Friday, May 8, 2009

Bolster & Nail Clipper

I remembered reading Ivy mention about Sharlene’s bolster; hence she has given me the idea of writing this post.

The big bolster on the top used to belong to me. All this while it was left in my parent’s house until recently I decided to bring it back.

Once Sarah saw the bolster, she wants it immediately and forgoes what she used to have which is the smaller one.

I think the bolster is a bit oversize for her, but she just like to put it in between her legs and can sleep comfortably with this position. I even brought the bolster to Cameron just in case she cannot sleep without it.


I’ve marked today as a special day.

This is the first time I cut Sarah’s nail. For the past 19 months, her nails were actually cut by daddy. I just dare not to handle the task. So every time I have to “catch” my husband’s time so that Sarah could get her nails trim.

I just don’t know why today I have the courage to do so.

I started with the toe nails because her daddy has been complaining that the small nails clipper can’t do the job well; so I was thinking maybe the bigger clip can handle it…yes, it really can.

From now on, I will happily taking over the job.


the little prince said...

So so sweet ya..Sarah can smell mummy from the bolster ya!!! :-)

My mum started to use the adult nail clipper since my boy 5 months old...actually is saver cos its bigger and the distances with the skin is within 'safety' area!! :-)

HN said...

Hahaha, same with me .. But you are better... Sethy's nail still cut by papa :P

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..took over mummy bolster already..haha. I'm terbalik from hubby dare not cut Gwen's nails. I cut her nails since newborn. Now I use the normal nail clipper for adults to cut her nails..haha.

cendrine said...

Finally, U can pass down your bolster to Sarah. That's a very sweet gesture. :)

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Blessed mum said...

wow! you still have your baby bolster??!!

Julie said...

I dare not cut Joanthan's nail too during his full moon so my sis had to take over. But as he started to grow, I'm ok with it already.

Problem now is he is not willing to let me cut his nails so I have to do it while he sleeps.

Btw, I never let Daddy cut his nails coz he will do a bad job. :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I am sure you took over the nails cutting job much earlier than me. Good job to you!
You able to cut Jonathan's nail when he is sleeping? I never done that, coz Sarah is quite a light sleeper.
Is it ar, Jonathan's daddy can't do his job well? hmm...maybe he will surprise you when he give his first attempt in the task, performed a great job!

Actually the bolster I used it few years before I got married. Looked like a baby bolster ya:-)

Cendrine and Mommy Gwen:
:-) I consider that being "forced" to pass down the bolster to Sarah as she hugged it tight once saw it. Of course I wont mind doing so.
Happy Mother's Day to you too.

Mommy Gwen: are so brave by cutting Gwen's nail all the while. Not bad!
I also think adult nail clipper is easier.

Don't worry, maybe next time you can start to cut Sophie's nails.

Now the bolster got her smell already. Yeee...smelly!
So you cut Kyle's nail too? Or sometimes handle by your mommy?
Agreed, the bigger nail clipper is safer.

slavemom said...

Well done, mommy! Good that u've overcome ur fear. :)

Fussy mum said...

So Sarah is going for mummy's bolster now. I'm sure you have no more fear now and will be able to cut Sarah's nails in future :D

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Slavemom and Ivy:
Thats the word, I have "overcome" the fear and I am enjoying the task:-)

Ya, now Sarah is having my bolster. If she wants to pass me back, I also dont want..So smelly!

Kristie said...

wau ur bolster still alive ah!!!

ya when jayden was born, my hubby used to cut jayden's nails too, cos once i accidentally cut his skin :( after that got phobia for a while! but now i am cutting his nails already hehehe and i am more careful! :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hehe, bolster still alive. I love it a lot. You have bolster too?
Good job to you Kristie that you have took over the nail cutting job

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

Ya..mummy now is more brave! You know I cut Tina's nail since she's baby until now..sometime my hubby did..but now will always me lah coz I'am sahm kan..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha, gotto be brave as daddy always busy.
You lagi brave la, never hesitate about the job.

Mummy Ryan said...

ha ha so cute cz Sarah is 2nd generation to take over ur boy also hv 3 bolster......tat he used to put on his left n right side then 1 more hw will hug it...

We "terbalik" cz my hubby dare not to cut Ryan's me the one will cut his nails since he baby....even my MIL also will wait for me to cut Ryan's nail........

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Sarah not only got my bolster, she also got my toy. Take a look here
I am more than happy to pass all these things to her, as long as she likes it.
Wah, Ryan has 3 many ya:-)Actually last time I also have many bolsters, without one of them also cant fall asleep. How about Ryan? Can sleep if cant find one of them?
You husband dare not to cut Ryan's nail? So he never try to cut his hair too? For Sarah, her hair was cut by her daddy. I really salute him.
I also salute you to handle the task all the while. Even your MIL also kalah by you..hehe