Monday, June 15, 2009


Actually I’ve bought this toothbrush from Anakku about two months ago. I thought it was the right time then to replace Sarah’s finger toothbrush but alas, she dislikes it; so I just keep the toothbrush in the cabinet.

Today I showed it to Sarah again and see what her immediate respond was. She grabbed it from me without any hesitation (it’s a good sign).

During bath time, I told her that I am going to use this new toothbrush to clean her “gigi”. I also demonstrated to her how I brush my teeth at the same time. She observed it and the next thing she did was, insert the toothbrush in her mouth and start brushing! Of course she has yet to master the skill, so I got to re-brush her teeth after that.

Happy Brushing, Sarah!


Maggie said...

wow... nice brush & good sign from Sarah ya... i tot oli Kiyo don brush her teeth, now i am wrong, is actually not ready ya... hihihihi

UmmiRosma said...

I bought this type before but with Jordan brand. I didnt know Anakku has this design too...
*LOL* true...i have to sing along with the kids and even crazily dance whole brushing teeth....

MommyAngel said...

The toothbrush looks so nice .... is it better then the normal ones coz Angel is using the normal ones from Mam .... so so la.

Sarah big girl already, now it's teeth brushing time :)

MeRy said...

Nice toothbrush..I juz bought new toothbrush for Ryan few wiks ago..colgate pokemon toothbrush.Have started to train Ryan hw to brush his own teeth n he has yet to master the skill correctly.

So...wish our kids Happy Brushing!!

Mummy Gwen said...

The toothbrush design is very cute huh. Gwen is using Oral B with Pooh and friends of her fav chars too.

Ley Mei said...

i bought this too for katelynn and she loves it.. but she did really use it for brushing her teeth.. only bite on it... sigh ~~

Cynthia said...

Happy Brushing Sarah! Nice toothbrush ya mummy.. :)

LittleLamb said...

philip has the same toothbrush in my bathroom. but blue in color. got it from guardian. in fact, he has so many toothbrush, in my mom house, maid toilet, etc..

anyway philip also has not master the skill of brushing n also spiting..:(

Fussy mum said...

That's a cute toothbrush. I'm sure she enjoys her teeth brushing moments :) I still need to monitor Sharlene when she brushes her teeth but most of the time, I do it for her.

little prince's mummy said...

Wow! not bad.. start brushing teeth herself!~

agnes said...

so cute the toothbrush.. am using the one from Oral-B for Chloe.. are u using tooth paste as well? am using 'First teeth' the moment.. Chloe dunno how to gargle yet but she knows how not to drink the water & spit it out lah.. so funny :P

she tend to close her mouth & sometimes bite the brush automatically when i brush for her.. sigh.. gonna remind her constantly to relax.. hahahahhaa

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Agnes, Ivy, Cynthia, Mommy Gwen, Mery, Caroline, Maggie:
Cute hor...Is like the toothbrush has a big and wide buttock but small head, lol:-)

A lot of my frens are using oral B too. It is a good brand. How much you bought it?
I have yet to introduce toothpaste to Sarah, thought to wait till she passed 2 years old.
"First Teeth" toothpaste..Is it a brand from Oral B too? Will look for it.
It is good that at least Chloe knows how to spit out the water. Or else mommy will have headache.
Haha...Chloe is too tension of brushing teeth ya. Cute~!

Yalor, have to start let her brushing her teeth. Just afraid that she doesn't want to do so if I introduce the toothbrush later:-)

Luckily at this moment, Sarah still okay with her teeth brushing moment.
Give Sharlene some time, I am sure she can brush her teeth all by herself very soon.

Philip also got the same toothbrush? So ngam. I also saw the blue one but Sarah has chose this.
Wowww..Philip has so many toothbrush ya...Can start a collection of that already (just kidding).
You mean he spit out the water (with toothpaste)? Ok least he is not swallowing it.

Katelynn also got the same toothbrush? So ngam.
Maybe Katelynn has yet to understand what is the toothbrush for...hehe.
Give her some time. Happy Brushing to her too.

Mommy Gwen:
Oral B toothbrush has the cartoon printed on it? I did not know it. I wish to buy one for Sarah too. Got Barney ya..hehe.
I am sure Gwen likes to brush her teeth with the Pooh and Tigger.:-)

I think I need to do more survey on cute toothbrush for kids. Coz now only I know Oral B and also Colgate got cartoon print on the toothbrush.
Ryan likes Pokemon?
Happy Brushing to Ryan too.

You mean the normal toothbrush is those without design one?
Mam has toothbrush too?

Jordan has the same design has Anakku? I did not know that either, hehe. even dance with your kids when brushing their teeth. Really put a lot of effort ya. :-)

Hmm...maybe you can start her with finger toothbrush and see how she react? If she still doesnt like it, then she is really not ready with it.

Esmeralda said...

Great job Sarah! Sooner you'll master your skills in brushing your teeth. Ashton loves brushing his teeth, but he just love to grab the toothbrush from me, and then tried very hard to brush, but the toothbrush never even got close to his teeth. He just move it slightly to the left & to the right, that's all. So I'm still struggling to brush his upper row of teeth now, since he never want to let me brush them. The lower row is fine. Does Sarah allows you to brush the upper row of her teeth?

Blessed mum said...

so smart can brush teeth herself! Happy brushing!

the little prince said...

Good job Sarah!! Better watch her when she did that by herself, sometime kids will not be able to control their hand properly ya!! step is to let her try the tooth paste then!! :-) I not yet let my boy try cos he likes to play the adult one!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks for your advice. Normally I will be beside her when she is brushing her teeth.
How about Kyle? Can he brush his teeth now?
Yalor...I am still holding on in intro toothpaste to her. Still unsure what brand. Maybe wait till she reaches 2 years old.
How Kyle play with the adult toothpaste? Squeeze it?

She is still learning, but it is a good start.

Hope one day Sarah can master the brushing teeth skill.
Ashton very independent boy. He dont want mommy to help, so he insist to try all by himself:-)
I have a habit to clean Sarah's teeth with a piece of wet hanky everytime after she eats. So when come to brushing time, she has no prob at all in showing all her gigi and let me clean. Lucky me!

slavemom said...

That's a cute t/brush. It's great that she enjoys brushing her teeth. Good oral hygiene. Do keep it up, Sarah.

Julie said...

Jonathan dislike me brushing his teeth. Don't know why. How ler?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

May I know since small Jonathan also dislike cleaning his teeth?
Did you tried to use finger toothbrush?
For Sarah, since small she s ok with cleaning her teeth with a cloth, later on I start her with finger toothbrush. Then now switch to toothbrush.
Is it maybe Jonathan afraid of the handle of the toothbrush? If finger toothbrush is more soft in texture.
How about this, you try to brushing teeth in front of Jonathan and hope that he wont feel weird of the action of brushing teeth.

Not bad ya the design of the toothbrush. Next time will buy the toothbrush with cartoon printing.

Kristie said...

Talking abt tooth brushing, Jayden hates it whenever I try to open his mouth to check his teeth also... aiyoh, he is bound to bite my fingers once I start with the finger toothbrush!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Poor you, I understand the pain when they bite our fingers. I tried it before.
Luckily now Sarah understood whenever I told her NOT to do that to me.

Serene said...

So cute la the toothbrush. The holder is wide good for toddler's finger. What a coincident, I also just bought a new toothbrush for Xixi lately. She know how to gaggle with my help now, but notice she like to swallow the toothpaste as well cos it taste sweet... haha. pengsan lor!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Actually when I bought the toothbrush, I never think whether it has a good holder or not. I just think it has a small bristle that suits Sarah:-)
May I know which brand of toothbrush that you have bought? Got cartoon one? just love to swallow the toothpaste. For them, it taste like a sweet guah..

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

Ya..true me also bought from Jordan. Just the same but Tina's is green. But now she pick up more than I teach. She want toothbrush just like mine! So we have to bought for her the soft one..And she also said "kiki" when I ask her to bath..

Kids are funny ...

Sarah also cute is they know how to brush her teeth..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You mean the one that Sarah is using now is Jordan brand? I did not know that, coz I already threw away the label.
I thought it is a brand from Anakku since I bought it from there.
Ooo...So cute. Tina wants the adult toothbrush. She wants to act like how mommy brushing teeth.
Sarah also said "gigi" when want to brush teeth.