Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mixed Beans and Carrot Porridge

Just when I was scratching my head for Sarah’s menu last week, I saw some mixed beans (Red Beans, Green Beans and Black Eyes Beans) available in the sundry section at Carrefour. I was attracted by its beautiful colour, and I guess Sarah will like it too.

Since those dried beans will takes a long time to fully cooked, so I decided to put it into slow cooker and cook it overnight.


Although it is convenient to use slow cooker, but (for me) the result does not taste as good as using the gas stove. Therefore, I’ve add some marmite into it.

Besides, the porridge also has the coarser texture but luckily Sarah is fine when swallowing it; just to ensure she won’t get chocked, I fed her with water for every two spoons of porridge. So she ended up had a very fulfilling meal.

I am glad that she likes it, and she even asked for second bowls of it.


MeRy said...

Lastime i did tried cook bean porridge for Ryan,bean is hard n difficult to bite. Do u soak bean 1st before u cook in the slow cooker??Wen i was back in Medan, my mum cooked reb bean porridge for Ryan and if not mistaken it is called wet red bean,I dun think I can find at sibu that kind of bean, after cook, the bean is super soft n easy to digest too.Too bad, i forget to tapao some of the beans back to Sibu last Feb.

Lydia said...

I cooked red bean + black glutinous soup last week, John loved it. But I let him eat a bit only cos it will be too "heavy" for him to digest.

I think if using black eye beans and pinto beans for porridge, will have better/softer texture.

Lydia said...
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Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yummy! Red Bean and Black Glutinous Soup, I also love it. It is sweet and has a very chewy texture. By feeding John moderately, shall be ok.
This is the first time I heard of pinto beans. I googled it..I never see such a beans:-)
How is it taste like?

Merryn said...

hahahhaa.. sarah so bloated with water! hehehe... just kidding.. the porridge looks nutritious n delicious.. high in protein.. very good for her! bravo mommy..

little prince's mummy said...

You're really creative in cooking toddler food.. hehe~

Wonderful Life said...

mmm.... yummy porridge!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Doreen, Kylie:
Thanks for your comment.

I did not soak the beans before cooking them. I have thought to do so, but I did not at the end..Hehe.
Wet Red Bean? How is it look like?

Infact you are right, after Sarah had so much water with the porridge I fed her, sure feeling super full!
Thats what I like about the recipe, high in protein.

Kristie said...

joanne i saw this mix beans too, and i would love to try them one day! i love lentils, beans and all sorts of brown rice, red rice etc... i would love to try it one day too, i think cooking it over gas stove with boiling water will make it very soft but have to add water to it all the time!

it's a very healthy meal, i would love to eat it too! high in protein and all sorts of other nutrients!

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..very unique combo. It's very nutricious though but wouldn't it taste bland. After you added the Marmite, how does it taste?

MeRy said...

Joanne - the wet red bean is like normal red bean too, but my mum told me it is softer once u cook it.Nextime if I did bought some frm Medan, I will post it here.

Fussy mum said...

Hmmm, very nutritious porridge. My gal loves carrot too.

Lydia said...


Pinto beans has similar taste and texture to black eye beans. Sometimes I used it to cook soup, pork rib, lotus root, carrot and pinto beans. Then I mixed/mashed carrot and beans, add in some shredded meat and cooked rice to feed John.

Btw, when I cook rice I usually place a small bowl of rice with more water in the middle of rice cooker. Rice in the bowl will be softer, method from my mom actually.

slavemom said...

Sarah is getting vy nutritious food from u. ;) I've oni cooked pinto beans (i think that's wat it's called, based on wat I've googled :D) in the kids porridge. XY loved them when she was small, but now CE doesn't really fancy them (when cooked in soup).

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thats what I like about this menu, rich in protein.
Erm, I did asked my fren about pinto beans, I wonder is it called pink beans? Mind to see here http://samydy.blogspot.com/2008/11/pink-beans-porridge.html
Maybe as the kids grow older, they tend to like other food that what they took last time.

I wonder is pinto beans call pink beans? http://samydy.blogspot.com/2008/11/pink-beans-porridge.html
I have cooked once for Sarah. It has sweet taste.
You are very good mother, always cook nice dish for John. He is a lucky boy.
Thanks for your tip again for sharing how to cook softer rice. I did not know that, hehe.
Luckily all this while Sarah is okay while chewing some hard texture rice, but it is definitely a useful tip from you.

Sharlene loves carrot? Good! Does she eats it raw?

Erm, perhaps I need to see the actual pic from your blog about wet red beans only I know how is it looked like.

Mommy Gwen:
You are right, it does taste bland.
It taste much better after added some marmite into it.

You also saw the mixed beans ya? It looked so nice and colourful in the transparent box right?
I think use the mixed beans in tong sui with santan, should taste great. I thought to give a try.

the little prince said...

I notice you always put marmite when the food serving plain, right?

Have you try to put ikan bilis soup as porridge base?

So far I have not try marmite to Kyle yet, should I try? cos myself do not like the taste that's why didnt give it to him :-p

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yugene: I used to put marmite in food, because I am afraid Sarah don't like plain taste food. That was when she was a baby.
But after she became a toddler, I seldom use it.
So far, I have never tried to use ikan bilis broth as porridge base, coz lazy to boil the soup. Hehe.
But I am sure it taste good!
You don't like marmite? I love it. I remembered I used to spread marmite on biscuits. Taste superb!
Erm, I am not sure Kyle will like the taste, but no harm to buy a small bottle to try.