Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mee Hoon(s)

“Fried” Mee Hoon
I remembered my ex colleague once told me about this fried mee hoon with carrot; although I have zero idea how it looks like, but I guess it’s no harm to try.

I’ve grated the carrot and sweet potato, and also added an egg into the menu.

Ok, I know it does not look like fried mee hoon. The main reason was I did not blanch the mee hoon (short of time) and therefore I have to use more water to cook it.

Sarah is okay with the food although it has gluey texture, but she couldn’t finish it. Hmmm, I always have problem in adjusting her meal portion.

Dried Mee Hoon
I am not satisfied with the first version of mee hoon meal; so I have modified the cooking method a bit. I also grated the carrot and sweet potato in rough texture this time.

This is much better in terms of presentation and taste but there is still one problem with the meal. Sarah could not swallow the carrot and sweet potato well but she still likes the mee hoon though.

Maybe I should just cook plain mee hoon with egg only next time.


Cynthia said...

me also prefer the dry version... looks good too.. maybe next time just soak in water first before you fry, then it will not be so hard lor.. :p

the little prince said...

May be you can try this.

Cook the carrot n sweet potatoes first in ikan bilis soup...use low heat (covered with lid) for about 15 - 30 min.

So when you started to fried mee hoon (may 1st fried little onion), then pour in the soup, later put in the mee hoon (but better to blanch the mee hoon)..then cover, let the mee hoon soek the soup...

Just some suggestion.
I normally like to put brocoli n tomato! :-)

Kristie said...

Joanne, both the dishes look yummy lah :) I wonder how u managed to grate the vege to so small and fine? My grater can't do that... either grate normally or if I use the small holes, everything gets stuck there... maybe I have a lousy grater!

Anyway, what I do for Jayden to introduce him to chew soft solids is to boil/steam the carrots/sweet potatoes till soft, then chop it into chunks, so that he can still chew, and his gums will get it all mashed up inside his mouth, he won't choke too :) Can do this for porridge, pasta etc.

I read from somewhere that we should encourage our child to chew, chewing helps exercise the jaw and aids speech development!

Ann said... is tough indeed cooking for a toddler especially when we want to get a variety of stuff inside them and don't know how they will take to the combination!

But it is good to contnue trying....cheerio to you!

I guess if she likes noodles, can at least stick to that as a base and add on pieces of other goodies.

Serene said...

Hi Joanne, normally i will cut the carrots into smaller pcs and also the mee hoon, I cut till it's shorter... for Xixi easy to swallow. If not she will get chokes.

little prince's mummy said...

Too bad my boy're not into dry noodles... hmm..

Lydia said...

My way of cooking beehoon for John...
Stir-fry veges, add in water and cook till veges are soften (add seasoning etc). Then, add in beehoon (soaked in hot water). Stir through and cover for a few minutes, done.

I cooked fried beehoon for John last week, he ate by himself till very messy... beehoon all over his body like having a hair-cut!

MeRy said...

The beehoon looks great. Do you soak the beehoon before cooking with tap water? Normally I will soak the beehoon for abt 1 hr,then I will prepare the ingredients.
Add more oil while frying the beehoon,so it won't looks too dry.Also add bit of water while frying.
I nvr add sweet potato into fried beehoon before.Juz wondering hw it will taste.Sweet??

U can also cook beehoon soup for Sarah.I always add some green vege like sayur sawi,carrot,sausage+egg.Give it a try!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

This is a very good method Lydia.
1) May I know how much water should I add in?
2) May I know what are the seasoning you normally add?
Good hor, at least you let John eat by himself? Me ya, still afraid to let Sarah explore with the skills. I am very afraid of the messy part. Sigh!

For me, I think cooking dried mee is more difficult. See the outcome!!

Actually I did cut everything shorter but she still gets chocked. Hmm...
Anyway, thanks for your tips.

I always thought I can just cook what I love to eat for Sarah, but seems like not every time it will worked.
Thanks for your encouragement, I will keep up my work!
Sarah likes all types of noodles, sometimes afraid of she will bored with soup base noodle, so came up with this idea.

You do think both menu also looked nice? So nice of you. For me, I definitely not eating the first one. Hehe.
Actually I just used the grater that my sis bought from China. And I also used the small holes one. Yalor, the vege will stuck there so have to take it out.
Thanks for your great tips. Last time when I first intro solid food to Sarah, I always steam or boil the vege first, but now lazy. Hehe. I think I should do that now.
Ooo..another good info shared by you. I did not know that by exercising their chewing will helps in the speech development. Ok, Sarah needs more chewing now.

Thanks for your guidance.
It is right, I guess I should cook the vege first and blanch the mee hoon, so when both fried, is more easier and quicker to cook.

Haha...The dried mee hoon looked more nice hor. The first one is very scary leh..
Yeap, I should take an extra step in making my job easier;blanch the noodle.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yeap, I did soak the mee hoon with tap water before cooking it, but only for a short while. I should make it longer next time.
Add more oil..To be honest, I am quite hesitate in using a lot of oil in cooking. But once in a while, why not right:-)
Hehe, I think I am crazy in adding the sweet potato in the menu, coz it quite weird lor. Is like salty taste plus the sweetness from the sweet potato!
Yeap, actually I have cooked once mee hoon soup for Sarah
But I just added in tomato.
I must give a try on adding more ingredient into the soup to make it tastier. Thanks!

Kristie said...

No problem Joanne, pay compliments when it's due :)

What I do now to encourage Jayden to chew is to give him soft vege/fruits such as tomato, sweet potato, potato, carrots, kiwi, papaya etc in chunks, or coarsely mash, so that he won't be bored of pureed food, I don't want him to just swallow his food, I want him to feel the different textures of food in his mouth!

For fish, chicken, just make sure it's coarsely mashed, then can feed Sarah, cos she got more teeth now right :) U can give fishballs/vege balls etc, to encourage chewing!

Mummy Gwen said...

The portion seems alot hor. Gwen don't really like meehoon but she still eats and very slow too. You will improve with more trying and all the advice given sure help ya.

Julie said...

Haha...the second attempt really looks much better.

Next round can put some miced meat.

Ley Mei said...

hey.. i know the grater that ur sister bought from china, it's a good buy la.. i got one too and it can really make vege into small pieces..

i like the first one instead... may be i havent try it.. keke.. becoz i like mee hon in soup more than fry one kuah.. keke.. but i never try to cook mee hoon for my gals.. i know they wont dunwant to waste my energy.. keke.

Blessed mum said...

first time i see fried bee hoon with sweet potato! you are really very adventurous with food!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha....This time I must admit that I am adventurous with food. :-)

Ley Mei:
You also have the grater from China? Hehe..So ngam! Not bad ya that grater. Very useful in making a lot of things. I like to use it when I make salad.
You also like the first one. Ok ok. At least the first one still have some supporter like you, thanks ya!
Your gals dont like mee hoon? Why? How about other type of noodles?

Haha...The dried mee hoon looked more nice hor. The first one is very scary leh..
Another good idea from you. Will add some minced meat into it.

Mommy Gwen:
A lot hor..When I soaked it, I thought just lil bit, but when it is served I was shocked with the big portion.
Gwen very good girl leh, she still eats mee hoon altho she dont really like it.
I am so thankful that all mommies provided so good tips and advices to me. I hope I can cook better fried mee hoon nxt time.

:-)I know I owe you many treats.
Correct, it is good to let our baby to sense the food texture, either in their mouth or with their hands.
Ya, Sarah got 16 teeth now. So I should let her practice with her chewing skill. But she is very good in chewing biscuits. Hehe.

UmmiRosma said...

Why not you omit the grated sweet potatoes. I think the fried version would be better.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Is true, I also think the "main culprit" is the sweet potato.
Yeap, without it should taste better. Hehe.
Thanks for your advice.