Friday, June 19, 2009

Teaching Aids

Drypers Milestone Programme’s Inserts

This is the first teaching aid I introduced to Sarah a few months back. I started by teaching her about the animals printed on the inserts. She can now recognize the pictures of ladybird, hippopotamus, goat, lion, chicken and etc…

Flash Cards

Sensing that Sarah had made some progress in recognizing the animals from the Dryper’s inserts, we decided to buy a set of Alphabet Flash Cards for her.

Instead of learning the alphabet, she is somehow ends up strong in memorizing the graphics.

DIY Alphabet Cards

But we are not giving in. We thought that the Flash Card is too colourful to distract her from the alphabet, so daddy is DIY an ABC Card (in black and white).

I am teaching Sarah in slow pace as I noticed she’s not so interested to the cards. Every time she saw me holding the cards, she will show some frustrations. Or maybe I should buy a set of colourful alphabet-only cards?


MeRy said...

Slowly teach Sarah on the flash card. It takes time for kid to learn n show an interest on it. I am having hard time teaching Ryan ABC too.He can say out ABC (follow my words),but stil not able to remember the ABC words by himself.

nicole said...

Joanne, i show the flash cad to Jessica, she say some of the picture she knw only then she grabs all the cards and run to a place then put the cards piece by piece (like selling cards), she give everybody 1 cards and want us say "thank you" to her.

nicole said...
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Mummy Gwen said...

Just show her the flashcards everyday for a few mins. Kids have very good memories. Soon she will recognize the alphabets. Gwen knows her capital letters learning those small letters.

Cynthia said...

Joanne.. I came across those flash cards in colours in Popular.. Alternatively, you can print those in colour cards since you already DIY... :)

MommyAngel said...

*clap clap* Hurray, another milestone achieved for little Sarah! She seems to know a lot of items from the flash cards already :) Keep up the good work! I think sometimes kids just are not interested in those dull alphabet cards and maybe you can get a huge letters small pictures card? For me colourful alphabet is also quite dull leh .... just my 2 cents la :)

Merryn said...

joanne, try to print them out in RED. RED works for children. seriously! if u notice, many teaching aids uses RED letters. or simply write them out using RED markers. n try not to teach sarah the alphabets in order. just take in random n see which one she prefers. she might get hook on O first. use ur fingers n show her ur mouth with that shape of 'O' when u pronounce it. she'll definitely be interested to make her mouth to be like 'O' too. from there onwards, just show her any alphabets and see which one she likes. maybe 'S' coz u can put your fingers along it n glide like a snake? use creativity to get the kid interested. it's not all on ABC's.. it is how they relate the alphabet to something they already know.. (just MY two cents worth lah.. ) :D

UmmiRosma said...

That was excellent Sarah....
Yea I think you better make the alphabets colourful which will surely attarct her attention better. By the way, for my case, I stopped teaching my kids the alphabets for a while because in my country the pre-school pupils are taught uisng the phonic strategy. Thus I put this thing on hold for a moment. But they are learning the numbers and pictures now too.

the little prince said...

Sarah so clever..start to recognise alphabet...I have not start to teach Kyle a single thing at all..may be I too lazy..just want him to play more!! :-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks Ummi.
I also think that if the cards are make with more colours, she surely get attracted to it.
Phonic strategy? Mind to explain? :-)
So how is Habibi and Habibati progress with the numbers and pictures?

You know what, we thought that it is good and successful if Sarah able to learn the ABC only looking at the black and white cards. But we are wrong!
I really appreciate all your advice. I will try all of the ways very soon. Thanks again!

Thanks for your comment.
Infact Sarah already recognise all the objects in the flash cards, but sometimes she is just lazy to point to me when I ask her. (You may see "the way" she point the object in the video).
Another good idea from you, huge letters small pictures card. Will try to find it. Thanks ya!

Ya, should have find the alphabet flash card from popular. I tried to find from those bookshop around here, but they don't sell it.
Thanks for your suggestions.

Mommy Gwen:
Yalor, sometimes in btwn playing with her, I will curi some time and showed her the alphabet cards.
If I were to ask her in a very serious manner, she wont attend me one...
Woww...Gwen already know A to Z?

Jessica so cute one, somemore will try mommy she only knows some of the alphabets.

Seems like you and I need to "add oil" in teaching our kid to know ABC...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yugene: kiasu mah. Seeing all the kiddos started to know ABC, I also want to let Sarah learn. Hehe.

HN said...

I started off a bit late on Sethy but he absorbs his Alphabet like sponge :) I did it even simpler .. I printed the ABC on A4 paper (black & white too),Sethy was not interested at first.. but I let him hold those pieces of paper while teaching him, and now he knows A-Z quite well already (after dunno how many hundred times repeating it myself lar :P)Oh yes, I realized that even my son is not looking at me while I kept reading those letters to him, he is actually listening and learning at the same time! All we have to do is just repeating it again and again like the recorder :)

Ley Mei said...

actually the DIY card is good for her.. may be u can do it faster space and fnish off at one go with the 26 alphab... n only do it twice a day...

oh ya.. both gals loves the soft mat that we put on the floor, the one with aplhabet.. may be u can buy a bigger piece.. and ask her to step on the alphabet that u name.. it's a fun way i did it with the gals.. and they love it.. may be Sarah will love it too.. :)

Serene said...

Hi Joanne, Sarah is so much grown up already. She definitely know more things by now. Well done!
My case was actually quite same with HN, I kept repeating A-Z to Xixi and wants her to follow me. So after N times of repeating, she finally knows her A-Z well now. But somehow she will forgot some letters still. Nvm, I just let her learn at her own pace, no force. By the way, you can try to teach her A-Z by singing the ABC song. She might get interested learning while singing? I remember Barney got one episodes are teaching ABC song, quite fun!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Actually my husband has done the full set of 26 alphabets:-)
I only show Sarah each of the alphabet after she able to memorise and learned the earlier one.
oo..I know that alphabet mat. I also have the set, but I have kept it, because last time Sarah always like to take out piece by piece. Perhaps I should take it out again and let Sarah learn ABC in this attractive way.
Thank you so much for your idea.

May I know when you start teaching Sethy alphabets?
Anyway, it is a good job that Sethy able to recognise the 26 alphabets. For me, it is not an easy job for kiddos. Good job to you too.
I think I must like you, be more patient in repeating the alphabets to Sarah.
Thanks ya!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks for your comment.
And I must give a big clap to Xixi, coz she is doing a very good job in recognising the alphabets. As I told HN, it is not an easy job for kids to do that. So great job to you too in keep repeating the alphabets to her.
Ya, good idea from you too..How come I never think of singing songs and let Sarah learn from the song.

HN said...

Oh, I only started to teach about one month ago (when Sethy's abt 21 months old). I started to teach him some simple words too, without telling him the meaning first... purely to strengthen his memory power (printed in black and white also) :)

2ma said...

all i can say is be patience ya!

Fussy mum said...

Try not to have your flash card session too long. Kids at Sarah's age tend to have short attention span. Fun learning is best for them. Just keep teaching her, Joanne. Soon she will know her ABCs well.

little prince's mummy said...

My boy won't concentrate on flash cards too... I'm trying other options such as cooking ABC pasta, buying ABC biscuits, and recently buy him an alphabert mega blocks...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You are very creative in teaching Sean. I never think of teaching ABC thru food. It is a fun learning process for Sean.
Thanks for the idea.

Thanks for your suggestions.
Is true leh, Sarah unable to pay attention to learning for long period of time. So I gotto be pandai2 catch her time.
Ok, I will kambateh and be patient with her.

Yeap. Thanks ya!:-)

Now Sethy is 22 mths old right? Meaning, he able to learned the alphabets within one mth time? Woww..impressed!
I also love to do some activities in strengthening Sarah's memory power.
HN, seems like you have done few sets of cards for Sethy. Good mommy!

Kristie said...

Joanne, don't worry!!! Sarah is doing extremely well already in the video, she's so clever!

Maybe can try teaching her ABCs through songs? Maybe a VCD or something, or CD and sing a long with her... then give her the flashcards every now and then. Gd luck dear!

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

Good job then Joanne..Though she may be looked not interested but this work in the long run.

From my reading, I printed out from internet. But thats long time ago. When Tina is 3 or 4 mth.And I still have them but the last page has been teared by Tina.

Then I start to bought board book for Tina. The small-small one. Contain animal, alphabet, pictures, numbers and many things. I am not forcing but keep try to ask her to enjoy me looking the books.And now she 's able to open and see the book by herself

While she's one year, me and hubby bought her learning toys that have sound like.. A for apple, B for bird and so on. It have button to change from alphabet to sound, try to find it and music.

I think that you do a very good thing. Merryn said is work for kids. Dont give up ya Joanne... One day you will happy with the patient ya..Good luck

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I also just knew that some flash cards can be printed thru internet.
But you already started to print the cards thru internet since Tina was 3 mths tech savvy!
I also have few board books, but Sarah dislike most of them. I think she think that the books are too small in size for her to handle. Therefore she preferred magazines.
It is good that Tina showed her interest in reading. Keep it up girl.
Agreed with you, gotto be more patient in teaching Sarah. Thanks for your encouragement.

Thanks for your comment.
So far, the flash cards (shown in the video) is the one that she likes best!
Thanks for all your suggestions. I appreciated it a lot.

slavemom said...

Sarah's so clever! Even if u think that she's not concentrating when u're teaching her, she's actually absorbing everything. Kids' learning power is jes so amazing. Keep up the good work, mummy.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks for your comment.
I do agreed with you. Sometimes when I am teaching her, she just playing with her toys. But she do absorb all that knowledge.
Thanks for your encouragement. I will "add oil".