Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bloggers’ Meet

My blogging friend Cynthia comes a-calling last Tuesday.

I know Cynthia when she first left comments on my blog several months ago. She has a beautiful girl called Breanna, and I love reading everything about the little girl; maybe that’s the reason why I get addicted to her blog (LOL)!

We were supposed to meet up when she deliver my mooncake order, unfortunately she was too busy then that we have to reschedule the meeting.

I am happy finally to have a chance to see both of them. Breanna was doing fine and comfortable when she came to our house; but our shy girl Sarah crying out loud when greeted by Cynthia. I really hope Breanna did not get spooked by the crying “jie jie”.

Of course, Cynthia and I had a long chat and her little girl just enjoying herself with some toys; she is such a good girl. I try to get Sarah to take photo with Breanna, but she just attached to me all the time. Luckily she was okay when I carry Breanna on my lap, and then Sarah had her first close contact with Breanna by touching her little hand.

During lunch time, we have some noodles soup. I guess Cynthia enjoyed the meal a lot and so did Breanna; she kept making “yummy” sound and asking for more.

They went home after lunch and Cynthia is so thoughtful to give Sarah a puzzle.

For me, Cynthia was always a friendly character. I really glad to have spent a couple of hours meeting and getting to know her; I am already looking forward to our next meeting.



Mummy Gwen said...

It's nice meeting up with our blogger friends. :) Maybe one day I'll come and visit you ..hehe.

the little prince said...

So nice, another mummy meeting!!

Mummy Gwen, agreed, may be we can arrange and meet together with Joanne!! :-)

Serene said...

So nice.... I so envy you KL mummies. How I wish I could meet you all too.

Superman said...

Mummies meet ah? Hehe. It is glad to meet up with nice bloggers friends. You two must've a great time.

Cynthia said...

thanks for the noodles. and the gift! goodness, it can't last more than a day sitting in my fridge.. :p

shall do this more often ya.. :D

UmmiRosma said...

Fun time together..sharing and laughing at our experiences as mommies....I wish I could be there...

little prince's mummy said...

Nice meeting up :)

Merryn said...

Oh yes, Cynthia is definitely a bubbly person. And so is Breanna. It runs in the family. hahaha.. Joanne, next time, I'll come with Cynthia. Hahahaha.. :P

LittleLamb said...

Nice meet up session

Dora said...

It's always great to meet blogger friends in person!

MeRy said...

Hope can have a gathering with KL blogger mummies in Dec...

MeRy said...

Hope can have a gathering with KL blogger mummies in Dec...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hope can meet you too in next month:-)

Yes...nice and happy.
Have you meet any blogger friends before?

Rachel, Kylie:
Hope to meet you too:-)

Guess what...the funny thing is we seldom chat about mommies' things but about others daily life.
If you happen to be in KL, we could meet up too:-)

You are most welcome dear.
You do like the noodles ya? Good good! Next time I belanja you makan rojak. Really nice one!
I am so glad you like the chocolate. How about the gift for Breanna?

It was a fun gathering with Cynthia and Breanna.
Sure time you come lah with Ethan.

Still remember the last time we met at Shogun? So nice and fun hor.

Mommy Gwen and Yugene:
Sure sure..come together and I will surely welcome you both:-)

Blessed mum said...

maybe after a few meeting, Sarah will warm up to Breanna.

Lynette said...

wow! it's really nice to have meet up with blogger friend isn't it? As we read bout other blogger friends' blog, sometimes do feels like we know the person and their children so much, yet rarely meet in person.
I met so many mummies on blog world and my daily activities now includes reading on other mummies' blog updates..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I really hope so Michelle, because at this moment, Sarah really a very very shy and timid girl.

slavemom said...

Joanne, u r oso vy friendly and smiley. Wud love to meet u in person too. :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks for the comment.
Sure sure Slavemom, I would love to meet you too. We could arrange for a meet up:-)