Friday, April 17, 2009


Yeh! Finally, I have made my own onde-onde. Thanks Cendrine.

Actually I failed on my first attempt because I’ve bought a “rotten” glutinous rice flour (from Jusco, although it has yet to expire). It has a weird smell when I first opened it. I should toss it away but I just not sure because this is the first time I bought this kind of flour.

Of course it does affect the outcome. Although the onde-onde looked good but it tastes weird!

After further discussed with my mum and Serene, I decided to try the recipe again but with a newly bought flour…so here you go, my first dessert and it is also my favourite one.


It tastes superb. The outer layer has its soft texture (from the mashed sweet potato) and also the chewyness (from the glutinous rice flour).

I have substitute the filling of chopped-pieces gula melaka to fine texture one, because it is easier to cook. Oh ya, the filling is just nice, not too sweet.

I will make another round tomorrow. It is a simple yet delicious dessert. Do give it a try.

Onde-Onde Recipe:

150g steamed sweet potato
150g glutinous flour
6 tbsp water or more
1 tsp canola oil
chopped pieces of gula melaka (or call palm sugar)
freshly grated coconut

1) Steam the sweet potato until soft.
2) then mash the sweet potato in a bowl, add in the glutinous bit by
bit flour, water and oil.
3) Knead till a dough is formed. You can add more water if the dough is dry.
4) Chop gula melaka into bite size pieces. (avoid wet)
5) Divide dough into 20g each and wrap in the gula melaka.
6) Put the wrapped balls into a big pot of boiling water.
7) Fish them out when the ball floats.
8) Toss them on to a plate filled with grated coconut and coat all
around the balls.


1) I didn't add the pandan juice cos I prefer the sweet potato flavour.
But if u want, u can add the pandan juice, by blending the pandan
leaves and water to get the juice. And add it into Step 2. The pandan
juice is to make the onde onde turn green color.

2) I didn’t use canola oil. I just use normal cooking oil.

3) You may add a pinch of salt to the grated coconut (before coating the onde-onde) to add more flavour to the dessert.


Oliveoylz said...

Now I know this kuih is called onde-onde. Thks to you! I used to refer to it as that "coconut ball kuih". ha ha. Great try. It looks just as nice as those sold by vendors but am sure yours taste better!!!

Merryn said...

so banyak nya ur coconut!!! hahahaha.. but i love it when it pops in ur mouth n spill out the gula melaka.. ahh.. heaven! hehehe.. me from malacca oso dunno how to do this! :)

Serene said...

Joanne, I tell you.. I was waiting and waiting for your onde onde post. hahah! So you bought the glutinous flour again ah? No that weird again right?

I love to it onde2 and also i was waiting for you to share the recipe.. hehe =) Thank you so much for sharing, wondering the ingredients can make ups to how many onde2? I heart itchy of trying leh..

slavemom said...

I love onde-onde too. My prev maid used to make them for us. But she din use sweet potato. Thx for sharing the recipe!

Mummy Ryan said...

I love onde2 too..but i still prefer the one tat added wth pandan juice cz i like pandan smell + the colour...btw thanks 4 sharing the recipe

Esmeralda said...

I'm drooling now lar Joanne.. I love onde-onde, but just too lazy to make, so usually will just buy from the shop. Of coz, I believe your onde-onde is so nice since u put in the steamed sweet potatoes... Yummy.. can I have some when u make them again...? :D

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I also lazy lazy to make it last time, but once I found out this recipe, I started to fall in love in making my own one. Less sweetness and more sweet potato flavour. Yummy!
Of course you can have some but by the time I "fly" to you to KK, it is already "basi" :-)

Nice hor onde2, I will never miss it if I saw selling at outside.
For me, I am okay with the pandan smell and colour too, but I lazy to cook it:-)

Slavemom: nice, you can have your homemade onde2 and it is done by your previous maid. Save your energy :-)

Sorry for keep you waiting for my post.
Yes, thanks for your advice about the flour. Luckily I have bought another one, no weird smell.
I am sure you can make a very nice onde2. You are a good chef too.
Actually I cut down the ingredient by half. For the first attempt (the weird smell one), I have divide the dough into 20g each (follow the original recipe). That one, I am able to make about 6 pcs.
For the second attempt, I have divide the dough into 10g each, so that make about 11-12 pcs.
If you can't get what I mean, you msn me ya.
Happy experimenting!

You are from Melaka? Nyonya?
Haha..I used a lot og grated coconut because I loves its texture and taste.
Yeap, I love the feeling too when the onde2 filling burst into the mouth.

Hehe, coconut ball kuih...Is a cute name, I like it.
Thank you for your comment.

UmmiRosma said...

I love this one. So traditionally delicious. But here, the onde onde is not added with the steamed sweet potatoes. I will have a try with this one...mmm....yummy...

HN said...

Wow wow wow ... Joanna, you did it!!! I have been thinking of making onde-onde for the past few weeks already, but still lazy to take action :P I love your onde-onde, looks so yummy!!! Better get some sweet potatoes asap :D

little prince's mummy said...

Oh! I love to eat this!

MeRy said...

I like to eat onde-onde too.....will try out ur recipes 1 day.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You like this dessert too? Nice hor..
Ok...happy experimenting.

Me too. One of my fav dessert.

So ngam, you also thought to make onde2. Will it be your first attempt?
I am sure yours will looked nice too. Happy Experimenting!

Infact those that I bought here also do not add sweet potato in it, but I still loves it. Of course with sweet potato, it added more flavour to the onde2.

Kristie said...

joanne, guess what? today i was flipping through a recipe book too and saw a onde onde recipe which looks pretty easy and was thinking of making it one of these days too hehe... but see when i feel like making it! :)

urs looks so yummy... can i just have one... pls pls...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hehe..seems like you are also into baking and making dessert lately. Good good...share more nice2 recipe with us.
Come come come..I give you some onde2. Hehe.

the little prince said...

I like this dessert too!! Can make some for me ka? hahaha...should arrange gathering that every mummy make one kuih or cookies or cook something...isnt that fun?!!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Seems like most of the mommies also like onde2. Ok...I can surely make some for you. No prob at all :-)
Yes...why not. Such a good suggestions. So what is your "na sao" (cantonese) kuih or cake?

Kristie said...

joanne.. thanks for ur onde2, i just tasted them, and it tastes GOOD! :) yes, i am back into baking and cooking recently :) will definitely share with u guys!

will make onde2 soon, muaks!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Looking forward for your onde2.