Thursday, November 12, 2009

Like seeing an old friend

It’s always nice to keep in touch with friends. I often chat with Kristie via Facebook and the other day we were suggesting for a gathering. Our initial plan was to meet up at my house (since she never been here before) but due to some changes, I decided to visit her house instead.

As expected, Sarah cried when we reached Kristie’s house; actually this is the second time we’re there, but I am sure she has totally forgotten about it. I really hope her crying did not awake Kristie’s son Jayden, who was still taking his nap.

Luckily I have standby some snack to ‘bribe’ her, and as usual, it works. After a while, we saw Kristie’s husband carried Jayden to the living hall; Jayden was so well-behaved and did not shocked with our presence at all.

After some warm up time for both kids, it comes the photo session.

Kristie was so courteous that she kept offering us snacks and drinks; of course, Sarah would not hesitate to eat all of them as she loves snack. Sarah also got a pressie from the beautiful auntie. And for me, I’ve got a recipe book and a bookmark, plus one big delicious Pandan Chiffon Cake.

You know what, Kristie is such a sweetie; she purposely baked the cake because there was one time I told her that how I wish I have a chance to eat the cake she baked…I just can’t thank you enough, my dear friend.

I had a great time chatting with Kristie; she has a nice house and a loving family. She’s as charming as I saw her last time; She always had a smile on her face, and she was such a bubbly person.

Making friends online is one thing, but if you really see Kristie in person, you’ll be blown away by her pleasant personality. It’s really a time well spent meeting her.



CH Voon said...

She is your schoolmates or blogger friend?

it is good to have a friend who always keep in touch.

the little prince said... again!! to plan to meet up!!!

smallkucing said...

another blogger meet up nice.

Cynthia said...

wah... good good to meet up hoh... next time include me.. muahaha..

Mummy Gwen said... gals had gathering again..hehe. Yes, Kristie has a pleasant and bubbly personality. Must be alot of FUN. :D

You are so smart to 'bribe' Sarah..haha..Gwen also quite shy sometimes.

Oliveoylz said...

It's really nice to meet up with Kristie, not once but twice, huh?...she's so sweet to specially bake a cake for you and Sarah too :) I really like the pic of both kids shaking hands! Sooooo super sweet!

Superman said...

Now facebook really getting more and more popular and many use it to communicate. My wife is one of them. Hehe. I guess the tele companies will hate facebook as less sms and calls already.
Nice to have a small gathering like that.

little prince's mummy said...

Cool!~ Nice gathering!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Wah... so nice to see so many mummies meeting each other... wonder when will have the chance?? :p

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MeRy said...

Hope I wil hav chance to meet u n Kristie in Dec.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sure! Remember to text us once you are here.

Yeap, it was a nice gathering.
Why not, you could always ask for a gathering among your blogger friends. I am sure they would like to meet you and Chloe.

Do you have a facebook acc. too like what your wife has? Actually I was not into facebook last time, but I just found that it is the best way to keep in touch and communicate with frens. Therefore, you can see me there almost everyday:-)
Yeap, a small gathering is good. We could have more time to chat with each other.

Actually I met Kristie for three times already. But twice was at her home:-) She is really a nice and sweet person.
The cake is really good. We love it a lot.
I like the "getting to know you" photo too:-)

Mommy Gwen:
Yea, another gathering with Kristie. You have met her before, so I am sure you agreed with me about her nice personality yeah:0)
I always stand by Sarah's fav snack whenever I go, it comes handy when she throws fit.
I think Gwen is getting better to overcome her shyness. I remembered the post that you said she was quite talkative during the meeting with Judy and Moon. Good sign!

Cynthia: time I will let you know when we have gathering again.

Kathy, Kylie:
Yeap...nice and sweet one:-)

CH Voon:
Kristie used to be my forum fren and then become blogging fren and now become facebook fren:-)

Kristie said...

Hello babe!!! What a lovely post... thanks thanks for everything... u are also one lovable, sweet and caring woman, Sarah is so lucky...

Come to think of it, always see u smiling, don't know how u look like when u get angry with Sarah hor? Can't imagine u a fierce person.

I'm quite a fierce person.. when someone annoys me... oh no... world come crashing down hahah....

I'm glad Sarah loves the gifts and u guys love the cake, made with TLC and xoxo :)


oh ya, now u are no longer my MP/blogger/FB friend, u are my real-life good friend hehe :) promoted already leh... hahahaa

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

Hmmm...when can I met you guys...

wenn said...

nice to make new friends..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

The next time you come to KL, let me know yeah:-)

Yes, it is always good to make new friends and feeling great to meet old friend.

Denesa said...

As mothers, the amount of time that we have with friends are getting lesser as we devote more time to our family. It is always good to find time to catch up with our dear friends:)

2ma said...

i read about this meet up from kristie's blog too :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I totally agreed with you. Besides spending time with family, we need to spent time with our friends too.

Hehe, yes I also saw she blog the similar post.

BoeyJoey said...

Nice blogger pal you have there. Looks like Sarah enjoyed her time with her friend too :-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I am lucky that I get to know many nice mommies thru blogging.
Sarah started with some cries but after a while, she was fine. Phew!

Joanne said...

she is so sweet :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

She is definitely a sweetie.