Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sponge Cake

Am baking cake again!

I remembered Caroline told me that, we could not stop baking once we’ve started the ball rolling. How true…recently my hand just gets itchy again and I’ve decided to bake another one. I try on sponge cake this time.

Overall the instruction’s clear and I’m following it quite well, but my egg white just couldn’t form the stiff peaks. Maybe this is the reason why my cake not spongy enough?

I am satisfied with the outcome. At least the cake is ‘eatable’ compared to my last two attempts (too shame to blog about it). I feel so happy that my husband also supported me by eaten half of the big cake. Not like Sarah, tried a few bites then shake her hands hard (means no!)

If you would like the original recipe, click here.


UmmiRosma said... comes another love-to-bake mommy..It's a very good attempt! The spongy slices looks it butter sponge cake?

Mummy Gwen said... are into baking too huh..hehe. Your cake looks very nice just like the ones selling in the bakery. Did you use an electric beater to beat the egg whites?

HN said...

You bake very well edi... Freshie seldom try sponge cake for his/her first few attempts :) You are going to be a great one soon!

Serene said...

Wow, sponge cake!! My husband and Xixi's favourite! Actually i agree with Caroline, "once start can't stop" heheh.. that is why i stiil haven't bought an oven yet... imagine after you have an oven then you still need lot of "ka-chang" to buy leh. right? Anyway, thanks for sharing the recipe!! Look forward for more baking from you =)

LittleLamb said...

i m going to try it...ur outcome looks good.....

Fussy mum said...

Your sponge cake looks nice and soft. I'm sure you'll be a good baker in no time.

Ivan Yau said...

joanne , ur cake looks ok to me ... well done ..

2ma said...

keep it up! good try!!!

agnes said...

to me, sponge cake is indeed not an easy recipe cause whisking egg white until stiff peak is not easy for a beginner.. i failed twice myself & never continue adi.. hahahaa

urs looks great and keep up the good work!!! maybe u got talent in it??

slavemom said...

That's wat I thot too, sponge cake not for beginners. Looking at ur cake, I think u've graduated liao. Well done! ;)

Merryn said...

dat looks spongy enuf! hahahahah.. looks soft n nice.. very nicely done! sarah's not a fan of cake eh?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Slavemom, Agnes, HN:
Huh! Is it ar? I did not know that sponge cake is not so suitable for beginner:-) I tried baking it because I love it, hehe.
Anyway, thanks for your comment and support. I need it to continue my baking.

You also tried sponge cake before. Yalor, it is so hard to beat the egg white. Half way doing it already felt regret of choosing the recipe, but I would say is not a bad attempt though:-)
Me got talent..hehe. You are so kind and sweet with words..But thanks ya!

Jennifer, Ivy, 2ma:
Muak you for the nice comment :-)

Please give a try to the cake if you are interested. With the link I have provided at the bottom of the post, it will be easier thru the baking process, because it comes with video.
Good luck and remember to post the outcome in your blog ya.

You also like sponge cake? Me too. For me, it taste great because of its spongy texture and also the egg taste. I like it.
Is true, once you have started baking, is hard to stop. See thats how I get addicted into it.
Yeap, quite a lot of ka chang! From oven, cake mixer, baking pan and etc...
Hopefully one day I can see you "join the boat".

Mommy Gwen:
Seems like now we both also into baking:-)
You are so sweet..told me the outcome looked like those sell at the bakery shop. I feel so much support from the words from you. Muak!
I did used cake mixer, but still could not form the best result...

Thanks for your comment.
Erm, the ingredients just need a bit of butter. And I could not taste butter in the cake at the end. Hehe....

MeRy said...

The sponge cake looks nice n yummy....Tis dec bake some for me,ok!!

little prince's mummy said...

Looks yummy!

Blessed mum said...

that's what happened to me too when i started baking few years back..I can bake every other days!!!

but now, due to ll the committments, *sigh* i can only do it as a "holiday programme" with the kids.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hey...welcome back! Congrats that you have blessed with a beutiful boy, Joel.
Baking needs time and "heart" in making a tasty cake. So when you have more time, only you bake a nice one for your family.
Take care ya.

Thanks! Waiting for the first baking from you:-)

Thanks for your comment.
I will sure bake some for you (If you don't mind eating it)

Ya, that's what all my fren told that it actually looked spongy. But I prefer the texture to be more spongy. Hehe...
I think Sarah has my gene. She doesn't have much sweet tooth.

Esmeralda said...

Great job Joanne... It looks OK to me, and I bet the taste is not bad too.. Haha... even ur hb also give face to you - that's good... Hehe.. naughty Sarah... didn't support mummy lei...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement.
The taste ya...ok... taste not bad. For me, it even taste better after I leave it overnight and reheat the next day.
One question: I wonder normally do you keep your unfinished cake overnight? How do you keep it fresh?
I gotto thank my husband. He has gave me a lot of support and comment during my baking. As I said, not like Sarah. Did not support me..hehe.

Esmeralda said...

Of coz I kept my cakes overnight coz can't finish in a day. Normally I'll leave it at room temperature for a day (which means from the day I baked till the next day), then if still unfinished, I'll keep it in the fridge and reheat it if I wanna eat. But it's advisable to finish up the cake within 3-4 days. Of coz, for cheese cake, I'll keep it directly in the fridge on the 1st day...

Haha.. dun worry. I think when Sarah grows up she will love your baking. Don't be discouraged ya..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

ok....thanks for all your advice. least my husband still showed his support to my cake.

Kristie said...

nice sponge cake, i love to eat it too cos u dont feel guilty eating it with its light texture! :) good job joanne, i also did some baking recently, will post it up soon :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thank you so much dear. You always give me good comment. Appreciated it.
Quick2 post the outcome of your cake. I wanna see and learn too.