Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stir Fried Prawn with Capsicum

This is the first time Sarah tried on prawn and capsicum. I think she would like prawn better than capsicum. Besides, I have also cooked Yi Mien Soup (Sarah is a big fan of Yi Mien). As for the capsicum, I fried it rather than cook in the soup.

So I guess it won’t go wrong by feeding her the food she likes, together with something that she never tried before (Prawn and Capsicum). Hope she won’t vomit out all the things.


The stir fried dish just turned out nice. The capsicum taste goes well with the prawn. It gives beautiful colour to the dish too.

As expected, Sarah likes the prawn very well. She has no problem eating the capsicum either. Thank God.


Merryn said...

da first time i gave ethan prawn was like 2 weeks ago. i did Assam Prawn n he liked it too.. capsicum, havent try coz i m not a fan! ahahahhaha.. sarah like yi mien eh? very good.. i tot all toddlers oni like kuey teow! :)

Ivan Yau said...

joanne , u always so creative 1 .. hehehe .. tell u hor , i really refer to ur blog for the menu leh ..

Natalia said...

This is the first time you introduce prawn & capsicum to Sarah?? Two new foods together??

Like Mui Sim, I also always refer to your blog for Daniel's menu. :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Looks like Sarah likes noodles alot huh. Good job mummy for this lovely dish. Sarah is such a good eater. Lucky you.

Fussy mum said...

I'm a big fan of yi mien too :) Since Sarah loves prawns & capsicum, you can add them into her meals more often now.

LittleLamb said...

do u boil the yi mee first? cos i know some yi mee, no need boil one. just pour the gravy and it will become soft....

eugene said...

sorry cant comment on food, but i just want to tell you this,, it is always nice to stumble upon blog such like yours, family centric,,,

keep up the good works, take care now

Mummy Ryan said...

Joanne u really a creative mummy....salute u...Ryan oso luv yee mee so much....but i never let Ryan try prawn b4..mbe can consider it for his next dish.

Wonderful Life said...

wow... yummy!!

slavemom said...

A vy tasty meal, yum yum! I love prawns too!

HN said...

Another good idea for me to prepare food for Sethy :) Thanks Joanne!!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You are most welcome.
Does Sethy loves to eat vege?
Do you like to eat capsicum?

I love prawns too. Er..I should said, I like all type of seafood. Hehe.


Hai..KC..welcome back. Long time did not see you in my blog.
Ryan also likes yi mien? Normally you will prepare Yi Mien soup for him too? Mind to give me some idea..
I think Ryan will likes to eat prawn (if he likes those food with chewy texture).

Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciated your comment.
Mind if I put your blog into my blog roll?

Yeap, I did boiled the yi mien, but a quick one.
I think the yi mien you mentioned is the one that I am using now. But I prefer to boil it first so it is more easy for Sarah to chew.

Seems like we have quite a similar taste in terms of preference in food.
I also like yi mien. I love to have it for my lunch. It taste even better with sambal and chili padi. I think you will like that too:-0
I will be more than happy to add these food in her future menu.

Mommy Gwen:
Ya leh..she really likes noodle. I think she got the gene from me:-)
I prefer noodles than rice.

Yeap, two new foods at the same time.
Actually last time when Sarah was still a baby, I seldom do so. I normally will only let her have 4 days waiting rule after she tested one food, then followed by another one. But as she grows older, I think she is more okay in terms of new food.
Thanks for your support to my blog. I appreciate it a lot.

Yoo...pai seh leh!
I also referred to many mommies' blog for idea one leh. Anyway, thanks for your support.

I also dislike the weird taste of capsicum last time, but I like it. Weird!
Assam prawn and Ethan likes it? Mind to share the recipe?
So far I have yet to intro kuey teow for Sarah, maybe she will likes it too. But at this moment. Yi Mien is her fav one!

Mummy Ryan said...

Joanne..hahah Ryan is a soup lover..any kind of soup he like..tats y for any mee or bihun or kue tiow i will cook soup for him...jz a simple soup, boil ikan bilis then put minced chicken + fishball + veggies+ egg...then put in "yi mien"..so its ready to eat...yummy..yummy..or else can put a bit corn flour to make a soup more concentration.

little prince's mummy said...

Another new menu!!!

UmmiRosma said...

oooo....now come the prawns and capsicum mee soup...so yummy....not only Sarah likes it...me myself feel like to eat lah! heheee

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You like capsicum too? Last time I dislike it, but now..yummy!

Hehe..another one:-)

Is good that Ryan likes soup. It is very nutritous to drink soup. Some more is more easy to cook. I love to cook soup for Sarah too...hehe.

Julie said...

Jonathan loves prawn better than meat/fish. Maybe because of the texture...not too soft or too hard.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Jonathan also likes prawn? It is good too, at least he has another food option in his menu.