Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vermicelli Soup + Cod Fish

Fearing that my brain will get rusty after not cooking for Sarah for a week, I’ve finally come up with this idea - vermicelli soup + cod fish. The ingredient for this menu was: vermicelli, cauliflower, pureed green peas and the cod fish.

I steamed the fish with some fried shallot and preserved soybeans (tauchu). I’ve also pureed the green peas so that it is easier for Sarah to swallow.


Sarah was not able to finish the vermicelli but the most nutritious foods (cod fish and cauliflower) were all eaten up; and she also like the soup too…I am so happy to see that.

I did not mix the pureed green peas in the soup instead I feeding her with it separately. I think it also add some extra flavour to the meal.


Mummy Ryan said...

Wah good gal, at least she still gave face to mummy....ha ha ha even though cannot finish the vermicelli but able to finish up cod fish + cauliflower........clever gal........

Lydia said...

John does not like soupy stuff. Also, it is harder for me to feed him with soup noodles except for mee suah.

Today I tried new menu, instant noodles boiled together with ham, shredded carrot and lettuce, then discard all the soup. Use the noodles and vege to make pancake with an egg (lightly beat egg, add some soy sauce and sesame oil, then stir in noodles, pan-fried). John loved it. I guess I will make such dishes more often. You can try too.

Merryn said...

da cod fish looks delicious!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Then, John's fav type of mee will be fried mee?
Sarah opp with him, she likes soupy stuff and always ask for "soup soup" when I feed her the meal.
The vege that used to make the pancake are those that you boiled together with the instant noodles?
Such a brilliant idea from you to transform the noodles to be a "pancake". I like it. Surely will try it one day. Thanks for the idea.

Yalor, luckily she gave face to me, or else I gotto telan all her food, which not my normal practice, hehe.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks Merryn. Does Ethan likes cod fish?

the little prince said...

Good that Sarah love mee suah...
I am very sacred to cook mee suah for Kyle cos he likes to play with it..and he always make messy out of it till body, table, chair, floor..everywhere ...pengsan!! :-)

Mummy Gwen said...

The cod fish looks yummy. Pan fried the cod fish also quite sedap. Sarah is a good girl who never fails to gobbled up mummy's homecooked meals.

LittleLamb said...

its ok if she dont eat the beehoon or mee or rice.. but should attempt to finish the veges n protein (fish) cos that will give more nutrients....

sometimes i just cook 1 piece of cod/ salmon n that's his dinner..

Fussy mum said...

I love cod fish too...absolutely yummy and nutritious :) Glad that Sarah finished up the fish + vege. Mummy's homecooked food must be delicious!

little prince's mummy said...

Yummy cod fish!~

MeRy said...

Another new menu....Yummy.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks for your comment. Does Ryan likes Cod Fish? I remembered you have told me once that he only likes certain type of fish.

Thanks thanks:-)

I also like cod fish very much. Actually all the while, I did not buy cod fish for my family meal, only buy it for Sarah. So when I feed Sarah, I will just curi curi to eat some. So kesian hor, hehe.

Ya, luckily she managed to finish all the vege and cod fish. This is the most happy news for me.
Philip also likes to eat fish a lot? Good good...

Mommy Gwen:
I have thought to pan fry the fish, but I am not sure it will as tasty as steaming it. Perhaps I should try next time. Thanks!

Hehe, I remembered you told me that kyle loves to play with mee suah. Why ya? He particularly loves to play with this noodle or all type of noodle? So cute...

Lydia said...

John loves all sort of fried noodles, but sometimes it is hard to add vege in it cos once he can't chew, he will throw out. So I always cooked something like lor mee or Singapore style Fried Hokkien Mee (without soup but not as dry as normal fried noodles).

Yeap, the vege was boiled together with noodle. You can also add in tofu instead of noodles. I made that before, but it was for myself. :D

UmmiRosma said...

Taucu? mmm....i havent tried this one either with my kids. But it's hard to find the fresh cod fish here in Brunei. Tapi nampak sedap betul lah porridge tu

Serene said...

I love cod fish! But cannot eat more, becuase it's very fattening! Cooking vermicilli with fish is a good idea!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I never think of the issue of "fattening" coz I did not know it will cause us fat. Hehe. Blur mommy.
But I never cook it for my family meal, only cook for Sarah.

I also seldom use tauchu in cooking, because it seems like difficult to adjust its salty taste in the dish. So for the cod fish, I only use very very little.
Brunei seldom sells fresh cod fish ya? Luckily here is ok. I can easily get it at any supermarket, but is very pricey.
Hehe, actually the meal is noodle with soup. Looked like porridge ya..hehe. Maybe the colour of it.

John has how many teeth now? Maybe you can tried to cut the vege into very small pcs? :-)
I like loh mee very much. It is best with venegar.
Ok, thanks for the tips of how to make a noodle pancake.

slavemom said...

U steamed the cod with fried shallots n taucu. Sure vy tasty! I usually jes steam with tomato, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil n chinese cooking wine (for kids w/o the wine).

Lydia said...

John has 4 lower + 6 upper teeth. Veges in fried noodles not as soft as those in the soup even though chopped into small pieces. If cook fried noodles for him, I usually boil the veges first, troublesome lah :D Soup noddles and porridge easier, everything in.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Wah! John has so many teeth now. Sarah has 16 at the moment and she has stopped growing her teeth for long long time..
Oh ya, I have forgotten the fact that the veges in fried noodles has harder texture, no wonder John had difficulty in swallowing them.
Haha, maybe thats the reason I love preparing soup noodles and porridge for Sarah, just dump all the ingredients in it and all can easily eaten by Sarah.

Hehe, this is also the first time I steam fish with tauchu. Luckily the outcome is not too salty. I am not good in using tauchu in cooking.
Ok mah, using those simple ingredient (you have used) and yet can have a yummy steam fish.

Agnes Khoo said...

This dish very yummy & nutrition. I try it! Thanks!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You have tried the dish? JT likes it?