Monday, September 28, 2009


Perhaps Sarah is now ready to spoon-feed herself; I saw her self-feed using the cooking sets the other day. I did not take the matter seriously as I thought thing get faster and less messy with me feeding her.

To be honest, I always admired how some toddlers at her age could eat the meal themselves. And I know self-feeding is an important developmental milestone for every child; so I decided to start her self-feeding with “real” food recently.

Sarah was happy that I allowed her to handle the spoon and bowl all by herself. Next, she experiment with dipping the spoon into the food and start filling it with soup.

I must say she done it quite well for her very first attempt. I am glad that she even knows how to bend her body towards to the bowl in order not to dirty her clothes.

Of course, at the end there are still some spillover wastes, but I still gave her a big applause for her great achievement.

Now she would tell me “scoop-scoop” (as to scoop food onto the spoon) when she was in the mood of self-feed.

Believe me, watching her experiment and learning about getting the spoon to the mouth can be extremely entertained.


Kristie said...

wow clever girl!!! yup sure a little messy when they start self feeding... now i actually let jayden feed himself fruits :) I use a small fork (cocktail fork), cos it's tiny for his hands, use fruits such as kiwi that can stick to the fork, then he will put it into his mouth and pull it cute...

also let him self feed bread, cheese etc, food that is easy to hold :) messy but ok lah, later clean up :)

good job dear!

BoeyJoey said...

Good job, Sarah! Keep it up! :-D

agnes said...

yea.. another great milestone for sarah!!!

LittleLamb said...

very good....

Happy Birthday to Sarah..

little prince's mummy said...

Great job, Sarah!

Everytime I trying to feed my son now, he'll request and said, Sean Sean feed myself.. haha~

Mummy Moon said...

Very good job. I think girl can do better than boy when self feed?

Mummy Ryan said...

Wah clever gal...*clap*...*clap* for Sarah...mummy must b patient cz for beginning sure will b messy...BUT after they get used to it everything is fine...

kenwooi said...

haha.. adorable!
happy to see her feeding herself huh =)

wenn said...

let her hv the fun of feeding herself..

Merryn said...

yippie! congrats sarah. very good achievement it is. :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Merryn, Agnes, BoeyJoey,

Yes, that is the most fun part for her. Feeding an messing up the food. Hehe.

Yes, this is a good moment to train mommy to be patient with the mess created by her. Hope she will picked up the skills soon.

Is it? You do think that girls is doing better in feeding than boys? Are you referring to your son, hehe?

Sean is a very good and smart boy. I am sure he can handle his meal very well.

Thanks for your birthday wish.

Yes, this is a good moment to train mommy to be patient with the mess created by her. Hope she will picked up the skills soon.
It is very good that Jayden started to learn to self feeding at his age. I guess he will master the skill very soon.

MeRy said...

Good job, Sarah.

Ryan has been self - feeding for the past few months.Sometimes the food will drop here and there,he will use is hand to make sure the dish in properly put in the spoon before putting it into his mouth.
Only when having porridge, I prefer to feed him as porridge is bit sticky.

Ann said...

Wah...know now to bend body some more!!! So clever!

Have to deal with the mess first then can reap the rewards of them self-feeding!

Mummy Gwen said...

Well done, Sarah!!! Eating porridge is a bit tricky...sure alot of mess.I'm still feeding Gwen myself..hehe.. faster and less mess. Sometimes she insists on feeding herself.

Priscilla said...

Hi JT.. being the blur dotong that I am.. I only just saw the comments u left on my blog! I don have a blog roll... but will add urs as soon as I get around to doing it! :)

Love your blog too.. keep up the great work!
Ya u can call me Priscilla

iriene said...

I am glad that you really enjoying every moment of Sarah development.
It is 'priceless' joy! I still remembered how my husband eyes sparkled to see and hear my son called him 'daddy' for the first time...

Thanks and do keep in touch!

Blessed mum said...

clever girl!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hello, long time did not see you in my blog. Anyway, thanks for your comment.
Kids development really makes the parents excited and happy. As you mentioned, it is "priceless".
I am sure Jemsem called his daddy a very nice, sweet and cute way, this surly melts his daddy's heart.

It is ok. I saw you have few blogs to maintain, so it is normal that you overlooked some of the comment.
Thanks for adding my blog into your blogroll.

Mommy Gwen:
Thanks for your encouragement.
So far, I have let Sarah to try feeding rice and porridge. You are right, the sticky porridge normally make me take more time to clean. Anyway, I think she is improving now:-)
Yalor, we feed is more faster and less mess. Hehe.

I was surprised too when I first saw her doing that. Even sometimes I put the bowl infront of her, she still bends her body. Hehe.

Ryan started his self-feed recently too? Does he enjoyed it?
You are right, the sticky porridge normally make me take more time to clean.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks Michelle.

Julie said...

I started Jonathan on self-feeding before he was 1 yo. There will be spillover or mess but all worth it. I can eat peacefully during each meal. He never let me feed him since then.

When you are out, just remember to bring bib, hanky, wet tissue and extra clothing.

Wonderful Life said...

Wow... well done Sarah!

My MIL doesn't allow to let my boy to self feed... you know, need to clean up the mess... :)

But I think, my boy not yet ready for self feed as he would be playing wt the food more than eating it! Sigh...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ya, I think elderly seldom let kids handle self feed. Some more they really have a technique in feeding them real fast!
It is all depends on individual, some will have interest in self feeding at a later time. So good luck to Ryan.

Jonathan has started self feed even before 1 yr old? Good lah, as you said, at least now you can enjoy your meal peacefully. I am waiting for the day to come..hehe.
Thanks for your tip. I shall bring a piece of extra clothing besides the hanky and wet tissue.

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

see..I told you before that she will be able to do it herself if you just give her chance..

good girl

Esmeralda said...

Great job Sarah... You've done very well. I've also started Ashton on self-feeding, but when it comes to feeding, he won't be eating unless I feed him. If he feeds by himself, onlye 1 or 2 scoops go inside his mouth. The rest he just play. *sigh*

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hihi, long time did not hear from you. Thanks for dropping by.
Hehe, Ashton likes to play with food? Same goes to Sarah. She likes to stir or pook the food with the spoon, but luckily she still eats at the end.

Actually you know what, you have gave me a lot of encouragement in this. Is true, Sha! I have to thank you!

Lydia said...

wah... I saw u got a bucket ready there! I usually spoon feed soup dishes, non-soup noodle/pasta or rice I will let John eat by himself. He still need some helps in scooping up food. Floor around his seat always dirty and oily!

Btw, playing with food is a process of getting to know what they are eating. It's like us poke and smell new food before eating it. :D

Esmeralda said...

Joanne, yes he loves to play with food. I really hv a hard time feeding him nowadays. At home is much better at least is within our own constraints, but if outside, he prefers to run around than eat. So usually outside he eat less.

If self feeding some more, I need a lot of luck with me... *Fingers crossed*

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

For Sarah, I will let her play with bowls, plates and ice when we are dining outside. So I can still feed her when she is enjoying her "toys". But sometimes she will request to walk (but not far away for me), therefore I still able to feed her.

Haha. Yes, that's the essential thing whenever I feed her or when Sarah is feeding herself. Normally I will wet the hanky inside it and wipe her if she gets dirty.
Actually it is very good to let John self feeding. As you mentioned, they learned through the feeding process.

slavemom said...

Practice makes perfect. And I think she's doing great. Samo know how to bend fwd. Well done, Sarah!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You are right, practice makes perfect. Sarah is getting better and less mess in terms of self feeding.