Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pan Mee (or Mee Fun Kuih)

Sarah loves Pan Mee whenever we eating outside; we have to order extra portion because she can eats quite a lot. Well, since she likes it so much, why not I cook it myself?

I started by google the recipes and I let Sarah involve in making the Pan Mee dough. She’s enjoying the process and she was such a good helper.


The final outcome is far from satisfying. The Pan Mee turned out to be a little too chewy for Sarah; it looked like she was having the chewing gum.

I think it’s the water; I should add more water into the dough mixture in my next attempt.


Denesa said...

I love Pan Mee. No worries cos you will perfect your skill of making pan mee the next time:)

MeRy said...

Well done ,Joanne.Sure next time you will be success in making pan mee.
I am too lazy to make noodle myself.No time for it.

the little prince said...

Kyle love mee hun kuih too!!

But me not good in doing it! My mum always add in little 'sweet potato flour' - 木薯粉...the mee hun kuih become more 滑~~:-)

Serene said...

I like Mee Fun Kuih!! Xixi also likes, but we didn't order extra portion, cos she quite small eater. Hahaa... Wow, Sarah big girl already, can help mummy in the kitchen!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Joanne, there is no greater spectacle on this Earth than of a beautiful wife and mother in the act of cooking for her loved ones.

I too love pan mee though can't even remember when I last had it.
You have a pleasant week, and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.
Ps, you have a beautiful family.

smallkucing said...

Normally I would put 1 egg into the dough and "uli" it. Then leave it for half an hour before pulling it into thin piece and dump into the soup. It will be soft, smooth and nice

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

Nvm..can try again isn'it? With your little helper will be fun..

little prince's mummy said...

Yummy one! My son likes to eat this, too!~

Wonderful Life said...

I like pan mee too... :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I am not a big fan of pan mee but I will still like it when eating it with chili padi, yum!

Sean likes pan mee too? Seems like he loves all type of noodles ya? Good boy!

Yeah, I will try to do it better next time.
Actually I love to get Sarah involve in house chores. Besides letting her to have some fun, I could train her to be my lil helper too:-)

Actually I did put half of an egg into the mixture (50g of flour), but it still turned out to be chewy. Maybe is not enuf egg?
Anyway, it is a good tips from you. Thanks ya!

Thanks for all your comment.
To be honest, I am not a good cook, but I am willing to learn for my husband and girl. As long as they love my food, I will continue to cook for them.
Maybe you can eat a bowl of pan mee soup tomorrow for breakfast or lunch, I am sure it will be a satisfying meal.
I wish you have a great week too.

I am not a big fan of pan mee but I will still like it when eating it with chili padi, yum!
I think it is okay that Xixi is a small eater. As long as she is eating something than empty stomach, then should be fine ya!

Seems like most of the kids love pan mee.
So normally you will order pan mee for yourself and share with him?
Adding 木薯粉 into the dough? Something new for me but will surely try it out. Thanks!

Yeap, I am glad that I finally make my own pan mee after several teaching lessons from my mom:-)

I am not a big fan of pan mee but I will still like it when eating it with chili padi, yum!
Thanks for your encouragement, I will do better in my next attempt.

Dora said...

Sarah so good girl help mommy making pan mee/"playing in the pan mee making process! hehehe...

mNhL said...

I've tried making 'mee hun kueh' before and failed miserabily. Because I used the wrong flour. LOL!! That was before marriage.

Julie said...

You always give me the idea on what to cook for Jonathan. Thanks!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Julie: are most welcome.
Hope Jonathan will like it.

Actually I love to get Sarah involve in house chores. Besides letting her to have some fun, I could train her to be my lil helper too:-)

Hallie said...

My mum makes the best mee hoon kuih *slurps*

Joanne said...

Little helper Sarah, she must very enjoy the whole process :)

Mummy Gwen said...

My Hubby made pan mee before..he just simply hantam only..haha..never follow recipe but still tasted quite good. We like to eat it with lots of chili padi. But nowadays they serve the pan mee with sambal belacan already.

I hope your next attemp will turned out to be a success. :)

slavemom said...

My kids love to eat pan mee too. But I think they like thin noodles. So have to buy the noodle maker 1st.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I noticed most of the kids love pan mee. I wonder why:-)
For me, I love the thin pan mee too. It taste well with chili padi and sambal belacan.
I do not have a noodle maker but I like to help my mom to do it when I was a little girl.

Mommy Gwen:
Your husband so talented yeah, simple hantam also can make a good and tasty one. Geng!
Yes, I know you are a chili lover, same goes to me. I need to eat chili with almost all types of noodle. Can you imagine, I can eat spaghetti with sambal belacan and chili padi, hehe.
Thanks for your encouragement. Hope for a better outcome in my next attempt.

She sure did. She had a great fun during the process. Now whenever she sees the flour, she said wanna help.

Hi, thanks for dropping by.
Mum's food always the best yeah! I miss my mom's cooking a lot:-)
May I know do you have a blog?

BoeyJoey said...

I really love pan mee. Do you know I must have pan mee at least once a week? Haha... my hubby says I can live on pan mee alone :-)

When I was a child, my sis and I would sit on the dining room floor and make pan mee for our family on Sunday afternoons, using rolling pin and knife to cut into strips. Seeing Sarah sitting there on the floor reminds me of my childhood :-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

BoeyJoey: are a big fan of Pan Mee? Which type of pan mee you like? For me, I prefer the thin noodle. It goes well with a lot of chili, yum!
You and your sis were a very good helper too yeah! I am sure you can make a very nice pan mee dough:-)