Sunday, April 5, 2009

Inside My Luggage…

Yesterday when I was busy packing my stuff for a trip to mother’s house, my naughty girl also busy packing hers.

She transferred most of her toys from the toy basket to the luggage. Actually I did not intend to take any of her toys along (except her favourite VCD), but she keep putting them in.

I did not stopped her because I was curious what she will do after she has done her “packing”…She just left!! *sigh*


Serene said...

Aiyoh.. I guess you must feel funny at the same time getting busier packing Sarah's luggage. Haha.. so you still staying at your mum's place now?

Merryn said...

smart girl. trying to tell mommy, i want to watch my fav vcd whilst having my fav toys in my hands too! :)

MeRy said...

Sarah is so smart. Joanne,u r moving to ur mum's house??

nicole said...

Sarah is so cute once see u packing stuff... mayb she knw it going to stay at ur mum hse and she also want the toys with her...
so how lon gu will stay at ur mum hse?

Mummy Gwen said...

Haha..Sarah is so cute. She saw you packing, she also don't want to miss out on the fun too mah.

2ma said...

i guess sarah have seen you packing many times, and now that she understands what you are doing. hence, she begins to pack her stuff in as well *haha*

Qi said...

Sarah is a Mummy good helper !! haha

Ping said...

Little Sarah is so cute even wont forget to bring along her favourite toy hahaha!

Yeo Ley-Mei said...

cute sarah.. at least she puttign something in ONLY and not messing up ur luggage.

little prince's mummy said...

You know what? If my boy see the lugage, he'll take everything out, and go inside.. hahahaha~

quEeNie said...

hahaha, Sarah is so cute

MommyAngel said...

Hahahaha .... she is so cute lar Joanne, big girl now and nows what she wants to bring along to po po house too :) So did you bring them along finally? Your mom's place do not have her toys?

UmmiRosma said...

Sarah...Sarah...such a smart Sarah you are baby!

Why dont you try giving her another bag and watch how would she react with it...and i wonder what would she put in...heheee

so cute!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

She actually just being playful and thought to put her toys in it.
I did not bring the toys along, because there are some at my mom's house.

She is naughty. Anyway thanks for your comment.

Sean likes to get himself "packed" in the luggage ya? So cute!
I did tried that to Sarah, she is scared, she doesn't want!

Hai Ley-Mei, thanks for dropping by.
Is true, at least she didn't messed up my things.

Yen Ping:
Actually she just being playful and thought to put her toys in it.

Hope she can be my helper when she grows up, but not now coz she tends to make my work more hassle if she tried to help up.

Hehe, actually I also wish that Sarah will know what should she bring to popo's house, so that I could concentrate packing other stuff. But I think she just trying to have fun with stuffing her toys in it.

Mommy Gwen:
Exactly! She just don't want to miss the fun.

Actually she just being playful and thought to put her toys in it.
I did not stay overnight at my mom house.

Mery and Serene
Sarah is very playful and notty, but thanks for your comment.
Actually I did not stay overnight at my mom house. I just stayed there from morning till evening.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Actually she just being playful and thought to put her toys in it.

I think if I were to give her another bag, she won't play with it. Because she is more interested to luggage.

Esmeralda said...

Haha... she left mummy to "czap sao mei".. hehe... *clap clap* Got CLASS! Kekekeke... just joking lar... I think she knows that u r all going somewhere ya? So now r u still at ur mum's?

slavemom said...

She's vy 'kuai' coz not making a mess of ur things, jes putting some of her toys in. I cannot pack the luggage when the kids r ard. They'll surely take some things out n simply chuck things inside. :|

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yes, at least Sarah did not messed up my stuff, or else sure kena by me. Hehe.
I wonder why kids just can't leave us alone while we are doing something..they sure need to "participate" in the job.

The worst part is she let me "zhap sao mei"!Thats kids!
I am not sure she really know that I am packing stuff to go popo house, but what I know is, she want to have some fun with the job.
Nup, I am now at home. I did not stay overnight there.

Esmeralda said...

Talking about 'zhap sao mei', wait till u see my Ashton messing the house and me having to 'zhap sao mei' every nite...

Oh.. u didn't stay overnite there? Was the luggage just for d day trip??

mumsgather said...

Give her her own little bag to pack. Thats what I usually do with the kids. Oh how they love packing. They will pack their books, toys, even favourite foods and snacks into their own little bags when we are going somewhere.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hai, thanks for dropping by. I love your profile picture, so cute!
Ya, I never think to let her pack her own stuff. I shall try it next time. Thanks!

I remembered you told me before that your living hall is like "pasar lambak"...Hehe.
Actually my house is like that too. So I have to "zhap sao mei" for Sarah.
I did not stay overnight. Yes, the stuff is for the day trip. Infact the luggage is a bit big, but I love to pack things inside it, because it is easier to carry it along...

Kristie said...

nice to go and stay with mum some time.. break away from the normal routine ya!

wah stay one day also pack so many things ah!

sarah is so cute... she knows what are her fav toys already ya... when she is bigger, then she will really help u pack all the way and not give up halfway heheh...

Fussy mum said...

haha..she's cute leh!! She wants to bring along her fav toys too :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Thanks for your comment.
Yalor, I think she misses her toys..hehe.
Actually she just pack the toys for fun.

Ya, luckily my mom is staying not far from me, so I can visit her when I am free.
Yalor, a day trip already so many things hor. Can you imagine if I were to stay overnight there?
Actually the luggage still has some empty space after I packed all the things, but I just love to use it, because it is easier to wheel it around.
I also hope that she will know how to pack her stuff later. So I can concentrate packing my own stuff.