Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Meal

Lotus Root Porridge
This is what I’ve prepared for Sarah this morning.

I’m in a rush so the ingredients is not finely chopped (I break it into small pieces though when feed her); but luckily I managed to take a photo for the final outcome.

I have use lotus root, white potato and oyster mushroom for the porridge. My initial plan was to add some chicken meat too, but afraid it will be too much for her.

The porridge tastes good and sweet. I have added some fried shallot and it does bring up much flavour.

I am relief that the ingredients worked well together and Sarah likes it too.

Ashamed to say, this is first time me (and Sarah) tried the fresh blueberries.

Although it is selling at a high price (for a small pack of fruit) but I guess it’s good for Sarah to have a bite. Needless to say the health benefits and the nutritious of blueberries are abundance.

It is quite an enjoyable scene looking at Sarah popping the blueberries into her mouth one by one.

Money well spent, I said.


2ma said...

does sarah likes the blueberrier?? we have nvr gave shan rae any form of berries. maybe should try to give him some

MommyAngel said...

My Angel loves lotus root porridge / with rice too :) I am glad that Sarah loves them too :)

Does Sarah loves the blueberries?? I bought the same brand here too for around RM28 per box (imported fruits are very expensive here) but like you've said, as long as they loves it, it certainly makes us very happy :) But it does taste a bit sour for my liking la .....

Cynthia said...

see la, we mummies are always like that.. we sometimes taste the "first" with our child coz we wanted to let them try. But when come to ourselves, we "em sai tak" to spend... glad that Sarah enjoys both mummy's cooking and the berries..

little prince's mummy said...

Looks yummy!!!!! the porridge!

Mummy Ryan said...

If our little ones really appreciated what we serve to them so like you said really worth to buy although the thing quite pricey..
Glad to hear Sarah enjoyed the porridge very much...:)

MeRy said...

Don't feel shame...Ryan also never try blueberry before and I don't think can find it at Sibu...Never saw it before.

Lotus root porridge...yummy. I cooked this for Ryan before. I never feed him the lotus root coz very susah to bite,hard. I cook the lotus root soup overnight and use the soup to cook for the porridge...taste sweet.

Mummy Moon said...

the porridge looks yummy, lotus roots is my favorite, I never thought of cook it in porridge. thank you for sharing

Mommy said...

...lotus roots porridge, wat a good idea. maybe I shd introduce this to Kit boy.

the little prince said...

Kyle love the lotus root porridge too!!

I have not try the blueberry yet, where to buy huh?

Merryn said...

I always see that blueberry in jusco but never bought or tried it before. Must try one of these day..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I noticed that you have tried a lot of good and nutritious food for Kyle. I really want to learn from you. Kyle is also a good boy, never picky in terms of food.
I bought the blueberries from the nearby mini market. Maybe you could buy it from Jusco?

Mommy Moon:
You like lotus root? Have you tried to fried it (the young one) with minced pork? It taste good you know.

Sibu do not sell blueberries? Not even at Supermarket? How about strawberries?
For me, I chopped the lotus root finely and feed Sarah. Luckily she is fine with it.
Yummy yummy, lotus root soup to be used as the main broth of porridge.

Is true KC, thats what I thought too. Really very happy to see that Sarah loves the fruit.


Haha....thats how noble mommies are...Always "ng se tak" to buy food for our own but for our kids, just buy buy buy without second thought.

Angel also likes meal with lotus root...Good good!
Sarah loves the blueberries. Although it taste a bit sour, but she still eats it. Lucky!
For me, I dislike the taste and texture of the fruit.
Woww..RM28 per box. More expensive than mine. Ya, imported fruit is normally selling at high price.

Yes Sarah likes the fruit although it is a lil sour taste.
You may let Shan Rae try the fruit and hope he will likes it.

Jusco do sell blueberries? Must check it next time.
Yeap, give a try and who knows you and Ethan will like it.

Oliveoylz said...

I really like the idea of lotus root porridge. I'm a real lover of lotus root, but never tried the porridge version. Will try this one out someday.

Little Kit Boy said...

Hi, I'm Jenny and my boy's name is Kit boy. I really like your cooking idea/style and most probably I'll become your copycat.

Yes, my pleasure. Pls do add my blog in your bloglist and if you don mind, I'll love to add yours too.

Nice knowing you and keep in touch.

suhar40 said...

Hi Joanne, happy to heard Sarah like ur cooking, tis is ur own creation porridge?

Hope u dun mind i copy ur own creation recipe...hohooo

Cath J said...

Hi my fren.. Is your girl happy with the lotus soup? I always got problem to find menu for my boy.. very choosy.. mayb will try this too.. ^_^

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Cath J:
Hey Cath J, Sarah likes the lotus porridge a lot. And she has no problem swallowing with lotus soup too.
It is normal that kiddos are choosy with food. Actually Sarah too. She dislike certain type of food.
Hope your boy will like this menu.

Su Har:
Yea Su Har, I am happy too that Sarah did not waste the food. She even finished the soup of the porridge. She really likes it this time.
Erm, not really my own creation. I just like to see what other mommies cook for their kids then copy their idea and add some of mine too. So tata...this is the outcome!
Of course I wont mind Su Har. Go ahead and give a try of the menu. And hope both your angels will like it.

Of course I love to know you more so I will definitely add your blog into my blog roll. Nice to meet you too.
I wonder are you a MP member? Me too, but now I seldom log in.
About my cooking, hehe..actually I just cincai cincai throw in the ingredients. I am sure you have better cooking skills than me.

You may give a try to the porridge, but I cant taste much of lotus root in it. Maybe I used less of the ingredient.

slavemom said...

I've nvr tried fresh blueberries b4. Must buy 1 day for the kids to try. So I get to eat oso. hahaha

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yeap, give a try and maybe XY and CE likes it and You too..Hehe.