Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yi Mien & Avocado

The other day when I saw my mom used Ginkgo Nuts for a dessert, instantly I knew I will used it in Sarah’s menu as well (since I have tried it once.)

I also used some brown mushroom because Sarah showed no rejection towards it…and this mommy loves it too; in case she could not finish the mushroom, I then would “take over” the job.


I used about four pieces of mushroom and it makes the soup taste slightly bitter. In addition, the Ginkgo Nuts gave a crunchy texture to the meal.

Nevertheless Sarah able to finished her favourite “Yi Mien”, but not the soup.


I still remember vividly when Sarah had her first taste of avocado she falls in love with it. Therefore, when I bought this juicy one I just can’t wait to reach home and feed her.

But alas, things changed, she doesn’t like it anymore…

When I first scoop out the flesh for her, she eats it but when comes to the second and third scoop, she started to show her weird face; and the next thing she shake her head hard (meaning NO!)

Sigh…what should I do with the remaining avocado? Or any one has any interesting recipes using avocado?


MeRy said...

Yi Mean??? Dun think can get it at Sibu la...I also like to eat Yi Mien esp cook with soup. Nextime u can try cook a kind of 'labu' soup and add Yi Mien on it.Nextime I wil snap the labu picture for u. I dunno how to call that 'labu' in English,my mil plant it herself at her backyard.

I cook the labu with porkribs and serve it with either Meesuah or Beehoon or Mee,taste sweet n yummy.

For avocado, I don't really like it and never come across my mind to let Ryan try too. I ever try avocado with ice-cream.not bad...giv a try!! or else google some recipes on Avocado..I am sure you can make a good dish on the balance of the avocado.

Mummy Gwen said...

Maybe the mushrooms are not suitable for making the soup. Good lor Sarah can still finish the yi mien.

You could scoop out the avocado flesh and blend it with ice cubes for some refreshing avocado shake..hehe.

wenn said...

yi mien is really delicious when cooked with eggs..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, love yi well gingko nuts in tong suay and bean curd.
But will take a pass on avacados.
Cute daughter you have. Have a nice day, Lee.

LittleLamb said...

mix the avocado with milk to make like a milkshake or add banana...

suhar40 said...

yi mien cook with egg is yummy! give a try :) N can add some slide carrot loke nice :D

sorry i have no idea on avocado recipe!! my 2bb also dun like the taste

Merryn said...

i've not tried avocado leh?

little prince's mummy said...

What a coincidence, I just bought Yi Mien and plan to cook for my son soon also.. haha~

My son's totally opposite with Sarah, first try he can't accept the taste, now he loves it. Normally he eat it raw wor.. avocado.. no idea what recipe can come out with it...

Mummy Ryan said...

Ryan also loves Yi Mien..normally i just cook wth egg for Ryan (follow like the hawker Yi Mien)then Ryan able to finish 1 big bowl...
About avacado me also no idea cz i never introduce this fruit to my boy very fussy about food if the taste is weird he totally will reject it..:)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I think I am too fancy in terms of cooking food for Sarah. Sometimes the taste just turned weird. As you mentioned, followed the hawker type of yi mien is nice, even I like it too.
Ya kah? For me I think Ryan boy is very good boy neh, not so picky in terms of food.
If you do eat avocado, then you may try to feed him some and see his reaction towards the fruit. Maybe he likes it?

I think both of us have some mind when come to toddler food. Last time was udon and now yi mien. Hehe. Looking forward for your food menu.
Yeap, I still remembered you told me last year that Sean do not like Avocado. So nice that now his taste preference has changed and totally like it.
I also normally serve the fruit raw, so when Sarah doesnt like it, I started cracking head about what to do about it.

You may give a try if you like "buttery" and rich taste of fruit.
But it is not cheap leh, I bought one for RM4.50.

Su Har:
Yeap, I should try the simple way of cooking yi mien with egg. I like it too. Thanks for the idea.
I think not many kids like the taste of avocado. Even me also cant accept it. Hehe.

Avocado milk shake...Something new to me! But I really hope Sarah likes it as she is not a "dairy product" person like me.
Adding banana with avocado..brilliant idea. Will try it out. Thanks!

Uncle Lee:
Thanks for your visit to my blog.
You love Yi Mien too? What type of cooking method that you preferred? For me, I love all types of cooking as long as it has yi mien inside it.:-)
Hmm...I am not a big fan of Ginkgo nuts. Luckily my girl showed no rejection towards the food.
Thanks for your comment about my notty girl. Nice day to you too.

Yeap, I should try the simple way of cooking yi mien with egg. I like it too. Thanks for the idea.

Mommy Gwen:
I am not sure also whether is mushroom suitable with yi mien soup, but I think I should not put too many of it. Hehe. Big Mistake!
Rachel also suggested avocado shake to me, but with milk. Perhaps I should try your way..without milk one...Coz Sarah doesnt like dairy product very much.
Thanks ya!

Too bad that Yi Mien is not available in Sibu, it is such a nice noodle.
Labu? It is not pumpkin ya? Ok ok, please share the pic next time.
I do not like avocado too. It has a weird taste to me.
Another brilliant idea from you, avocado with ice cream. I try it next time. I guess the ice cream taste could overshadowed the avocado. Thanks again!

UmmiRosma said...

Oh I love avacado. Cut it into half, remove the seed and fill the "crater" with a little condensed milk...and scoop and enjoy. Or else...scoop and blend with little sugar and ice cubes...

nicole said...

ya ya.. i love avocado, also similar with UmmiRosma
1) little condensed milk
2) little sugar
scoop it and eat.... tis is my favourite food too....

Mummy Ryan said...

Joanne, i think Ryan is following my taste cz me too really fussy bout mother like son...hi hi...:)

Mummy Moon said...

I like yii mee ! But for avicado, I don't know I have try it before or not...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mommy Moon:
You like yi mien too? I like yi mien with soup or braised yi mien with pork. Taste great!
You may give a try if you like buttery taste fruit.

If you said you are fussy, then I am super fussy when comes to food. Hehe.

Ummi and Nicole: both have the same idea in serving the avocado.
Adding condensed milk with avocado maybe is not an option for Sarah because she dont really like dairy product other than her formula milk. Hehe.
Anyway, thanks for your comment and I will try another idea from you.

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

Joanne..I always wonder how avocado taste but not even once I dare to eat it..

My mil like it..hmmm..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

To be honest, I do not like the taste of avocado too. The taste is kinda of weird to me.
Actually it is a very healthy fruit. You may give a try and see whether you like it or not?

BoeyJoey said...

My kids are like Sarah too... love avocado when they were young but totally reject it now.

Wah... your recipes are always so creative one... I never of making soup with gingko nuts; they're very nutritious...

Lydia said...

I think this comment is too late for your leftover avocado. These are my ways of eating avo:

1) Chop avocado, tomato, cucumber and a bit of onion (if like onion). make salad dressing with bit of salt, sugar and balsamic vinegar (or just lemon juice).

2) Mash and spread avo onto bread, add cheese to make sandwich (John and I love this very munch). Or use it in other type of sandwiches. Avo + cheese + tomato sandwich is very popular in Aust.

3) Mash avo, add cottage cheese, salt and pepper (and bit of lemon juice to prevent it turn brown). You can try with other spices too... and serve as dip with cracker or crispy bread. I like it with blue cheese, but I think it maybe too "smelly" for you.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

It is okay Lydia, I will still appreciate your comment anytime. Nothing is too late.
1) I like this one. Avocado Salad especially with the lemon juice dressing. Must be good.
2) This is really something new to me, spreading the avocado onto bread and turned it to a sandwich. But I dont really like cheese, Sarah too. But I am sure this is a very healthy sandwich.
3) I have saw the similar recipe from internet about avocado dip. It looks good. Perhaps I should try next time.
You really know me well, I am not a big fans of blue cheese...hmmmm...
Anyway, thanks again for all your ideas.

HQ and QQ also like that ya, only like avocado when they were young. Hehe.
Maybe as they grows older, their taste preference has changed, so they prefer other type of fruits.
Haha..I always like to play "mix and match" with my ingredients, so sometimes ended up to be a funny and weird recipe.