Sunday, July 19, 2009

Christmas Comes Early – Part 2

Gifts just keep flowing in lately…this Saturday I have received another gift from my forum friend, Winnie.

We were chatting about food the other day and she told me that she loves to collect recipe book / booklet; she then offered to send me some of her collections.

I was taken aback and feel shy at first; she said that she like to share the recipes with someone who really interested in. (Yes, I am.)

Besides, Winnie also attached some stickers with the gift. This is so nice of her and I really feel grateful about it.

I honestly wish to say thank you and show my appreciation. Hopefully I can share the food I learned from the recipe books with you, one day.


slavemom said...

U must be vy happy - got so many gifts lately, from frens n blog giveaway.

MommyAngel said...

Yes .... really so many nice recipe leh!! Cook and show us some la :) And Winnie is really nice to share her collection with you :)

Mummy Ryan said...

Dont forget to cook, upload the photo here n also share the recipe...:)

Cynthia said...

wowowo... santa clause is coming to town... :)

little prince's mummy said...

So many giftsssss!~

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Kylie and Slavemom:
Ya, I am lucky to have so many gifts.

Haha....not Ho Ho Ho ya:-)

KC and Caroline:
Sure sure, I will definitely upload the photo here if I have successfully cook them.

suhar40 said...

look forward ur new post on yummy food & recipes.. :D

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Su Har:
Hai, thanks for dropping by.
Hopefully I can cook the recipe well.