Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Counting down to Mid-Autumn Festival

Although Mid-Autumn festival is still about two weeks away but I’ve already started to let Sarah playing lanterns. Unlike last year, this time I have bought a packet of Paper Accordion Lanterns; this is because I wish to give her a chance to appreciate the beauty of our tradition.

And I think she must be amazed by the beautiful scene; Sarah was having so much fun although she was only allowed to blow the candles (with Happy Birthday song, of course).

I enjoyed the moment watching Sarah clapping her hands and laughing when she saw our gate was furnished with the lanterns.


wenn said...

the paper lanterns still very traditional..

LittleLamb said...

heheheh this year i made sure i got 1 for i did.. but forgot the will go buy candles soon.. those can fit the lantern type..

Cynthia said...

nice nice.. and shall deliver the mooncake too next week, coz my helpful helper will come next week... hurray!

Oliveoylz said...

I have to dig out those paper lanterns. I have some from last year...given my SP's school...let's see whether it gets burned! ha ha. Enjoy eating mooncakes :) Singing happy bday song? Just so cute of Sarah!

Wonderful Life said...

Aiyo... she's so "kwai" watching u light up the lanterns.

My boy destroyed his paper lantern not even in an hour! Luckily, it's battery operated. Otherwise, his hands would caught the fire!

little prince's mummy said...

Wow! Start playing lantern d?

Merryn said...

Ethan got burnt playing with candles and lanterns. So now, we use the battery punya.. hahaha .. glad sarah is loving it..

mumsgather said...

Nothing like the traditional paper type. Its much more exciting for the kids.

MeRy said...

A traditional lantern, I also thought of getting those lanterns for Ryan this year.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I am sure Ryan will be very excited when he see the first traditional lantern that he got from mommy.

I like the traditional paper lantern too. Very colourful, nice!

Ya, I remembered your post about Ethan's hand get burnt. Pity him.
It is safer for him to have the battery operated lantern.

Hehe, coz mommy loves playing with lantern. So we cant wait to have some fun with it.

Sarah will say "hot hot" whenever she stands near the candle, so she dare not to touch the lanterns.
Battery operated type is more safer for kids.

It is so nice that SP's school did give some lanterns, so save some money to buy it :-)
Yes, Sarah loves to sing birthday song, further more now with the candles, she enjoy it more!

I guess Philip must be very very happy the moment he saw the lantern.
I always forgotten to buy candles too, luckily the shop owner reminded me. Hehe.

Yeap, popular and colourful too!

the little prince said...

Sarah so kwai....didnt touch the tanglong...I dare not do it in front of my son...cant imagine he want to try to light up the candle by himself!! :-)

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

I love to see lantern and hope to let Tina see the beauty but seems she's afraid with it..may be coz of its shape and character..

Sarah really have a very good time ya!

SJ said...

traditional way of lighting the tnaglung. candles!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too. =)

Lynn said...

Very nice... Last year andrea was only staring at us playing, this year i'm sure she will enjoy as much as sarah :)

agnes said...

wah.. can feel the "hei fern" very well adi.. ;)

will do the same for chloe soon as well.. need to buy paper lantern.. I love them too

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Every year I will never miss to create the "hei fern". I love the paper lantern very much. Very colourful!
I am sure Chloe will love the lanterns too.

Hello Lynn, thanks for dropping by.
Andrea will surely enjoy the activity with playing lantern. Mommy, remember to snap some photos ya.

Tina is afraid of lantern? You mean the paper lantern? Maybe she did not see it frequently. I remembered last yr when I brought Sarah to choose an "animal shape" lantern, she is scared too. But this year she is getting better.
Maybe Tina will be ok after she sees the candle being lighted up in the lantern, coz it is real nice!

Maybe Kyle will not touch the flame too, like Sarah. Hehe.
Sarah will say "hot hot" whenever she stands near the candle, so she dare not to touch the lanterns.

Dora said...

Although there are lotsa battery lanterns with funny music & colors, I still prefer the paper lanterns hanging ard the compound of the hse!

Happy Holiday!

slavemom said...

So nice to hang the paper lanterns that way. Hmmm... I think my gate's grille gap is too small.

Denesa said...

I usually give my sons battery operated lanterns rather than candled ones for fear of fire. However these paper lanterns usually form nicer decorative lanterns:)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Initially I used the standing clothes hanger to hang the lanterns, but I found ma fan to push it out from the another corner of the car porch. So ended up using the grill.

Happy Holiday to you too.
Yes, nowadays there are a lot of battery operated lanterns available. It is more safer for kids.