Monday, September 21, 2009

From the bottom of my heart

Although Sarah’s birthday is still days away but gifts just keep flowing in. I am speechless knowing that so many mommies are remembering her birthday, more over sending out gifts. Thank you so much all my dear friends.

Gift from Caroline

This was the first gift we received. Caroline sent a pinkish, trendy Mickey Mouse bag and a watch for Sarah. Besides, some stickers were included with the gift too.

Sarah loves the bag very much; she even carries the bag to the playground.

Sticker is always her favourite. I have to limit her to only stick three pieces per day; or else, she could finish all the stickers within days. She loves the embossed texture one most.

Oh yes, I have to thanks Caroline too for including a nice red-colour tops for me.

Gift from Sha

Even before I manage to take the picture of the book, my naughty girl’s already can’t wait to peel out the Winnie the Pooh stickers. You see, she really loves stickers.

By the way, mommy enjoys colouring the book too.

Gift from KC

KC really surprised me with this one. I did not expect it is from her because usually mommies will request the address from me before sending out gift. KC has got a way in getting my mailing address, not bad ya!

The cartoon character printed on the t-shirt is not new to Sarah; she could shout out the names the moment she saw it.

Now I am waiting for the suitable occasion to put the t-shirt on her. I guess she will look good on it.

Gift from Angel

Sarah smiles widely the moment she saw the kid’s notebook after she wake up from bed. It has a lot of learning feature, and the great one is ABC and 1-2-3 songs. She danced happily when she hears the songs.

Gift from Peggy

Peggy has sent a Mickey Mouse box, stuffed bear and candies for Sarah. I found the box very useful; I use it to store all her hair clip.

Gift from Drypers

Last but not least, Drypers has sent Sarah a story book. She was attracted to its shining book cover. And the great thing is she’s able to name most of the animals in the book.


Cynthia said...

wah.. lots of gift hoh.. happy birthday Sarah.. hopefully, Aunty Cynthia will be able to see you soon.. :D

SJ said...

lots of different gifts indeed. she must be in cloud 9! happy advanced birthday to sarah!

i'm following your blog. dont mind do you?

From me to you, suejean =)

smallkucing said...

Love the kid notebook

wenn said...

happy birthday Sarah..

Oliveoylz said...

Your friends are very thoughtful...Sarah is very lucky indeed :)

Blessed mum said...

wow! so many pressie! Happy Birthday Sarah!!

HN said...

Wow, you have many good friends :) Happy birthday lil Sarah!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Dear all mommies: Thanks for your birthday wish.

HN, Olive, :
I am blessed that I have so many frens that remembered her birthday.

Sarah is a lucky girl. Mommy even surprised with the amount of gifts that she received.

Me and Sarah can't wait to see you and Breanna.

Your comments are most appreciated. I have added your blog into my blogroll too.

The kids notebook is very canggih. A lot of buttons and functions.

Dora said...

There are many presents!!! Are you going to have a birthday bash for little Sarah?

Wonderful Life said...

wow, so many gifts. such a lucky girl!

Happy birthday Sarah!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Dora and Doreen:
Sarah is a lucky girl. I am lucky too that my frens to keep her in their thought.

Nope. Just a normal family makan:-)

MeRy said...

Alot of bday pressie for Sarah..Happy Bday to Sarah in advance !!

2ma said...

wah!!! so many presents. lucky sarah!!! happy birthday in advance sarah!

slavemom said...

So many gifts! She must be thrilled. Happy 2nd Birthday to Sarah!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks Mery, 2ma and Slavemom for your birthday wish.
Sarah really happy every time she saw me holding some envelope on hands, she knows is for her. Hehe.