Thursday, July 23, 2009

Outgrown, replenished & shopping – Part 2

As a frequent patron of C4, we usually visit the place for our sundry needs; and last week we went there with a mind to shop for Sarah.

It was quite some time we last replenish Sarah’s clothes. She has outgrown some of it. We’ve bought two pieces for her this time.

I like the pink colour one most; really looking forward to put it on Sarah.

Flash Cards

We noticed that Sarah showed more interest towards flash cards. Therefore we have bought this “Shapes and Colours” Flash Cards for her. Hopefully she will learn some new things from there.


Thinking of DIY some play dough like what Caroline did, but just too lazy to move sometimes. So ended up we bought a Play-Doh set for Sarah.

She likes the game a lot (at least at this moment). She has yet to master the skills of making an “ice cream” or anything from the tools, but she enjoying herself by poking her fingers at the dough. I guess she just likes to feel the soft texture.

Stuffed Barney

When we were about to leave the place, daddy spotted the Barney soft toy. Of course Sarah will never let it go once she gets hold of it. The funny part of the toy is, once press on its tummy, it will sings Barney theme song “I love you…” It makes Sarah laugh; and guess what, it only cost us RM10!


Mummy Moon said...

Nice stuff for Sarah! Ah ha, I also think for buying play doh for my 2 angels. But my mom stop me. She said end up will get messy and doh here and there. Any idea?

suhar40 said...

Thank daddy& mommy brought so much new toys for Sarah. Sure Sarah was happy & love it!

Little Kit Boy said...

I'm sure Sarah will look very nice and sweet in her new dresses, yes..I like the pink one too.

LittleLamb said...

i love all ur new shopping stuff for sarah..hehehehe

Ann said...

Are you going to reserve them for CNY? oh....hmm...mayeb by then can buy more!

The pink one looks sooooo right for CNY!!!

Cynthia said...

I want that Barney too! so cute.. where where you got it ah?

the little prince said...

So nice...what a fruitful shopping day for Sarah!! :-)

Merryn said...

That Barney so cheap!!! Ethan's still wearing the same clothes he wore a year ago. Still havent outgrown leh? Worry nih..

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!!!!! Great shopping!!!

Serene said...

The Barney is a good buy!! I love the pinky blouse too... girl looks sweet with pink color right?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Not bad hor the Barney. So cheap some more can sing song one...
Yes, girls always look sweet with pink. Does Xixi loves pink too?

Kylie, Yugene:
Hehe...we had some fun too while shopping for the items.

Cheap hor...
You know ar, I saw a bigger one at supermarket but selling at RM49. Of course that one is genuine Barney.
Dont worry, as long as Ethan is healthy than ok lah.

I got it from those stalls that selling toys outside C4. Does Breanna likes Barney?

I think I will let Sarah wear both of the clothes now, as she really outgrown most of those pretty kai kai clothes:-)
Haha...the pink one with the "fu" word really suits for CNY hor.


Thanks Jenny. I also hope Sarah will look good with the clothes.

Su Har:
Sarah likes the Play-Doh most. Always ask me to play with her.

Mommy Moon:
No doubt that the play dough residue will be everywhere. But to lesser the mess, maybe you need to ask your angels to play only at table and not at other places. I mean thats how I told Sarah. If she walks with the play dough on her hands, I told her I will stop the game.

2ma said...

lucky sarah! everything mummy & daddy bought for the day is for sarah!!

MeRy said...

So many pressie from Mummy and Daddy...lucky girl.
Ryan also have the same Barney toy,can sing song too. The one you buy very cheap.You try look for BabyBop&BJ,Ryan has the complete sets.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Oh yes, every time before we go for shopping, we have to determine what to shop. And this time is Sarah's day:-)

Ryan also has the same Barney? How much did you bought it? has a full range of "Barney" character? Ok ok. I will look for it.

slavemom said...

The tops r vy sweet, esp the pink one. Wah... a RM10 Barney that can sing. Wat a good bargain. :)

Blessed mum said...

i like the yellow one though..but guess the pink one will look very sweet on Sarah! can't wait to see her in it! Must take pictures, ok mommy?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You like the pink one too..
I also think that the Barney is a good buy.

I hope Sarah will look good with the clothes, hehe.
Ok ok, will remember to snap photo.