Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yes, our blog got a new header. It’s almost a year ago since we last changed our header and my husband decided to do it another round…

I wish I knew more about design so I can contribute some idea; therefore, the only thing I can do now is getting the feedback from you guys.

Tell me which one you prefer, and what you think?

Old Header


MeRy said...

A new header at your blog.I like the new header,it shows Sarah grows up as a big girl now.

wenn said...

ya..header changes as the person grows..nice one..

BoeyJoey said...

Both headers uses the same template; so both schemes are nice :-).

The new header is more fitting now as Sarah has grown into a toddler. And I must say, that's a very sweet picture of her there :-).

Although I think it would be perfect if the colourful background is extended further to the right... but that's just me...

Overall, nice! :-D

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

Joanne..its nice perfect blend of colour scheme and sarah picture. I love it. How I wish I can do this on my own...but no one to teach me..

little prince's mummy said...

Nice new header!~

smallkucing said...

new header

HN said...

Honestly, I love it =)

Blessed mum said...

think the latest one is vy nice..u r using blogspot, right? how do u change the blog header to incl the cool!

Jess said...

You are better than me in term of html coding...i need helper to assist me..hehe..

btw, i had replied your inquiry at:

Pls drop me an email at :

for further correspondent. Thanks!

Agnes said...

it's good to change header once in a while for a new face lift.

Lemonjude said...

Both also looks good ;)

Dora said...

I prefer the new header as Sarah grows up to a cute little girl now!

Priscilla said...

Hi! Like your new header! I've finally got a blog roll and have added yours

quEeNie said...

d new header looks nice...shows that Sarah is a big girl now

My Honey BB_Bravo Oscar said...

hi joanne... i love the new one! Sweetie Sarah... muaks! :+

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Angel, :
Thanks for your comment.

Queenie, Mery, Dora:
The old and new headers pic really showed the difference growing phase of Sarah.

Good job! Although it takes some time in doing the blog roll, but it is really worth the effort and thanks again for adding my blog in your list.

Thanks thanks!
You are so nice! :-)

Thank you for your comment.
Yes, I am using blogspot. The design job was done by my husband, and for the upload steps are:
3) Click EDIT (at blog title)
4) upload the newly designed header

Xie Xie!

Kathy, Wenn:

Thank you for your comment.
I must thank my husband for doing the job. He has spent quite some time in searching for the right pic and colour that suits our blog.
For me, your current blog header is good! I remembered you said you do it by yourself right? It is nice!

I am very happy and appreciated for your valuable comments. Thanks!

Mummy Moon said...

Nice new header! MAybe you could add in the Sarah foot print in the new header, I like the foot print.

Noticed your new and old header also in green color... Your Sarah likes green color

Mummy Moon said...

Nice new header! MAybe you could add in the Sarah foot print in the new header, I like the foot print.

Noticed your new and old header also in green color... Your Sarah likes green color

Ann said...

Yeah....guess the new template shows a toddler Sarah and not the baby it is more up to date!!

But I kinda prefer the old one. Maybe coz it is when you first started out!

But could be my hormons talking!!!

Oliveoylz said...

I like the new header better as it captures a bigger and pretty Sarah. I definitely like the change :) The background flowers are very nice too. Not to forget, I loved the caption then and even more now "heaven sent from above, a little girl for us to love".

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thank you for the beutiful and nice comment from you.
You like the background flowers ya? I think my husband uses flowers to suit Sarah's hair clip.
For us, the caption really brought a wonderful message.

The old and new headers pic really showed the difference growing phase of Sarah.
Haha...maybe you have get used to the old header with the light green colour as main background. It takes some time for you to adapt to the new one.
Anyway, I appreciate your comment very much, thanks ya!

Footprint...this was another important thing in our previous header. My husband really scan Sarah's footprint to fit into it.
But this time, he wish to edit it with something new, so he has chose to put a star and date of birth below it.
Actually the light green colour is the main colour from the original blogspot template. We found it suits with our blog layout, so we decided to remain for our old and new headers.
Thank you so much for your comment.

Mssheepy said...

i prefer the old one actually. :-) but of course now that the girl girl has grown up, it's time to update her latest look.

slavemom said...

I love both -- the new one coz it reflects the pretty toddler she is. And the old one coz it has a family feel to it.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thank you so much for your comments.
Actually we thought to insert the family photo into the new header, but could not find a nice and suitable one. So ended up let Sarah's photo there alone.

The old one looked more lively ya! Hehe.
Yeap, the last time I changed the header was about one yr ago, so if I still using it now, I think it is outdated already:-)

Denesa said...

Hi Joanne, it shows a new phase of your girl's growing up. The new header is good:)

Serene said...

Joanne, both are nice! I prefer the old one with your family photo =) Your husband is graphic desinger?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks for your comment Denesa.

Actually we thought to choose one family photo for the new header but ended up not many nice photos of us. So left Sarah alone in the new header. :-)
Yes, my husband is a graphic designer.
Thanks for your comment and have a nice day.