Friday, November 6, 2009

SP Banana Cake

Do you love banana cake? I do, but I always found those selling outside either taste too artificially, or it is too sweet for my liking. Therefore, I decided to bake one myself.

I’ve got the recipe from Angela (she’s good in baking and cooking, you know); and I have to thanks her for many tips and advice even before I started.

Ok, I admitted my cake looked a bit dark at the top. I really should know my oven better to get the right temperature. Besides, I guess I should use more bananas next time as I found my cake is lacking in taste as well.


CH Voon said...

Look nice and delicious.

i think your daughter will like it very much

wenn said...

oo..i love banana cake..hvn't tried baking it yet..

UmmiRosma said...

Yea..i think if youn double the banana, the cake would certainly tastes more like banana. I love banana cakes too...

Mummy Ryan said...

Me too love banana cake so much..^-^

smallkucing said...

home bake ones are better. No preservative and low sugar :). Wow! really turn out nice eventhough it's your 1st time baking this.Got talent ah .

mNhL said...

I used to buy them from the pasar malam. Yes..they taste artificial. Home made will Always be the best.

MeRy said...

The cakes looks yummy....

HN said...

Your cake look very moist and yummy!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

HN, Mery:
Thanks for your comment. I need more practice in getting a nicer cake.

Yeah,home bake one is always the best. At least we can adjust the amount of sugar used in the cake.

Do you like baking?
Actually I have bake cakes many times but most of the attempt do not turned well.
Anyway, I appreciate your comment very much.

KC and Wenn:
I noticed that most of the mommies do love banana cakes yeah. It is just a nice dessert for ladies:-)

CH Voon:
Thanks for your comment.
My girl seldom eat cakes and I was so happy seeing her eating a small piece of it.

I also think to add more bananas into the recipe next time. Or I shall use those very very ripe bananas for the recipe.

Kristie said...

I love banana cakes too Joanne, can really eat quite a lot of it, have to control heheh... does Sarah like it too?

Merryn said...

so sarah eats this or not? i remembered she doesn't eat cakes much last time when u baked kan? but i'm a cake lover.. :)

smallkucing said...

Nope. Am not good in baking but am good in eating :p. That's why i admire those who can bake.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I also good in eating:-) How about cooking? Do you like cooking? What do you cook best?

Hehe...You have a very good memory.
She dislike my cake last time, but she is okay this time with the banana cake. At least she ate a small piece of it.
You like cake yeah? Which type of cake? Cheese cake?

Ai yo, you look great currently, so no need to control in terms of eating cake. Just enjoy!
Sarah she ate a small piece of it:-)

Kristie said...

Joanne, u look great too :) very radiant and cheery :) So u and hubby finished the whole cake? hehe... At least Sarah tried ur bakes!

Anonymous said...

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Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks thanks!
My cake yeah, we are unable to finish it. Too big for us.
Yeah, at least Sarah showed some "support" to my baking.

Kristie said...

Yes like what u said, important to let them try everything! :)

So u gave away the rest of the cake? I also face the same dilemma, always cannot finish the cake that I bake... so I try not to bake a big cake unless I plan to have visitors or giveaway :)

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ Another baking!~

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Actually I am a bit lazy to bake recently. But I do not want my oven to be "vacant" for so long, so decided to bake my fav cake.

For me, I like to explore diff type of food for Sarah. I know you have the same thinking to Jayden too, which I think it is good!
Err...Actually this is the first time I bake such a big cake. Normally I will halve the recipe.
Yes, I gave away the cake to my neighbours.

Kristie said...

Joanne, I do the same too if I bake a big cake, I give some to my neighbours, and naturally they are very appreciative! Good to build rapport with them :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I am sure your neighbour loves you:-) So do I;-0

Kristie said...

awww so sweet, ur comment just melted my hearted, for once, i'm speechless :p

but thanks of cos! :) xoxoxooxoxoxooxoxooooxoxoxo

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...


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