Monday, September 28, 2009


Perhaps Sarah is now ready to spoon-feed herself; I saw her self-feed using the cooking sets the other day. I did not take the matter seriously as I thought thing get faster and less messy with me feeding her.

To be honest, I always admired how some toddlers at her age could eat the meal themselves. And I know self-feeding is an important developmental milestone for every child; so I decided to start her self-feeding with “real” food recently.

Sarah was happy that I allowed her to handle the spoon and bowl all by herself. Next, she experiment with dipping the spoon into the food and start filling it with soup.

I must say she done it quite well for her very first attempt. I am glad that she even knows how to bend her body towards to the bowl in order not to dirty her clothes.

Of course, at the end there are still some spillover wastes, but I still gave her a big applause for her great achievement.

Now she would tell me “scoop-scoop” (as to scoop food onto the spoon) when she was in the mood of self-feed.

Believe me, watching her experiment and learning about getting the spoon to the mouth can be extremely entertained.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Paddy Frog Porridge

Some people perceive paddy frog as an exotic food, but not for me.

I have got the idea of cooking paddy frog porridge from my neighbour. I’ve eaten it from restaurant countless times, but just never cooked it myself.


I followed the recipe from here, but I’ve omitted the chicken thigh meat. I used only half the frog per serving, but the outcome is still superb!

The porridge has a great smell from all ingredients, especially the fried shallot. I love the smooth texture of the porridge and it goes well with the frog meat.

Sarah could finish the whole plate of porridge including the soup (although she just had her milk 30 minutes ago, mind you).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Birthday 2009

Sarah turns two today (24th Sept); it’s amazing how time flies. We had a simple eating-out at a Chinese restaurant with my family last Saturday.

She was a bit lost when she first met my parents, my sisters and the in-laws. It took her a while to settle in on the high chair to observe the surrounding, and also gets used to the loud karaoke system. And I must say her favourite snacks really do wonders when she is not in the mood…she started playing with her cousin after she had them.

We had the cake-cutting session right after the dinner. Sarah looked surprised that everyone sang her a birthday song, yet she still clapped hand and enjoyed the “cake-watching” when asked to blow the candles.

Of course, she’s got some ang pao and gifts from my family members.

For me and my husband, we’ve bought a mini dressing table for her. So now she needs not to jump up high just to sees herself in the mirror.

No funfair and no fireworks, we just want to count our blessing; I wish you happy and healthy forever, Happy Birthday my dear.

(190909 & 240909)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another trip to Zoo

It is not National Zoo, but the Sunway Wildlife Interactive Zoo.

We thought it will be a great outing because Sarah can have an “up-close and personal” contact with the tame animals there, but things just not turned out to be that way…

She was excited at first when she saw the man-made waterfall while we were walking towards the zoo, but she got scared when the Sunway Mascot walk passed her. She requested to be “bao bao” (carry) from there on and all the way to the entrance.

Once we reached there, she saw fishes swimming in the pond. She enjoyed the moment when we brought her near to the koi fish.

Her “trauma” started when she saw the parrots right after the entrance. Since then, daddy had to do the “heavy” job of carrying her around the zoo. She just doesn’t want to walk! Once a in a while, she will enjoyed the surrounding and animals but must have close accompanied by me or daddy.

Just before we proceed home, we brought her for a train ride. We were happy when seeing her clapped hands during the ride (finally something can please her well).

Perhaps this is not the right time yet for her to have close interacting with the animals, she’s easily gets spooked by them...or maybe she is too chicken-hearted.

But for sure, she would not want to visit to the zoo again; at least that was the answer whenever being asked.

Monday, September 21, 2009

From the bottom of my heart

Although Sarah’s birthday is still days away but gifts just keep flowing in. I am speechless knowing that so many mommies are remembering her birthday, more over sending out gifts. Thank you so much all my dear friends.

Gift from Caroline

This was the first gift we received. Caroline sent a pinkish, trendy Mickey Mouse bag and a watch for Sarah. Besides, some stickers were included with the gift too.

Sarah loves the bag very much; she even carries the bag to the playground.

Sticker is always her favourite. I have to limit her to only stick three pieces per day; or else, she could finish all the stickers within days. She loves the embossed texture one most.

Oh yes, I have to thanks Caroline too for including a nice red-colour tops for me.

Gift from Sha

Even before I manage to take the picture of the book, my naughty girl’s already can’t wait to peel out the Winnie the Pooh stickers. You see, she really loves stickers.

By the way, mommy enjoys colouring the book too.

Gift from KC

KC really surprised me with this one. I did not expect it is from her because usually mommies will request the address from me before sending out gift. KC has got a way in getting my mailing address, not bad ya!

The cartoon character printed on the t-shirt is not new to Sarah; she could shout out the names the moment she saw it.

Now I am waiting for the suitable occasion to put the t-shirt on her. I guess she will look good on it.

Gift from Angel

Sarah smiles widely the moment she saw the kid’s notebook after she wake up from bed. It has a lot of learning feature, and the great one is ABC and 1-2-3 songs. She danced happily when she hears the songs.

Gift from Peggy

Peggy has sent a Mickey Mouse box, stuffed bear and candies for Sarah. I found the box very useful; I use it to store all her hair clip.

Gift from Drypers

Last but not least, Drypers has sent Sarah a story book. She was attracted to its shining book cover. And the great thing is she’s able to name most of the animals in the book.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Finally, I’ve found the right toothpaste for Sarah.

Earlier on I let Sarah use the Pureen brand (from Sam) but she always shows her “suffering” face whenever the toothpaste touches her teeth; I guess she dislike the strong smell of strawberry.

While I was pondering, my blogging friends Yvonne and Hooi See have given me the same suggestion of using this First Teeth baby toothpaste.

Although it is at a higher price, but I think it worth the money paid. The apple-banana flavour is less strong and most importantly, Sarah able brush her teeth using it; she even showing off the toothpaste to her daddy every time she brushes her teeth.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Counting down to Mid-Autumn Festival

Although Mid-Autumn festival is still about two weeks away but I’ve already started to let Sarah playing lanterns. Unlike last year, this time I have bought a packet of Paper Accordion Lanterns; this is because I wish to give her a chance to appreciate the beauty of our tradition.

And I think she must be amazed by the beautiful scene; Sarah was having so much fun although she was only allowed to blow the candles (with Happy Birthday song, of course).

I enjoyed the moment watching Sarah clapping her hands and laughing when she saw our gate was furnished with the lanterns.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Sarah has bored with the crayon, and then I introduced Watercolour to her. My earlier intention was to get a non-toxic one, but the shop did not have such product; so finally I’ve settled for the one which labeled “safe for children above 3 years old”.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures taken during the drawing time.

Sarah was pretty excited when she first saw the colouring tools. She happily squeezed out colours from the tubes, and learned to drip the water into colours and mix them together.

But we nearly faint when she try to put the brush into her mouth - actually I was asking her to “wash the brush”, but she misheard “wash your mouth”!

She really enjoyed the moment colouring with brush, and even dipping her fingers into the colours and draw. I think I’m going to make this activity a regular one, at least for now that her enthusiasm for drawing is still high…

And this is her Watercolour debut.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cranberry Beans and Carrot Porridge

Sarah is currently teething and I noticed her appetite has dropped slightly; therefore I’ve cooked a meal which not so complicated for her, and hopefully she will like it.

This is the first time I added some pork ribs into the porridge. It turned out very well and tasty too. But my little girl just ate about 10 spoons of it and she doesn’t want it anymore.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Three at one go

Finally I have something to blog about Sarah’s teeth.

Actually the second molar (upper left) has erupted months ago, but I just didn’t notice until I checked her teeth the other day. Besides, the second molar of upper-right, lower-right and lower-left is growing too.

Sarah’s little bit cranky during this teething period; and I guess it’s quite normal.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yi Mien & Avocado

The other day when I saw my mom used Ginkgo Nuts for a dessert, instantly I knew I will used it in Sarah’s menu as well (since I have tried it once.)

I also used some brown mushroom because Sarah showed no rejection towards it…and this mommy loves it too; in case she could not finish the mushroom, I then would “take over” the job.


I used about four pieces of mushroom and it makes the soup taste slightly bitter. In addition, the Ginkgo Nuts gave a crunchy texture to the meal.

Nevertheless Sarah able to finished her favourite “Yi Mien”, but not the soup.


I still remember vividly when Sarah had her first taste of avocado she falls in love with it. Therefore, when I bought this juicy one I just can’t wait to reach home and feed her.

But alas, things changed, she doesn’t like it anymore…

When I first scoop out the flesh for her, she eats it but when comes to the second and third scoop, she started to show her weird face; and the next thing she shake her head hard (meaning NO!)

Sigh…what should I do with the remaining avocado? Or any one has any interesting recipes using avocado?