Monday, September 14, 2009


Sarah has bored with the crayon, and then I introduced Watercolour to her. My earlier intention was to get a non-toxic one, but the shop did not have such product; so finally I’ve settled for the one which labeled “safe for children above 3 years old”.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures taken during the drawing time.

Sarah was pretty excited when she first saw the colouring tools. She happily squeezed out colours from the tubes, and learned to drip the water into colours and mix them together.

But we nearly faint when she try to put the brush into her mouth - actually I was asking her to “wash the brush”, but she misheard “wash your mouth”!

She really enjoyed the moment colouring with brush, and even dipping her fingers into the colours and draw. I think I’m going to make this activity a regular one, at least for now that her enthusiasm for drawing is still high…

And this is her Watercolour debut.


Qistina's Mama n Abah said... artist is born!

wenn said...

water colours a bit messy..need to wear a cover coat..

Fussy mum said...

It's true that kids get bored with a particular activity easily. We've to constantly introduce new activities to them. Sarah's painting was colourful...indeed a good way to unleash her creativity :)

BoeyJoey said...

Sarah is sooo tidy when drawing! My kids are so messy when handling watercolours. Good for her and good for you! :-D

LittleLamb said...

good idea to do outside hor.... i never tried..will try .i hv not introduce water color. just color pencil me nuts cos its all over the wall.

agnes said...

yea, i dare not intro water color & let her stick with color pencil & crayon only..

hahahaa.. gonna do in the car porch eh? else the house will be real messy then... :S

Merryn said...

car porch? tak panas eh? nice strokes of colours there sarah.. way to go!

little prince's mummy said...

I haven't introduce water colour to my son yet...

Wonderful Life said...

Got little table and chair for painting session. Hmm... I think I should get a set of table and chair for my Ryan also as all his art session were done by standing and paint on the wall... :P

Mummy Gwen said...

Very nice piece of art by little Picasso aka Sarah. :)

HN said...

Wow, you are such a good and patient mommy :)

Blessed mum said...

little Picasso in making! nice art work!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Michelle, Sha, Mommy Gwen:
Thanks for your compliment.

Actually I love art and craft work, maybe due to this reason, I am more patient with her :-)

Actually I got the chair and table from Ikea. I normally use it for playing playdoh, crayon drawing and this time, watercolouring. It is very useful.
Haha...Ryan prefer free style of painting. He doesnt like to restrict himself sitting on the chair.

It is okay. I am sure mommy will know when will be the right time to intro water colour for him.

Panas jugak drawing at car porch. But I think it consider a best place for her to draw, less mess!
Thanks for your compliment.

I think as long as Chloe still loves the current colouring tools, it is okay to stick it.
Yalor..Luckily I let her paint at the car porch, or else my living hall will be a mess.

Yeap, can hidup udara segar by drawing at car porch (just kidding).
Actually it is not a bad idea coz it is more easier to clean the mess.
Dont worry, you will know when is the right time to let Philip use water colour.

Actually Sarah was messy too. As I mentioned, she even dipped her fingers into the colours. And accidently splash the colour to my shirt.

Actually I have bought one cover coat for her, but it is too big. So I am keeping it for the moment.

Mummy Moon said...

Hi Joanne,

My daughter Only use crayon dah makes me crazy, so messy, hands , tables and floor all kena! Water color is still long way to go! But your Sarah is Shi wen type, shouldn't bring you much trouble eh!

MeRy said...

Well done, Sarah.....Good try!!

My Honey BB_Bravo Oscar said...

sarah so enjoy & concentrating on her painting ler... :)

Good to have such activity.. blogging really make me learn.. I first saw the Little Picaso from Doreen's blog... Ryan painting.. so de smart huhu... now Sarah... :)

don know when i can intro to Oscar.. but i believe he sure will... haih..... he is not discipline & good like Ryan & Sarah at all... he never even can sit or stand diam-diam de... for 5min also NOPE...... :S

My Honey BB_Bravo Oscar said...

joanne, the red table is nice.. can i know where you got it? is that from Ikea? :)
btw, Oscar have the same chair like sarah one.. i bought this for him coz he love Yellow.. & i call it "Emperor chair"... but now? Guess what? The chair is not in use, put in his play pen... because he DO STUNT with the chair... huh... :S

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ya, I enjoyed watching her serious face while drawing. Cute!
Actually I also got the idea from other mommies's blog about drawing. Or else, I would not know too I can let her draw at her age.
Maybe you can let Oscar try to draw with crayon first and see whether he loves drawing?
Yes, I got the red table and chair from Ikea.
Oscar also got the same chair? Some more got such a high class name "Emperor Chair".
Oh yoh, he can do stunt inside the playpen. Geng!


Mommy Moon:
Actually Sarah also quite rough in drawing. But because I am next to her, so she is more si man in whatever she is doing:-)

slavemom said...

Wat a fun activity. Messy, but really good for the kiddo. Got lady's finger stamp samo. hehehe Next time can make more stamps with potato. :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I like this activiy too. Mommy can enjoy drawing and colouring with her at the same time.
Yea, you saw that ya...lady's finger stamp. But Sarah did not enjoyed that, she preferred to use her fingers to draw.
I had the same thinking too. I will buy some potato and crave some nice shape on it.

nicole said...

Joanne, very good idea using water color, bcoz watercolor was take more space on the paper, looks more nice and easier for them compare using crayon or color pencil.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Actually my intention is to let to use different type of colouring tools, further more she has bored with crayons and colour pencil. But is fun watching her enjoy using the water colour.