Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another trip to Zoo

It is not National Zoo, but the Sunway Wildlife Interactive Zoo.

We thought it will be a great outing because Sarah can have an “up-close and personal” contact with the tame animals there, but things just not turned out to be that way…

She was excited at first when she saw the man-made waterfall while we were walking towards the zoo, but she got scared when the Sunway Mascot walk passed her. She requested to be “bao bao” (carry) from there on and all the way to the entrance.

Once we reached there, she saw fishes swimming in the pond. She enjoyed the moment when we brought her near to the koi fish.

Her “trauma” started when she saw the parrots right after the entrance. Since then, daddy had to do the “heavy” job of carrying her around the zoo. She just doesn’t want to walk! Once a in a while, she will enjoyed the surrounding and animals but must have close accompanied by me or daddy.

Just before we proceed home, we brought her for a train ride. We were happy when seeing her clapped hands during the ride (finally something can please her well).

Perhaps this is not the right time yet for her to have close interacting with the animals, she’s easily gets spooked by them...or maybe she is too chicken-hearted.

But for sure, she would not want to visit to the zoo again; at least that was the answer whenever being asked.


Denesa said...

It can be real tired to carry a child around in the zoo esp when the day is hot. I'm sure she will get over the fear once she has grown older or visited a few more times.

wenn said...

ya..visiting the zoo is always fun for both parents n child..

Ann said...

Oh....good exposure...and I am sure she will be running around and loving the animals in no time!!!

Dora said...

This Sunway zoo is interesting too...It's always good to bring kids for more outdoor activities.

agnes said...

hahaaa... always wanted to go this place though it's near our house and we spent most our weekend shopping there...

but was afraid too crowed on Raya mah.. so din go.. some more busy preparing stuff for BB2..

guess chloe gonna wait a little while when I settle down after birth and bring her there next.. :)

Lynn said...

You didn't go and feed the rabbits & guinea pigs? Andrea loves feeding only. It's near the lake there

little prince's mummy said...

Sarah 2nd time to zoo already.. I still haven't bring my son to zoo yet.. hmm..

smallkucing said...

I've not been to zoo for many years now. Hmm...maybe time have a go at it next year when Joshua is bigger and can appreciate it more. Now, every animal he also call as "mew mew". *pengsan*

Mommy Ling said...

Wow..dat was a grea outing.

I m still awaiting for Elise to start her first step, then will bring the gals to Zoo

Ellen Rainis said...

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Keep it up Nice blog.

Hi!!.. hope a good week end and good blogging!!!

Blessed mum said...

she must had a bad fright! mine are completely opposite. they love to be up close wif all the animals.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sarah actually make me quite frustrated during the outing. Her fear towards animals really disturbed her so much! Luckily I have a patient husband, he willing to tolerate with her at that time.
For me, it is good that your kids love to be upclose with all the animals. They will learned by touching them.

Actually we all more enjoyable in the previous visit to National Zoo. But this visit also not bad, at least she did like the train ride.

Sarah actually make me quite frustrated during the outing. Her fear towards animals really disturbed her so much! Luckily I have a patient husband, he willing to tolerate with her and carried her all the time.
I really hope she will be a brave girl in a very near future.

Besides her fear towards the animals, the train ride was the best part. Hehe.
I am sure Elise would love the animals. Which zoo that you planned to bring her to?

Hehe, I remembered the last time I went to National Zoo with Sarah, I could see a lot of parents with their kids. I hardly see young teenagers there. So seems like zoo only a place for parents and kids. :-)
Joshua is cute...I am sure later he will know that actually there are different names for different animals.

Yeap, second round to zoo. But I preferred the National Zoo trip than this one.
Maybe you may bring Sean there after you deliver. Because the place needs a lot of walking.

Yeap, we saw that one. But Sarah just too afraid of those animals that move except fish. So did not feed the rabbits. Actually I love rabbits a lot.

Why not..I am sure Chloe will love to touch all the animals there.
But is really true wor. That day the q was really LONGGGGGGGGGG, but luckily there was a q for since park entry, so faster lor.
Yeap, now is the busiest time to buy bb stuff, so grab more of your time to do so ya.

Is true. It is indeed interesting. But too bad, Sarah dislike it.

I am really hope my wish my come true that Sarah will become more brave in the near future.

the little prince said...

Wah...daddy carry her all the way!! :-) Not easy ya!

Nice outing..how much you pay for just visit the little zoo?

MeRy said...

My husband told me about this zoo and we think of bringing Ryan there in our Dec trip to KL. I do hope Ryan won't scared with all those animals.

Maybe Sarah is not ready to be in direct contact with the animals...don't worry,give her some time to adapt.

SJ said...

great shots! like the way you arrange the photos. i miss zoo trip.

From me to you, suejean =)

2ma said...

i think u can let sarah watch animal planet. exposed her to more animals, and soon, she will request that she wants to see the real animals :D

Jess said...

I wouldn't know that Sunway has such a great Zoo.

BoeyJoey said...

Great outing... maybe after some time, she'll love to get close to the animals.

slavemom said...

There seems to be a lot of animals to c. We went there in '07 but maybe not many animals then. We can't wait to get out of the plc. hahaha

Little Kit Boy said...

wah this Sunway Zoo looks very nice and clean leh. I have not been here before, maybe I should organize a trip to go there together with my boy.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

It looks quite clean but it has a bad odor when you go near to the animals.
Remember to let Kit wear a long pants or something can cover his flesh, or else mozzie will attacked. Thats what happened to Sarah.

You have been there before? 2007 maybe is the first year they set up the zoo? Therefore lesser animals..
Maybe you may bring XY and CE there once more.

I really wish that Sarah will become a brave girl in a very near future.

Actually I have no idea about the zoo until my blogger frens told me.

Infact I have bought many VCDs that contained animals, and she loves to watch it. But when see the real one, she is scared!

Thanks for your comment about the photo arrangement. I always have a "teacher" guiding me when I am posting photos.
Yea, I guess I hardly see teenagers like your age at the zoo. :-)

Your husband also aware about the zoo?
Why not..you may organise a trip to the zoo. I guess Ryan will be a brave boy and loves touching the animals.
Hmmm....Sarah is getting more timid now. I really pray that she will become better soon.

Yeap, really not easy job, with the hot weather and steep road, plus need to carry a 12kg girl. Salute to him!
The zoo charged adults for RM45. Kids below 5(I guess) is free.

Kristie said...

wow! another trip to the zoo :) never knew there was one so near... whereabout ah, near sunway lagoon?

Dont worry Sarah, soon u will be able to sayang all the furry rabbits and take photos with them :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yes, another one, but I preferred the first one because Sarah loved it.
I only know about the zoo from Mommy Gwen. It is located inside the sunway lagoon itself. You have to buy the ticket at the sunway lagoon entrance.
I really hope she will overcome her fear very soon.