Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beetroot Meals with Steamed White Pomfret

Beetroot with Spiral Spaghetti
This recipe use simple ingredients; I just put the beetroot with some black fungus into the ikan bilis broth. It tastes not bad, although the soup has a scary colour.

Beetroot Porridge

This is what I normally do to prevent Sarah gets bored with the food I made for her. I will modify the ingredients slightly and switch between noodle and the porridge every two days.

And today it’s the porridge version. I’ve used marinated chicken meat, carrot and of course, the beetroot. The porridge tastes better (sweeter) than spaghetti. I guess it has a nicer appearance too.

Sarah really likes beetroot; she has no problem with the meals. I am very proud of her.

Besides, I also steamed a pomfret with Bovril sauce as her side dish. I’ve obtained this recipe from the menu book that Winnie sent me.

The fish taste not much of the Bovril sauce, but it still tastes good. Sarah managed to finish the pomfret either with the spaghetti or porridge. Good girl!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lovely Blog Award & Best Blog Award

It’s been a while I did not receive any blog award and now I’ve got two from Cynthia. These awards are meaningful to me as it gives encouragement and boost the spirit of blogging in me. Thank you so much, Cynthia.

The rules for these awards are:

1. To accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.
2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve discovered and think are great! Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

And now, I wish to pass these awards to my fellow friends:
1) Doreen
2) Sha
3) Mommy Gwen
4) Serene
5) Sam
6) Angela
7) Lydia
8) Merryn
9) Kristie
10) KC
11) Slavemom
12) Olive
13) Cyndi
14) Yvonne Fung
15) Caroline

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All I can Say is Thank You

I love surprise and Sam has just given me one. She sent me something last week without forewarns; I really feel shocked the moment I know the parcel is for me.

I guess she still remembered I told her that I will buy a cartoon-printed toothbrush for Sarah, so she did exactly that! Besides, Sam also sent me a pack of her hometown product “Honey Roasted Anchovies”, and Sarah just like this crunchy snack.

And then there is this crayon and colouring book; but I have kept it away from her sight at this moment, because I do not want her to mess up the book with the new set of crayon.

I’m speechless. There’s nothing I can say other than thank you. Thank you for your kind thought and all the lovely gifts.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Nic’s Baby Birthday Do

We were delighted to be invited by Nicole to attend Jacelyn’s first birthday celebration last Sunday.

I keep telling Sarah few days before that she will be giving a gift to “mei mei”, and also singing birthday song; this is to prepare her for being proper behaved on the actual day…

And she did just that! At least she did not cry, or showed her timid side in socializing with people. She happily greets my friends with “Hallooo” and also wave hands with them. I really glad that she was well behaved.

I am excited to meet my friends for the first time (except Nicole and Huey Yuan). I knew them either from forum or blogging. They are all very friendly and I feel comfortable talking with them. We were just chatting like an old friend.

Their kids were lovely and active; most of them busy playing at the play area except Sarah (chicken-hearted). She just watches them from far.

(Left) Huey Yuan, Me and Nicole (Middle) Huey Yuan and Me (Right) Me and Ann

(Left) Me and Winnie (Middle) Wan Chin (Right) Cake Cutting

(Left) Sarah (Middle) Jacelyn (Right) Jessica

We headed home by around noon. After wake up from her nap, Sarah just can’t wait to play with all the presents from mommies. We really appreciated the kind thoughts of all the mommies for their generous gifts.

From Left: party bag from Nicole, gift from Huey Yuan, gift from Winnie and gift from Ann

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Low-Fat Lemon Yogurt Cake

I’ve try my hand on the Lemon Cake this time. I guess the cake will goes well with me since I love the taste of lemon. This recipe also uses yogurt, although I dislike yogurt (and most of the dairy product) but I guess it still worth a try…

Indeed, it worth the try! I am very delighted with the outcome; the cake is rich in lemon flavor and (luckily) it tastes less about the yogurt.

It is super moist and really delicious. In fact, I gave it a higher score than the coconut cake I baked previously.

I tried to do the glaze for the cake, but it taste a bit sour. I think I will just do away with it next time.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Outgrown, replenished & shopping – Part 2

As a frequent patron of C4, we usually visit the place for our sundry needs; and last week we went there with a mind to shop for Sarah.

It was quite some time we last replenish Sarah’s clothes. She has outgrown some of it. We’ve bought two pieces for her this time.

I like the pink colour one most; really looking forward to put it on Sarah.

Flash Cards

We noticed that Sarah showed more interest towards flash cards. Therefore we have bought this “Shapes and Colours” Flash Cards for her. Hopefully she will learn some new things from there.


Thinking of DIY some play dough like what Caroline did, but just too lazy to move sometimes. So ended up we bought a Play-Doh set for Sarah.

She likes the game a lot (at least at this moment). She has yet to master the skills of making an “ice cream” or anything from the tools, but she enjoying herself by poking her fingers at the dough. I guess she just likes to feel the soft texture.

Stuffed Barney

When we were about to leave the place, daddy spotted the Barney soft toy. Of course Sarah will never let it go once she gets hold of it. The funny part of the toy is, once press on its tummy, it will sings Barney theme song “I love you…” It makes Sarah laugh; and guess what, it only cost us RM10!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Meal

Lotus Root Porridge
This is what I’ve prepared for Sarah this morning.

I’m in a rush so the ingredients is not finely chopped (I break it into small pieces though when feed her); but luckily I managed to take a photo for the final outcome.

I have use lotus root, white potato and oyster mushroom for the porridge. My initial plan was to add some chicken meat too, but afraid it will be too much for her.

The porridge tastes good and sweet. I have added some fried shallot and it does bring up much flavour.

I am relief that the ingredients worked well together and Sarah likes it too.

Ashamed to say, this is first time me (and Sarah) tried the fresh blueberries.

Although it is selling at a high price (for a small pack of fruit) but I guess it’s good for Sarah to have a bite. Needless to say the health benefits and the nutritious of blueberries are abundance.

It is quite an enjoyable scene looking at Sarah popping the blueberries into her mouth one by one.

Money well spent, I said.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Christmas Comes Early – Part 2

Gifts just keep flowing in lately…this Saturday I have received another gift from my forum friend, Winnie.

We were chatting about food the other day and she told me that she loves to collect recipe book / booklet; she then offered to send me some of her collections.

I was taken aback and feel shy at first; she said that she like to share the recipes with someone who really interested in. (Yes, I am.)

Besides, Winnie also attached some stickers with the gift. This is so nice of her and I really feel grateful about it.

I honestly wish to say thank you and show my appreciation. Hopefully I can share the food I learned from the recipe books with you, one day.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mee Hoon(s)

“Fried” Mee Hoon
I remembered my ex colleague once told me about this fried mee hoon with carrot; although I have zero idea how it looks like, but I guess it’s no harm to try.

I’ve grated the carrot and sweet potato, and also added an egg into the menu.

Ok, I know it does not look like fried mee hoon. The main reason was I did not blanch the mee hoon (short of time) and therefore I have to use more water to cook it.

Sarah is okay with the food although it has gluey texture, but she couldn’t finish it. Hmmm, I always have problem in adjusting her meal portion.

Dried Mee Hoon
I am not satisfied with the first version of mee hoon meal; so I have modified the cooking method a bit. I also grated the carrot and sweet potato in rough texture this time.

This is much better in terms of presentation and taste but there is still one problem with the meal. Sarah could not swallow the carrot and sweet potato well but she still likes the mee hoon though.

Maybe I should just cook plain mee hoon with egg only next time.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Time Winner

What a wonderful feeling when I read that I had won a prize; and I guest Lady Luck smiles at me this time.

Picture courtesy of Pei Mun's blog.

Thanks Pei Mun for the generosity in her blog giveaway. The Anti Mosquito Clear Lotion is very useful for Sarah, and me, too.

I have never been so lucky.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Ball Pool

And finally, Sarah has changed her mind; she is not afraid of the ball pool anymore.

I was surprised to see that she was willing to let me carry her into the ball pool and then she started to perform her favourite stunt - jump, jump, and jump. At first we were happy it works out but now we started to worry…

She will use her full strength to crawl out from the ball pool and we are afraid she will fall flat on her face. Therefore, at this moment we have to place a small mattress under one of the “window” and instructed her to crawl out from there.

At least she has to do this until she has enough height to reach the floor safely.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More on Dory Fish

Baked Dory Fish
This will be the second dish I prepared with using oven. Yvonne has given me the idea of baking the fish in aluminum foil; and I also got some help from this website.

Instead of apply only the mayonnaise on the fish, I added some butter too.

The fish was baked nicely. The flesh still remained tender and juicy although I’ve baked it in 240°C for about 10 minutes.

Sarah likes the fish very much…maybe it’s the slight saltiness taste from the mayonnaise. She could finish the whole piece of dory fish with a big plate of pumpkin porridge.

Thanks Yvonne for giving me the tips on using the oven in an easier, efficient way.

Spring Onion Ginger Fish
This is my first attempt in cooking this menu for my family. I am lucky that there are so many recipes available in the internet that I could refer to.

My husband and I love it. I will definitely cook the same dish again, but I got to remember to drain the excess oil after deep fry it, so the dish won’t become too oily.

If you would like the original recipe, click here.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Christmas comes early

Joanne Ngan told me that I shall waiting for a parcel from her; and I’ve got it yesterday. Wow, I mean, I never expected it was like goodie bag! She had also written me a letter to say Hi…

She has a very good memory as she still remembered I love collecting sticker. Joanne sent me so many stickers at one go. It is so touching to receive this special gift from her.

Besides, Joanne also sent few activities book for Sarah; and among the gifts, Sarah likes the colour pencil most. She will now ask for colouring whenever she saw it.

Many thanks to my dear friend. Although I never meet you, I know you always keep me and Sarah in your thought.