Monday, August 10, 2009


Yesterday was the first time we brought Sarah to Megakidz at Mid Valley. I was surprised that Sarah did not look afraid at all upon arriving at the entrance (which she normally will, when she’s in a new environment).

She still looked innocent (or blur-blur) while I was removing her shoes; after that, we brought her straight to the play area that designed for toddler. We were glad that she managed to find some games that warm her up.

Sarah looks serious throughout the early session of the game, but finally getting relaxed and smiles at me. She performed her favourite stunt – hop, and she even lie down and crawl on the floor several times; I think she just curious about the soft material that layered on the floor.

Overall, Sarah loves the rocking-horse and the playhouse the most. We thought that she will like the inflatable bouncer (since she has one mini-version at home), but she just say “No” every time I brought her there.

After spending about two hours in Megakidz, we finally proceed to go home. Sarah was exhausted and almost falls asleep in a sitting position in the car. It was a tiring outing indeed, nevertheless, it was also an eye-opener for her.


MeRy said...

Good activity for Sarah.....Remember to wash her hand and leg & wipe her body clean once reach home.

Ann said...

ooohhh...will bring my son there one day....for no other reason than to tire him out! :) how much entrance fee?

Fussy mum said...

hahah....a good place for Sarah to release her pent up energy :) I've never brought Sharlene there before. Well, I heard the entrance fee is quite costly rite?

MommyAngel said...

That's such a nice play to bring Angel to release some of her energy!! How come she doesn't look happy de?? Very serious looking in the pictures :) Too concentrate in those games ya? Coz sometimes when Angel is too concentrate in checking things out, she will have this kind of look too, hehehehehe! She is so cute lying at the play matt :)

But lately I don't really dare to bring Angel to go out coz the Swine Flu issues is getting worst, worried!! worried!! :( :(

Wonderful Life said...

my boy only likes to play with the play house! Others like the slides, rocking horsey, swings & kiddy rides he'll say NO and kept a distance from them (chickened out)! Dunno why he became like that... is it just a phase which kids go thru??

Oliveoylz said...

such a fun place for sarah. she looks sooooo happy!

Merryn said...

So nice and so happy! But I dare not bring Ethan out these days due to the H1N1. I am a little bit paranoid when it comes to this kind of situation..

suhar40 said...

Happy to see Sarah enjoy so much :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Glad that Sarah had a great time. :) She must be tired coz seeing her lying on the mat looks so relax..hehe. If I bring Gwen there, sure will have a hard time coaxing her home.

Cynthia said...

she is so active.. and glad she like it... can go often ya...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mommy Gwen:
I am not too sure Sarah was tired, but I guess she just love lying down on the floor. Hehe.
Hehe maybe mommy has to bring along Gwen's fav snack (raisins) to coax her home.

Su Har:
We are glad that at least she was not crying when reaching there.

Actually we were afraid to bring Sarah for the outing too, but afraid to disappoint her (Altho she is still small)after keep mentioning to her few days before.

We are glad that at least she was not crying when reaching there.
I guess the place is more fun for a more older kids. Coz they have more games for them.

Is it? Ryan also like Sarah, will only stick to few of their fav games?
Would Ryan afraid of strangers or other kids when he goes to park or playground?

Good idea hor, it is a great place for kiddos to release some of their "extra" energy. I can see most of the kiddos had a great fun time there, sweat a lot...
Haha, Sarah really looked so serious. Thats how she looks when she came to a new environment. Funny!
I was surprised when I saw her lying down on the floor. I thought she fell down..hehe.
Actually we were afraid to bring Sarah for the outing too, but afraid to disappoint her (Altho she is still small)after keep mentioning to her few days before.

Ivy and Ann:
I am sure Sharlene would love the place. They have more games cater for elder kids.
The entrance fees are listed here:
Entrance Fees
- 2 to 16 year old
- RM19.00 (Weekdays : Monday - Friday)
- RM25.00 (Saturdays, Sundays, Public & School Holidays)
- Below 2 year old
- RM9.50 (Weekdays : Monday - Friday)
- RM12.50 (Saturdays, Sundays, Public & School Holidays)
Members: Free
Parents / Guardians: * Free entry for the first two adults (compulsory stay-in).

I copied it from their website

Yeap, will sure clean her up. Thanks! :-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yeap...glad that she doesnt afraid of the place. Hehe.

2ma said...

its best to go on wk days, and non-school holidays. guess its time to bring shan rae to mega kidz again coz the last round we took him there, he couldn't walk on his own yet

Serene said...

Wow, 2 hours of playing.. so shiok! No wonder Sarah can sleep in a sitting position. So Joanne, you can bring her to Megakidz more often lor =)

Esmeralda said...

Sarah must be enjoying herself so much ya.. seeing her lie down on the floor really potrayed her comfy-ness there ya.. she's a very brave girl now ya... not scared of strangers.. so did she play on her own, or did she ask u to play along with her?

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

such an exciting activities isn'it? we love to bring tina place like this.she love to play coz many 'kakak n abang' there..hehehe...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yes, not bad. We had a lot of great time there and was a tiring day for us too. Hehe.
Tina loves to play with Abang and Kakak? She is not afraid of them? Sarah is quite timid when comes to strangers.

Sarah was a lil nervous at first, but later she was fine. Actually Sarah still scared of strangers, even a small bb. Sometimes she will asked me to play along with her.

Yalor. I also did not realised how time passed in the megakidz.
Will definitely bring Sarah to this type of play area more often.

When we first arrived there, the place is not packed with kids yet, but after lunch the crowd started to come in.
Ya, I guess Shan Rae and Shan Leo would have a lot of fun when revisiting the place.