Thursday, December 24, 2009

Saturday with Blogging Mommy

Last Saturday we went to Yugene’s son (Kyle) birthday party. I was excited about her invitation as I never seen her in person, although we have known each other for quite some time.

The party was held at a KFC restaurant. Initially Sarah was okay as she thought we were merely there for our regular meal; but she gets tensed up when seeing me greeting with Yugene and Yvonne, she then hesitated to join us until I showed her the party pack.

I quickly get her some fries and let her enjoyed it with ketchup; she seems to settle down, only then I have the opportunity to have some photo-session with mommies and kids.

She gets spooked again when the game-session started; she was shocked with the loud music and also the screaming from kids. She nearly cried for “help”!

Daddy has no choice but to bring her to the mini playground outside. She enjoyed her time there and later she does not want to come into the restaurant anymore.

And then she saw the mascot “Chicky” from outside at cake-cutting time. Looking at her scary face, I told daddy to let her stay inside the car until the party end (sigh).

For me, it was an enjoyable outing as I am able to catch up with fellow blogging mommy like Yugene, Yvonne, Rachel, Julie, and of course my old friend, Nicole; they are all friendly mommies.

As for Sarah, she has learned a new vocab from the event, which is “Chicky”!

P/S: Thanks Yugene and Yvonne for the gifts.



CH Voon said...

Merry Christmas to you and Your family :)

smallkucing said...

The party looks fun. Merry Christmas to you & your love ones

wenn said...

Merry Christmas!

Mummy Moon said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Great outing you have there!

slavemom said...

Sarah's a really shy girl huh. Luckily daddy's there to take care of her while mommy catch up with frens.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yes, she is really a very and super shy girl:-)
Yeap, I am thankful that my husband was there to take care of Sarah.

Moon, Kathy:
Merry Xmas to you and your family too:-)
Yeap, it was definitely a nice gathering.

Wenn, CH Voon:
Merry Xmas to you too.

Mummy Gwen said...

No worries Joanne, Sarah will be less shy when she is a bit older.

Too bad Gwen and I couldn't attend the party. Great to catch up with fellow blogger mummies. :)

Yvonne Tan said...

Joanne, i wanna say nice to meet u and sarah, hope next meet Sarah will have some improvement :)

U r welcome for the little gift :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks Yvonne. It is a nice meeting up with you and Ling Sien. You are a frendly mommy and Ling Sien has the same character as you, very frendly girl.
And of course, thanks for the sticker again. So nice of you.
Yea, really hope Sarah will do better in the next meeting.

Mommy Gwen:
I thought I could meet up with you and Gwen on the event, but too bad you could not make it. Hope to meet you next time.
Looking forward for the day Sarah become better in socialising.

Priscilla said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here's wishing you a great year ahead!!

Cheers!!!! :)

LittleLamb said...

Really excited to finally meet u. u r really very very friendly n helpful person. just that i didnt had much interaction with time ya..

agnes said...

u slim down a lot eh? hahaa.. pretty and young mommy.. :)

happy belated bday to u... so good since haven't heat 30 yet!!! hahahahaa...

Joanne said...

Glad to see you all have a such nice and big gathering !!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Happy New Year to you and your family too:-)

Me too Rachel. I am so happy to meet you and Philip. You have a very soft voice and very slim too. As for Philip, he is a quiet boy.
Hehe, I am not helpful but I am trying to be kepoh. Anyway, thanks for your comment.
We surely have a lot of opp to meet the next time, and surely you can see Sarah too.

Thank you for your wishes Agnes.
Ai yo, going to be 30 next year. Time flies leh! :-)
I am so happy with your comment. I think my diet plan really worked.
You are young and pretty too.

Joanne N:
Yeap, it was a nice gathering and hope to meet you the next time.

little prince's mummy said...

Oh! Another gathering

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I love gathering. Next time we can plan for a meet up too.