chocolate Flavour) and try our luck.

Yes, she likes it better but with one condition - she only drink the chocolate milk with straw instead of using teat.

From the past experience, no matter how discomfort she was during teething, she will still consume milk; so I guess it is only because she changed her taste (about the milk) now.

At the mean time I just prepared the usual solid food for her like noodles, porridge, bread, biscuits and cakes. I am lucky that she still likes solid food.

Now what I need to do is to ensure Sarah drinks plenty of water and eats a lot of fruits, so that she would not get heaty over the new formula.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Genting Highlands 2010

It is not often we bring Sarah travel; because of her timid nature, we are even more hesitated to have an over-night trip.

Anyway, over the long holiday we’ve brought Sarah to Genting Highlands for a 3D2N “Cuti-cuti Malaysia”.

The moment we reached hotel, Sarah started to become a “koala bear” to me and daddy; she clings on us most of the time. She dislike the place when she saw the Christmas decorations (FYI, she’s afraid of Santa Clause) and also the crowd there. It’s only become better after we checked into our room (a disaster start, uh?)

Thing goes from bad to worse as she did not want to step out from the hotel room. She made fuss and cried when I asked her to lie down for diaper-changing; we have to use tons of reasons and comforting technique to bringing her out for meal.

Sarah just doesn’t feel comfortable at all; when asked if she wants to play all the indoor rides, she just shake her head, and she also hesitated to take photo. We really thought we were in a “nightmare” trip then…

Not wanting to “waste” a holiday, the next day we decided to “play” tough to help her overcome the (unwarranted) fear. We decided to put Sarah on all the rides no matter how she reacted…we’ve prepared for the worst.

As expected, she cried the moment I brought her to ride on the Venice Gondola and Reindeer Cruiser. But amazingly after a while she started to feel okay with all the rides (thank God).

We’re so glad that things finally take a positive turns; we also brought Sarah to ride on the Hanging Monorail and Train-Train. She’s now fell in love with all the rides and she just wants to cruise around for at least three times per game!

We did not bring her outdoor as we think she is not ready yet (for this time), plus the wind is too strong for her.

We head home on the third day; another place visited, another “test” passed…what a holiday it turned out to be.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


What do you get when you have a bored housewife with a “hyperactive” child? Motor racing!

At the end, the mother won as the daughter’s car were stuck on the rug.

P/S: The battery-operated motorbike is just another second-hand toy passed down from my sister-in-law; too bad Sarah is afraid to ride on it.

Friday, January 8, 2010

It’s all about fish

Fish Stock
It never crossed my mind to use fish bone in making the stock; normally I’ll just use anchovies (ikan bilis). Curiosity get the better of me and with trepidation, I tried my luck last week by using some fish bones from mackerel.

I have stir fried some shallots and ginger; then I dumped the fish bones and carrots into the mixture and boiled them for about 15 minutes.


The soup taste just okay and surprisingly not too fishy. I used it to cook porridge with cranberry beans plus carrots, and it turned out quite delicious; Sarah likes it so much.

Steamed Cod Fish
I’ve bought a piece of cod fish and I always think the best way to prepared is to steam it. For this time, I steamed it with soy-bean paste.


As expected, the fish taste really good; Sarah finished the fish with a big bowl of rice.

P/S: I am seeking difference ideas in cooking a delicious fish stock or other type of stocks. I would welcome all your suggestions, thank you in advance.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bonding Time

During school holidays “gu gu” and one of hubby’s auntie were here for a brief stay. The “entourage” was not small, about six people.

We were worried about Sarah will cry when they come and she proved us wrong! She did not cry at all but looked a bit “loss” the moment they arrived; she just sat close to daddy and observed how “kor kor” fooling around (this is our little girl, “warm up” time is necessary for her.)

The following day hubby became “tour guide”; their destination is Sunway Lagoon to let the kiddo have a splashing good time. Sarah and I have to stay home as she is not nap-free yet.

But we join them at the evening to had buffet dinner at Shogun. Sarah enjoyed her favourite miso soup very much and also the fried glass-noodle. For me, I walloped about 15 oysters and some other seafood too - what a scrumptious meal!

After Sarah had her meal, she’s now conformable to walk around and observing the beautiful scenery from the glass window. She managed to take photos with “gu gu” and “kor kor” after getting familiar with them.

And they head home straight after the dinner. Looking at the photos, it is always nice to have such gathering so that Sarah could have more bonding with daddy’s side relatives, since we seldom go back to hometown nowadays.

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