Friday, September 18, 2009


Finally, I’ve found the right toothpaste for Sarah.

Earlier on I let Sarah use the Pureen brand (from Sam) but she always shows her “suffering” face whenever the toothpaste touches her teeth; I guess she dislike the strong smell of strawberry.

While I was pondering, my blogging friends Yvonne and Hooi See have given me the same suggestion of using this First Teeth baby toothpaste.

Although it is at a higher price, but I think it worth the money paid. The apple-banana flavour is less strong and most importantly, Sarah able brush her teeth using it; she even showing off the toothpaste to her daddy every time she brushes her teeth.


the little prince said...

So Ngam..just did the same posting!!

At 1st thought of buying this one...but after second thought, my boy always want to do the thing by himself nowaday...he definately will want to hold the toothpaste by himself!! In order not to I decided to buy the RM2 pureen toothpaste instead of this!! :-p

Since he know how to spit, so I think is ok to let him had this!

Lynn said...

I was searching for this few months back, cos i saw it in guardian b4 & they were out out stock for quite sometime. I've bought the chicco toothpaste after that. Heard this is good cos no flouride.

slavemom said...

CE is oso using this toothpaste. U managed to buy it cheaper in Caring. I bot mine from Guardian. I think the price was RM25 or 26.

Dora said...

oh wow the kids' toothpaste is very expensive huh?...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Actually I aware the price of the toothpaste isn't cheap before I buy it, it is much expensive than adult's toothpaste. But at least at this moment, let her get used to the taste of toothpaste, later maybe I will switch to other brand. See how thing goes..:-)

Is it? CE also using the same brand. I think it is quite a good brand and I saw many mommies are using it.
I thought the toothpaste only available at Caring, so I did not check the price at Guardian. Luckily I got the cheaper price. Hehe.

Maybe next time you could find the toothpaste at Caring. They have ample stock there.
Anyway, may i know where you buy the Chicco brand from?

So ngam!
Actually nowadays kids very lucky, their toothpaste is selling at such a high price and the quality is so much better than our days one.
Kyle knows how to spit the toothpaste already? So smart!
Whenever I ask Sarah to do that, she would not want to do that.

smallkucing said...

thanks for the tip

wenn said...

nice flavour for the toothpaste..

Julie said...

Jonathan is using this as well coz he don't know how to spit out yet. Understand that it's flouride free and safe to swallow. But don't know that local pharmacy is selling this also.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Jonathan is using this too? I wonder how do you know about the brand?
Yes, it is stated on the label that safe to be swallowed, thats why I bought it. Hehe. Coz Sarah doesnt know how to spit out too.
May I know from where did you bought the toothpaste?

I guess so, that's why Sarah prefer it. Hehe.

You are welcome.

MeRy said...

Hi Joanne,

It is hard to find this toothpaste at my place here. I managed to find at my paed and it cost me RM28,super expensive.

At last, I bought Cusson baby toothpaste when I back to Medan, till nw I m yet to let Ryan try as he still dunno hw to spit out water. I am worry that he wil eat the toothpaste.

nicole said...

this toothpaste is very costly but since Sarah accept this, its good then.

Blessed mum said...

glad u found one that she like. its important that she like brushing her teeth..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ryan's paed do sell First Teeth? I thought normally it is either sell at pharmacy or dental shop. Anyway, RM28 is really expensive. In long term, it is not so worth to use it.
Cusson baby toothpaste..It is the same line product as cusson baby talcum?
Sarah also doesn't like to spit out the toothpaste, so I guess at this moment, First Teeth is ok for her.

Yeap, it is very costly, more expensive than adults one.
I will switch to other brand after she used First Teeth. (my intention is to let her get used to toothpaste. Once she is ok, I will use the normal type).

I am so relief the moment I saw her enjoying brushing her teeth with the toothpaste.
I really want her to practice in using toothpaste to brush teeth.

Julie said...

I got a free sample during last year's Parenthood Expo. Saw some online site selling it but now I know local pharmacy selling too.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So nice that you got the sample from Parenthood Expo. At least if it hasn't expired, you could let Jonathan to try.
Yes, Guardian and Caring are selling it.

agnes said...

yea.. we used that ever since started to brush chloe's teeth after she turned 2...

she loves the smell and taste too i guess... :) though expensive but worthwhile lah.. as compare to we use something else and 'scared' her off frm the beginning ya..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Chloe also using it now, and I think most kids would love its taste and smell. Not too strong but just nice.
You have make a good choice. I am very afraid that Sarah has got phobia using toothpaste after used Pureen brand, luckily she is fine now.