Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goodbye Pacifier

I always know it’s tough to wean off one’s pacifier, I heard of horrified tales about the weaning process; therefore, I feel so hesitated to start as Sarah still need the “Zui Zui” during her nap and bed time.

But I guess it is better to begin early as I think the elder she grows, the more difficult the process will be. So I decided to start it with Sarah on last Tuesday.

My trick? I told her the “Zui Zui” is spoiled by “ant-ant”.

And here is some progress in the first two day:

Day 1 – We showed Sarah her “spoilt” pacifier. She was shocked, but luckily she buys our story and sleep well during her nap and bed time without the “Zui Zui”.

Day 2 – She started to show some “symptom” of the addiction. I had a very tough night as she was unable to fall asleep after woke up for milk in the midnight. She stayed awake for two hours and only went back to sleep at about 5am.

But thank God, since then she has no problem at all during her sleeping time.

We thought that Sarah will rant and rave for her pacifier during the transition, we have prepared our self for the worst case scenario; but she makes us so happy that she did not shed one tear about it.

Not only she showed no frustration but she’s also done some funny acts when she is unable to fall sleep (to comfort herself, I guess), for example sing songs, playing with her fingers, clap hands and etc.

It has been a week now and Sarah is doing fine without her pacifier; she has makes us proud, really. This is totally unexpected.



Kristie said...

so happy for u and sarah :) yes, i've many horror stories too.............. now i am thinking of how to get rid of jayden's pacifier... :) well the time will come, i guess it takes lots of patience of determination!

Linda said...

I am now not sure that weaning off pacifier with my daughter @ 2 years plus was a good decision. I was very proud. But now my daughter had a biting nails habit, both hands and sometimes "kaki pun masuk mulut". I never cut her fingernails for a long long time already, only the toenails left a bit for me to trim.

Oliveoylz said...

You must be one happy mommy! Sarah's a good girl...She's off the pacifier so easily! I laughed when I read she tried to make herself fall asleep by clapping her hands? haha.

Mummy Gwen said...

Bravo Sarah. *clap clap* Wow..she is such a good girl. She deserves a reward for being so good..hehe.

smallkucing said...

Good girl sarah!

Cynthia said...

congratulation mummy (hey, big achievement for us to wean off pacifier) and good girl Sarah.. clap clap! I have 2 things to wean when Breanna turns 2.. Pacifier and Nipple.. sei mou>?

Shirley said...

oh good for u. the process is so smooth. :)

i was thinking should i even start my baby on pacifier in the future. in your own opinion, do u think babies can do without pacifier? hmm

LittleLamb said...

so happy for u...
i m still trying ...

little prince's mummy said...

Wow! Bravo!~

agnes said...

omg.. that's so smooth...

i tried b4 and gave up adi.. hahahaa...

ChloeRuoyi said...

Quite a breeze for you too, eh? She's such a good girl :-) Well done, Sarah!

gaiki said...

Good Girl, Sarah! You must be proud of her! Well done.

Wonderful Life said...

wow... well done girl!!

Superman said...

Good girl! I just bought a similar pacifier for my nephew as he is just 6 months old. He loved it.

Merryn said...

Wow.. congrats congrats. so easy? sarah's a smart girl. :D

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You also bought a similar pacifier lately? I have forgotten from where I bought it, hehe...Poor memory huh:-)

Doreen, Kathy, Kylie:

Mommy Gwen:
Sarah really a very very good girl.
I rewarded Sarah with bring her for outing and also let her swim in her swimming pool:-)

Yes, me and my husband are so
proud of Sarah.
If you are able to calm down your baby without pacifier, I would say is better do not let him/her to have it. Because it will makes the baby has no nice teeth and in long term, they will depend on it and for mommy, the weaning process is not easy.
Anyway, it is my 2cents:-)

Ya leh Cynthia, it is really a big thing for me to wean off Sarah from her zui zui. So I said, I must post this topic to show off, hehe.
You planned to wean off Breanna from pacifier and nipple when she turned two? It is a great determination from you as you already plan the time, hope your plan turned out well.

Yea, I am so happy that Sarah can sleep without her pacifier.
For me, I would say, if your baby able to

Kambateh, kambateh! Good luck!

Is true ..I never expect to be that easy.

I think I am the lucky one as the weaning process is quite okay.
May I know you used which method to trick Chloe?

Yea, Sarah really make me so so happy.
Funny right that she tried to do something to make her fall asleep. She still doing it now..

Actually there are a lot of ways to wean off pacifier. You may google search of it and hope you will find the right method for Jayden.

UmmiRosma said...

So sweet of her....she is now mentally ready to wean off the pacifier..which im still in gthe process of doing this one to our kids...oh ...

slavemom said...

Well done, Sarah! Big girl edi, dun need zui zui anymore. ;)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Actually I never think of the issue that she is ready or not, hehe.
I just think she is too attached to the pacifier during her sleeping time, so I think I gotto do something:-)
I am sure you will know when will be the right time and right method to stop Habibi and Habibati from their pacifier.

Thanks! She really makes me proud!

wenn said...

good to wean off pacifier..

quEeNie said...

good girl Sarah...when my time comes to wean Ryan will be a headache

Blessed mum said...

She such a good girl..u made weaning look so easy :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sarah really make me very proud and happy:-)
I never expect to be that easy too:-)

Is Chloe attach with pacifier now?

Yes, it is a good news that she can sleep without her pacifier.

quEeNie said...

Joanne: no, Chloe dislikes pacifier

Serene said...

Wow, Sarah is a good girl!! Claps claps!! So easy to wean off.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks thanks!
I never think that easy too:-) Lucky me!

Oo...Chloe dislike pacifier? It is a good news for mommy:-)

Lydia said...

John said bye to his pacifier around 6mths old. Now, I got new one for Sean and John loves to play with it... new toy for him.

When John was little, I only let him have the pacifier when he was sleepy and cranky. Soon after he fell asleep I removed it. When he was not cranky, I didn't give him. Slowly, he didn't want it even if I gave it to him. I think I'm lucky... didn't have problem at all.

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

Wah..thats good Joanne..

Whe I wanna start wean Tina from her pacifier....aiyoh...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I am really happy that Sarah able to wean off her pacifier. It is a very good news to me.
I think you will know the right time and method to start the weaning process with Tina. Good luck!

Wowww...John has not been using his pacifier since he was 6 mths old? It is a very early weaning process but I think it is good to start earlier than later.
Yeah, maybe John did not So attached to his pacifier, so he was able to say bye bye to it easily. Anyway, it is a good job for him.

Esmeralda said...

It took you 2 days too to wean Sarah off her pacifier? Same with Ashton here, I was quite shocked too when after the 2nd day, he didn't put on a tantrum when I told him there's no more pacifier as I threw them into the bin already. If I knew earlier that this will be an easy task, I would have weaned him off much more earlier. But now, he needs his drinking bottle when he take his nap or sleeps at night. I guess it's a replacement for the pacifier.

Well done to you and Sarah... :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Is it? What a coincidence that you also used 2 days in the weaning off pacifier with Ashton. And he is such a good boy, never asked for it after you told him that it is at the dustbin.
I wonder would he takes longer time to fall asleep? For Sarah, she will.

Esmeralda said...

Yes Joanne, for the first few nites it took him longer time to fall asleep, sometimes even almost 1.5 hrs. Now he has his sleeping routine where he needs his water bottle with him, n he likes to rub the bottle teat on his cheeks, or even jst hold the bottle till he fell asleep. Does Sarah have any new routine since she is pacifier-free?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So cute Ashton, he likes the feeling when the bottle teat touches his cheeks and then he can fall asleep with it.
For Sarah, she just needs her usual bolster. And of course, she also talks a lot before she goes to sleep. I mean A LOT until I did not answered what she asked and said, then she will dozed off.

Esmeralda said...

Wow.. Sarah can talk a lot now? Good for u! Haha.. I guess ur house never been d same since that ya? As for Ashton, he still can't talk much here.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Actually Sarah has been learning in talking lately. I must say she is doing quite well and she can speak about 4 words in a sentence.
Me and my husband always enjoy the moment when she is talking:-)
May I know how many words that Ashton talk now? I mean in a sentence?

Esmeralda said...

Joanne, Ashton is a slow-talker, so he don't talk much. Not in sentences too.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Don't worry, I am sure Ashton will be able to talk ALOT in no time, hehe.

2ma said...

good job sarah!!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thank you thank you!

Joanne said...

Gong Xi Sarah wean off her pacifier.. My EnEn super addicted on it, so cham...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Is it? En En addicted to pacifier so much? Maybe mommy can find the right method and time to wean her off from it?
Good luck!