Friday, December 11, 2009

Miso Soup with Tofu & Wakame

My neighbour Kiyo loan me a book about Japanese cuisine when she got to know that I will cook Miso soup.

For me, Miso is something new so I’ve seeks a lot of advices from her. Kiyo also introduced me another ingredient, named Dashi; she said a Miso soup will taste better with it.

Since this is my first attempt on the recipe, I was extra particular with the measurement and it goes like this:

1 - 1.5 tablespoon of Miso
1 teaspoon of Dashi
2 cups of water


The soup has a unique taste of itself (hard to descript). I am surprised that Sarah likes the soup when she first tasted it with rice; she ate quite a lot of it. She only stopped when the soup started turning cold.

Sarah dislikes Tofu but she is still okay with the Wakame.

On same day itself, by coincidence Kiyo also cooked Miso soup and she has invited me to her house for the soup-tasting.

Her version is much better than mine (of course) and Sarah kept asking for more. Kiyo asserted that I’ve got the right measurement but maybe she’s using the Red Miso, so it might tastes different.

Another recipe tried, another new thing learned.

She has “discovered” this method in drinking soup lately.


the little prince said...

Interesting!! I have yet to let Kyle try,,may be should try out this after he is settle with his teething 1st!!

SJ said...

awww..cutely drinking d soup

A smile from SJ =)

LittleLamb said...

nice to have a japanese neighbor..she can teach u lots...:)

gaiki said...

I love miso soup too! Normally I just cooked those pre-pack miso soup. Looks like Sarah enjoyed her soup a lot!

Superman said...

Yum yum. Can I have a bowl also, please? Hehe. Easy to prepare and nice to drink.

UmmiRosma said...

She loves it..she loves it! Happy to see her enjoying the miso soup. As a mom I understand the feelings...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Actually the last 2 pictures were taken when she was drinking different type of soup, hehe.
But I am glad that she still showed no rejection towards her first miso soup.

Sure sure, I can courier a bowl of miso soup to you,hehe.
You are right, the soup is very simple to prepare but I still think it taste "so so". Maybe that was my first time in tasting it.

You love miso soup? For me, I am ok ok with its taste.
I did not know the prepacked miso is available at supermarket. So does KS loves it?
Actually the last 2 pictures were taken when she was drinking different type of soup, hehe.
But I am glad that she still showed no rejection towards her first miso soup.

Yea, whenever I have some enquiries about Japanese culture, I can check with her:-)

I like the way she drinks the soup too. Every time, even before she finished the noodles in the bowl, she wanted to take up her bowl and drink that way..pengsan.

Yes, this is something new to me and Sarah too. We both never tasted the soup before.
Maybe you can cook the soup for Kyle and hope he will likes it.

Kristie said...

Wow! Clever girl!!!! Know how to drink soup the 'right' way! heheh... as long as she is enjoying her soup and relishing every single drop of it, no harm! Just like Ethan (Merryn's) does it with a straw :)

Dora said...

I love different kind of soup but I'm wondering I like miso soup...

Mummy Moon said...

Sure it is a very nice miso soup. I like the way she drinks her soup!

wenn said...

must be yummy..

Mummy Gwen said...

That's the way to drink Miso soup..hehe. Gwen likes Miso soup too but I don't know how to make lah.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mommy Gwen:
Actually the last 2 pictures were taken when she was drinking different type of soup, hehe.
But I am glad that she still showed no rejection towards her first miso soup.
Is it? Gwen likes miso soup. How about other Japanese cuisin? For Sarah, she loves the eat sushi too but only the rice:-)

Er, this is the first time I tasted and cooked the soup. I think I need a lot of improvement.
Anyway, thanks yeah!

Actually the last 2 pictures were taken when she was drinking different type of soup, hehe.
But I am glad that she still showed no rejection towards her first miso soup.

Hehe. You may give a try and maybe you will like it:-)

:-) Sarah really likes her new "discovery" in drinking soup. She do it everytime she is having her meal.
As you said, as long as they enjoy the soup, I let her be lah.
Is it? Ethan drink soup using straw? Such a long time I did not visit her blog.

Serene said...

Nice to have a Japanese neighbour! Next time you can learn Japanese language from your neighour too =)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

:-)Yeah, I am picking up some words from Kiyo everytime when she is talking with his son.
She said, she will teach Sarah Japanese language when she grows older. Nice kan:-)

Ann said...

Ooohhh....Miso soup sure is yummy. But Christopher doesn't seem to like the ones we order whenever we eat Japanese.

Serene said...

Wow, thats really good... so envy you to have a Japanese neighbour. Sarah at her age now is like a spounge, can absorb thing very fast, it's good to let her learn foreign language!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You like miso soup Ann? I did not like it when I first tried it but now yes (after I slightly adjust the measurement of miso and dashi).
Maybe Christopher doesn't like the preserved bean taste of miso. How about other Japanese cuisins?

Hehe, no need to envy. Who knows in future, Xixi has a Japanese bf, then Xixi and you also will learn Japanese language from him.

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

How cute!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

She is too enjoying her soup, hehe.

Lydia said...

John likes to drink like that too! Sometimes soup was too hot, I asked him to blow2. He blew "huhh... huhh..." but spoon was still in the bowl.

Any tonjiru (or butajiru) recipe in the book? Try it out, nice!

Linda said...

the miso paste, dashi, and dried wakame are 3 of my kitchen emergancy ingredients... i can used that for a soup based for anything, or even a quick steamboat soup base (dashi @ miso paste), or add wakame to instant noodles... it's easy and delicious...

I usually boiled a pot of water, put in the ingredients (mushroom, tofu, wakame, carrots, celery, spinach, etc), put a little bit of dashi, and melt the miso paste in a small bowl with the boiling water, and slowly pour into the pot.

Japanese dashi and shoyu is another easy soya sauce soup based.

Thank you for visiting my blog.. :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You are most welcome. Thanks for visiting my blog too.
I also found that it is super convenient with dashi and miso in my kitchen. I even use dashi in porridge. Taste so good! ;-)
Using dashi and miso in steamboat soup base? What a great idea. I will try it next time.
Shoyu? It is a soy sauce? Thanks for introduce this ingredient to me. You have taught me a lot of things, thanks Linda.

Miso soup is just a simple but tasty soup. Glad that John loves it.
Tonjiru? Is it a miso, vege plus pork soup? I have yet to try it. Shall try yeah!

little prince's mummy said...


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yea, its taste really good.
You like it?