Monday, June 29, 2009

A (futile) Trip to Ikea

We went to Ikea last Sunday with a plan to buy a new footstool. We thought to have breakfast there (thinks Swedish Meatball) but not available as their restaurant only started at 11.30 am onward.

So we proceed to adjacent The Curve to search for food. I saw a kids ride on our way there; Sarah likes to sit on it because mommy told her that she is sitting with “Barney” (actually it is not). Or else, she won’t even dare to come near it…

Speaking about the breakfast we had, hmmm, please do not step your foot into this restaurant called “Rojak Rojak”, regret big time!

Then finally I have the opportunity to shop at Daiso since I have heard so much about it; and I manager to grab a measuring jug and a packet of balloon from there.

Later we head back to Ikea again. It was so disappointed that most of the footstools are temporarily out of stock. After that, we brought Sarah to the kid’s department. She was so attracted to a small rattan chair. She also enjoyed herself playing with the wooden toy.

It was not a nice trip we would like it to be, nevertheless, Sarah did have some fun time there.


Kristie said...

I guess the footstools must be quite popular at Ikea ya, so fast sold out? Anyway, you can give them a call before you go over actually, check with them whether they have stock before you go over so you won't get disappointed again :) That's what I do too when I need to get bulky items especially. You can get the number from!

Sarah is such a cute girl, she only likes barney ya? Luckily the dinosaur on the ride looks similar to Barney heheh...

Ann said...

ooohhh...talking about Barney, there is one in 1U!!!

Sorry you didnt have a good time in Ikea....yeah...the hot food only start at 11.30....

You went weekend? Didn't check out the flea market?

Ooohhh....thanks for the headsup on Rojak, rojak.

agnes said...

yea, agree with Kristie that u can actually call to check on the stock b4 going.. that was I did for the MAMMUT table the other day, wanted to get MAMMUT chair as well but still out of stock, guess the shipment hasn't arrive yet maybe.

did u buy the small rattan chair? Chloe had 1 home and she loves it a lot!!! ;)

little prince's mummy said...

My son loves to walk walk in ikea, too! But I'm too tired chasing him around.. ha!

LittleLamb said...

very fruitful trip. ... n i see all the new toys for Sarah

Serene said...

Ikea business must be good...
No worries, Sarah still has fun on her dinasour ride, right? And her coconut tress... heheh, so cute!!

Merryn said...

so early u go there dy? if i in ikea, i sure go buy the currypuff! u went to daiso to buy balloon? hahaha.. oh yeah lah, i remembered how sarah loves balloons. tak pergi brands outlet?

Ley Mei said...

hey... i know this "rojak rojak" and also have the same opinion as you... DUN STEP IN ... please dun... haha
firstly, the food is not cheap , moreover , the food not so nice, overall, i felt not worth to pay such amount to be in there and choices also not much...

I bougth the Rattan chair that sarah likes but not very useful.. lucky u din buy for her.. it's actually quite rough for little delicate hands..

Mummy Gwen said...

Huh..the footstools are out of stock. I thought to get one too. Sarah only likes cute. What did you eat at Rojak Rojak? I didn't even know where's the place..hehe

MeRy said...

Sad to hear that you did not managed to get the footstools,but I can see Sarah is enjoying the wikend so much.
What's up with Rojak Rojak? Their food are not nice?? or expensive??

nicole said...

i also wan to get a footstools..duno when got stock leh?
Sarah is enjoy to sit the rattan chair, hahahha... she found a chair which is fit her! and my gal also love to play this wooden toys at Ikea food restaurant.
the dinasour is similar with Barney... hahahha..
she look so enjoyable during shop with u & huby

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Nicole and Mommy Gwen:
You also plan to get one? Actually Ikea's one is not bad as the current one that I am using is more than 5 yrs.
According to Kristie and Agnes, we could always call up to check on the stock. So give a try...

Actually Sarah already got two small size chairs at home. She is more like "tam san sin" (cantonese) when she saw the rattan chair.
Jessica also loves the wooden toy? But not cheap leh, RM49!
Yes easy to be cheated one..I said the dinasour is BARNEY, then Sarah really thought it is..hehe. Bad Mommy!
Sarah always very enjoy when going for outing.

Mommy Gwen:
You know how much Sarah loves Barney...She keeps watch the SAME VCD the whole day long. I also can memorise the songs and the content.
We ordered kuew tiow soup, dried mee and also Sui Kao (dumpling soup). You know ar, the main menu is still ok, but the Sui Kao filling taste terrible. Seems like they have added a lot of corn starch in it and makes it has a gluey texture and taste no meat at all! We have ordered 6pcs and only tasted 1!

Mery: is quite disappointed knowing the footstool is out of stock, but glad that Sarah had a great time in Ikea.
The food at Rojak2 is super bad taste.

Ley Mei: know the restaurant. I guess is proven that the food served there taste BAD! You and I have the same comment about it.
You have the rattan chair? Yeap, it has a rough texture. I have feel it too. Yalor, luckily I did not buy for Sarah. Thanks for your advice.

Haha...yes, we like to bring Sarah to kai2 at that time. Easier to get parking.
Ya, I have bought some curry puffs too. I have ate 3 at one go.
Actually thought to buy many things at Daiso, but Sarah started to ask for milk. So no choice, quickly grab something lor.
No leh, did not go to Brands Outlet. Good bargain? Never been there.

I also think that Ikea has very good biz. See most of the footstools are out of stock.
Oh yes, Sarah loves the "barney" kids ride a lot. Even dont want to leave the place.
Haha...Thanks for your comment. Thats how I tie her hair when going to kai2.

Yeap, altho unable to get the footstool, but at least I got a packet of balloon for Sarah.

I bet Sean loves the kids department. Most of the kids love the place.

Kristie and Agnes:
Ai yak, I should have call ikea to check on the stock. But never thought that their biz is so good till most of them are out of stock! Anyway, thanks for your advice, will surely do that next time.

I did not buy the rattan chair. Actually Sarah already got two small size chairs at home. She is more like "tam san sin" (cantonese) when she saw the rattan chair.
Chloe has the chair? Hehe..I guess most of the kids loves it, especially girls. Nice colour and cute design.

Mommy Gwen:
You know how much Sarah loves Barney...She keeps watch the SAME VCD the whole day long. I also can memorise the songs and the content.

Really? One U has one Barney Kids Ride? I will bring Sarah there the next time.
I remembered last time Ikea do not have such a system. Unfortunately we are not able to eat the swedish meatball.
Yes, I went on Sunday. You mean the flea market at The Curve?
Remember..never step in to ROJAK2.

slavemom said...

Futile trip for mommy, nvm. As long as it's a fun trip for Sarah. :)

2ma said...

sarah is a big fan of barney huh? anyway, great to know sarah had enjoyed herself! i love to go ikea as well, just to look see, look see *haha*

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yalor...luckily Sarah had some fun there, or else it was not a fun trip.

I guess she is the no.1 great fans of Barney. She is now watching Barney VCD AGAIN...
Is good to have some idea on how to decor the house from Ikea:-) I like to do that too.

Esmeralda said...

Brave girl Sarah... until now Ashton still refused to sit on the rides like that..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Actually I did not insert coin into the kids ride, thats why Sarah willing to sit on it.
How about Ashton? Will he willing to sit on the kids ride if it dont move?

Esmeralda said...

Oh... Even without inserting the coins also Ashton won't sit on the ride.. he dun even want to get near it...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Last time Sarah also like that. Give him some time...